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New Marlboro Black Regular and Menthol

I've seen ads for these and I'm wondering if anyone has tried either yet.

You can see the ad here:




I've tried 2 packs of the new Marlboro Black menthols. They taste almost identical to the old Marlboro Special Blend menthols. I find them to be a satisfying flavour of menthol without it drowning out the classic Marlboro tobacco taste. The nicotine buzz is decent, making it a good smoke for a daily smoke.


Just got my first pack of regular blacks and they taste just like the regular special blend. Most likely the same thing, just new box..

they taste "almost

they taste "almost identical" to the SB menthols cos that's exactly what they are, in different packaging. after finding that smokers of "premium" brands were more likely to try SB black and SB menthol than they were to try SB reds/golds, altria/PMUSA spun them each off into the "black" brand to escape the "sub-premium" connotations of SB. the only one of the four black boxes that is new is the menthol 100s.

marlboro blacks = new packaging/branding for old SB blacks
marlboro black 100s = new packaging/branding for old SB black 100s
marlboro black menthols = new packaging/branding for old SB menthols
marlboro black menthol 100s = new product

there's a two-sided, full-colour communiqué that was sent to US retailers in november. it provides a high-level look at the branding transition. i cannot find it online, however, and i do not have access to a scanner.

marlboro black 100's

Ok's my 2cents, first off I've been a smoker for 22 years. during these 22 years I've smoked just about every major domestic US cigarette brand and style available looking for that one cigarette. you know that one cigarette that I could call my own. and after smoking primarily full flavor menthol cigarettes ie...Newport menthol FF100'S, SALEM, KOOL, BENSON &HEDGES I never thought I would find true bliss in a non menthol cigarette. so I was in my local smoke shop and low and behold there they were .....MARLBORO BLACK 100's. to date I'm working on my 10th carton ...and I absolutely am in love with these cigarettes. As long as phillp morris continues to produce these ...I will be a smoker. I absolutely love everything about this cigarette. the flavor is prefect, the draw smooth, the inhale is excellent, the exhale is outstanding, and the after taste is spot on perfect. IMHO these cigarettes have the perfect amount of tar and nicotine that keep me wanting more at the rate of close to 2PPD. This is THE BEST CIGARETTE I'VE EVER SMOKED!!!

Black 100

i bought my first pack today, noted that i have been stuck smoking newport 100's(full flvr) for 5 years. i sometimes smoke marlboro menthol (full flavor) as its almost the same as a newport, anyways marlboro black 100's menthol tastes to me the same as a regular mrbo menthol, the side says special blend but in my opinion doesn't taste like the maroboro special blend full flavors that came out in early 2011 in the use, but id say its a good smoke for the price, very good taste without that nasty lingering smell that cigarettes tend to give your hands, but of course nothing substutes for a newport lol.. but in a nutshell, if you smoke marlboro menthol( either sb or regular) give these a shot seeing as there slightly cheaper for a slightly better cigarette

Based on the comments here,

Based on the comments here, I bought a pack of the regular black 100's. I've smoked just about every premium brand non-menthol frm the US and UK.

So far I think they're great! Very smooth, medium-body smoke. Nice draw and a good thick exhale. I've been smoking camel Turkish royal but I really prefer the 100 length. I may have found my new regular smoke. Thanks all for turning me on to these.

black non menthol shorts

Tasty....honestly I was surprised. I am usually not a very big fan of marlborto smokes they seem to be too one dimensional in flavor. I usually smoke camel wide filters But as marlboro blacks were a new product I figured id give them a try. full flavor rich draw good amount of tar/nicotine......and most importantly well rounded flavor not like a marb. red or like I was expecting at all. Thumbs up to marlboro for making a more well rounded smoke I am truly impressed.

New Marlboro Black 100s

I have smoked Marlboro 100s since they were in the gold pack....I tried the special blend and was not impressed. I tried the New Black 100s and even though it says special blend on side....I can not tell the difference between the Red 100s and the black 100s....I actually prefer the Black 100s better....think they might be the same just different color package.....but the blacks are cheaper....if they changed anything other than the color...they did an awesome job.....Im sold on the Black 100s.

new stoges

Been smoking reds for ten years n these Marlboro blacks taste just like any other cig

Marlboro Black 100's.

I expected these to be just the special blend in a new package, and they probably are very close with maybe a bit of chemical engineering changed. There is definitely some sheet tobacco in it that has been chemically treated with something (the burning rags smell). However, its not all a bad thing, it makes the cigarette seem stronger without having to increase the tar in it.

IMO, this is a very good cigarette that only has one drawback: it burns a little quicker than say a Marlboro Red. I actually prefer the flavor of these to the Red's, and to the Camel's I've had lately. I used to rotate between Camel Wides, Marlboro Red, and Parliament Full Flavor (when I could find them from a place that didn't want $6 a pack for them). Marlboro Black is superior to the Red's, and Wide's, although I think its a little less than the Parliament Full Flavor as far as taste & impact goes. Of course, its half the price of those Parliament Full Flavor cigarettes too.

Definitely worth a try if you haven't yet, and they still have good introductory sales on them to keep the price down a bit more.

Marlboro blacks

I just recently got a pack of the marlboro black. Usually I'm a newport red, or a marlboro medium Aka full flavor. On occasion maverick red 100s. Which I REALLY like the taste and consistency of.. The blacks taste Like a mix between marlboro mediums and marlboro reds. I'll keep buying them as long as they're on special!!

Canadian who LOVES the new Marlboro Black!!!

I spent a lil over 2 weeks on holidays traveling the southern states & at first was really missing my Canadian cigs, until I discovered Marlboro Black.... Now I am trying like H E double hockey stick to get them shipped here!!!! :)
Hope that helps answer your question!

not strong enough..

Ive been smoking blacks for like 5 months now. I was a red smoker for about 3 years. I like the taste a lot better. But lately I've been noticing its never enough. I can just smoke one right after another. Does anyone else have this problem.

I feel the same way, I

I feel the same way, I smoke
The menthol black shorts after 3 years of Newport shorts and the taste is good it just doesn't seem to satisfy, I end up smoking more of them. Still torn between but I like the black for now especially with all the deals I can get two packs of blacks for 50 cents more than one pack of Newport shorts.

Marlboro Black

I think I will stick with my Marlboro Lights

My chest felt tight and I

My chest felt tight and I was coughing hard after smoking a pack of the regulars. I'm going back to my Marlboro Reds.
I ordered the Bali Shag Light rolling tobacco and that is amazing. Really rich. When my smoke shop ran out I picked up my backup Marlboro Reds and it didn't taste as good as it used to.

malboro black 100's

Really good flavor and smoke, love em!!!

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