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Marlboro Southern Cut

A couple of months ago my niece gave me a pack of Marlboro Southern Cuts that she had got as a promotional gift from a rep. at one of the local sports bars. That was the single best pack of cigarettes that I have ever smoked! I have looked at every store, smoke shop, and tobacco store in the Dallas area and have not even got a lead as to where I can buy more. I have stumbled through the PhillipMorris web site and I am also on the smoker sign up site at and they don't show any info for these cigarettes. If anyone might have any info or know where I can find them I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Have you tried the 800 number for Marlboro?

I've never heard of Marlboro Southern Cuts (sounds interesting though). I have called them before and have always found the reps to be very engaging and helpful. They "interrogate" you a bit about your smoking preferences (a rep asked me to read the UPC off a pack once lol). Might be worth a call.

Southern Cut

The only place you can get info on them is the MOBILE has to be on a smart phone, not a computer....and you also have to have a account.

but anyway, they are called Craft Blends and they come in: "Reserve", "Southern Cut", and "Midnight Menthol"....on the site, you can look up the locations where they are available....just type in your zip code. I typed in mine and it came up with a bunch of sports bars that are around me and i plan getting a pack the next time I'm near one of those places.

i couldn't find it

I've been looking for these as well, and I've tried the mobile website, but didn't see anywhere to put in my zip. I tried them once at a sports bar in kentucky, but i live in new orleans la. Like the OP these were the best cigarettes I've ever smoked.

Southern Cut

The Southern Cut line is new from Marlboro. Reps have been going around putting up promotional signage, but the product will not be commercially available until sometime in January 2013.

I work at a smoke/beer

I work at a smoke/beer store. Our Marlboro southern cuts don't come in until this month (jan 2013)

Unusual experience

Yeah I have tried these and um its interesting, a little background Info: I have been a smoker for 12 years. I have smoked a very broad range of brands (domestic and Imported) This is a fact, Imported tobacco is better across the board in every aspect (taste, smoothness, no additives) EU regulations prohibit the use of several chemicals that are loaded into tobacco that we get here in the US, plus its cheaper (but the anti smoking hate crusade that has swept the nation makes it difficult to get high quality tobacco imported and we can either smoke the crap domestic stuff or pay an arm and a leg for the Imported stuff like Dunhills ect. Currently I have stuck with Camels because they are smooth and taste halfway good and not too overpriced, don't know about the chemical content but I really can't taste them in Camels so whatever. I have never really been a fan of Marlboro's before, they taste too much like chemicals and not enough like Tobacco should, the Marlboro Blacks (special blend) which recently came out were ok, and the NXT's were actually better then the Camel crushes (fancy that) so I was a bit curious about the southern cut's when I saw the ad's at the local gas station. The Verdict: I was actually impressed by the aroma (smelling the aroma of the tobacco gives me an indication of what the cancer stick will taste like) upon the first several drags, I was impressed with the taste and smoothness, there was no chemical taste at all and the smoke was enjoyable.....then It hit me like a bolt of lightning!!! I started to feel weird almost a sedating relaxed feeling almost like Valium, it even was mildly euphoric, not overpowering but obvious. Now I have never gotten this sensation from smoking before, and a nicotine buzz does not produce any sedating euphoric sensations (you would likely OD on nicotine before getting high off it) I then thought it was my mind playing tricks on me (placebo effect perhaps) but I am half way through the pack and every time I smoke one I get the same feeling. it only lasts about 15 min and its not like taking actual Valium, but it is worth mentioning I think(maybe smoking too much has killed brain cells and I'm loosing my mind). If anyone else has gotten similar sensations from smoking these please let it be known, we need to spread the good word about a Marlboro cigarette that actually tastes good and has possible mild muscle relaxing effects. PS I gave one to a friend and did not tell him about any effects and felt similar effects also. He then went and bought a carton of them lol.

Unusual Experience

I started smoking when I was 17 and I am now only 18 and I have never been addicted. It's purely something I do I guess for luxury. The first thing I smoked was a Marlboro Red because that is what several of my family members have smoked. I am only 5 foot 2 and 120 pounds so that was too heavy for me. It made me very light-headed. But I kept smoking them until a friend introduced me to Special Blend Golds, which I freakin love! They are so smooth. I work at Foodlion and someone asked for Southern Cuts the other day and I didn't even know we had them because they are so new. But I bought a pack and they are now my favorites. In fact I'm a little worried because I am finished with the whole pack in like 5 days, which is a lot for me. They are very smooth and they gave me sort of a light-headed feeling that was enjoyable, unlike the Reds. It actually was similar to the effect that smoking Sativa Weed gives you, but not as harsh or long-lasting. They are great cigarettes, but they burn very fast, so if you like a long smoke, don't get them.

Man, you guys have really

Man, you guys have really piqued my interest on these. I saw them advertised at the local convenience store, but it said "coming soon." I'll have to ask if they got them yet, because they sound solid. Are they available as both full-flavored/Red and light/Gold?

They come in a brown box. So

They come in a brown box. So I guess neither, but they are kind of in between. Not as strong as Reds, but stronger than lights.

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Marlboro Southern Cut

i just happened to go into the local mini mart today and i saw the box
id never seen it before so i bought it
(the box is kinda pretty ^_^)
ive been smoking very strong cigs so its hard to taste these. I do detect a bit of sweetness but the cig itself is very mellow and not very strong
i might get more if im in the mood for something light

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WESH I found The Southern Cuts at a marathon gas station

I just tried my first back of Marlboro Southern Cut

I just bought my first pack of Marlboro Southern Cut what a Great full flavored Marlboro that has a sweet essence to the rich flavored tabaco and thick rick smoke and lung feeland an amazing nic buzz Highly Reccommend am usually a Reds Man...

Unusual Experience

To comment on your "euphoric" sensation. I had virtually the exact same feeling when i initially started smoking, it similiarly wore off. I believe it is a natural affect of nicotine on the body when newly introducing it into the bloodstream or reintroducing it after an extended period of time. However to add to this, ive had friends whom are also long time smokers tell me that after smoking foreign cigarettes, those with much higher nicotine levels due to zero restiction policies, they felt similiar buzzes even though theyre regular smokers. So youre not the only one.

Southern Cuts

Really popular down here in L.A. only the small corner shops dont have it.

This and reds are my 2 picks

A little background I've been a smoker for like 6 years I'm 19 now
And my brand of choice is Marlboro reds and southern cut I'm in Florida and they sell southern cut everywhere I like reds because of how strong they are however I hate the smell of an unlit cigarette I DO NOT have this problem with southern cuts they smell amazing unlit almost like vanilla or something and I love how they also compete with marb reds in how strong they are I still think reds are stronger but southern cut taste and smell amazing

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