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Capri 120

Anyone ever smoked a Capri 120?


I like trying different kind of 120's. Usually I smoke Misty Menthol 120's. The Capri was alright, but it was too slim for me. I was surprised that it lasted about as long as a Misty and had a pretty good draw of smoke. I was also surprised at how much they cost. Around where I live I can get the Misty's for about $5. The Capri's were over $8!

I recently tried the VS Gold 120's. IT was the first non-menthol I had in a long time. IT's kind of a surprise to the lungs not having that menthol. Still, it was quite smooth and enjoyable. but I am back to the Misty's.

Does anyone know if the VS Blue 120's are a menthol or regular?

re Capri 120

Yes, but I find Virginia Slims menthol light 120 more enjoyable


I tried the Capri 120 menthol. I found them quite nice but I like Misty 120 Menthol better and Saratoga 120 Menthol better again. I always bring a carton of Misty or Saratoga back with me whenever I visit the USA.

Capri 120's Magentas

I have smoked Capri 120s for 20 years and love them. The flavor, and the slim cigg. work for me, however the price is crazy 8.10 a pack. Does anyone know of camparable ciggerette for a more reasonable price ?

vs 120s

Virginia Slims 120s are cheaper than Capri.

New 120 smoker here.

I've always smoked white menthol 100s. Recently tried 120's and won't go back. I tried VS, Capri and Misty menthol 120's. I like VS120 menthol and probably will be my regular brand from now on, but I did like the Capri and will probably smoke them now and then too. 120s are the best so any will do. Can't go back to 100s.

120s are awesome

Virginia Slims menthol lights 120s are my favorite too. When you get addicted to 120s. Its hard to go back to 100s.

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