PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

Marlboro Lights vs Camel Lights

Which one is most addictive, and will get me hooked the quickest? Which ones do you prefer and how many of those do you smoke per day, gender and age range?

Between those two, I'd go

Between those two, I'd go with the Camel Lights. I usually smoke Marlboro Reds, but the Lights are like smoking air. Camel Lights have a little more kick to them in my experience and are an overall solid & smooth smoke. I would definitely recommend upgrading to Reds as soon as you can, though. It's totally worth it. The amount of pleasure you receive from a Red is probably 2-3x what you'd receive from a light for the same price. It's a no-brainer.

Marlboro lights are, in my

Marlboro lights are, in my opinion, a little lighter than camel lights. I'm pretty sure tar & nicotine yields reflect this as well. I personally don't care for most camels (besides the turkish blends), but marlboro lights are a standby classic that offers just about the most generic smoking experience available. They aren't too strong, too light, too chemically, too hard to draw on, etc. It explains why they're the top selling cigarette in the uS today

Camels Win.

I'm not going to be too hard on Marlboro Lights because they were my first cigarette. They definitely do not "taste like shit" like many people say. The problem is they have no taste at all and burn quickly. Camel Lights have a strong flavor but retain the smoothness of a light cigarette. They burn slow as well.

reply to Marlboro Lights vs Camel Lights

I don't like lights because they don't fill me up good. You are paying the same money, buy full flavor. I can't get enough smoke out of the regular strength.

marlboro lights all the way

I usually smoke marb reds or 27s but if i had to choose a light cigarette, it would have to be marb lights. They were my first pack ever and in my opinion camel lights taste like straight shit. But def go with full flavor same price and they satisfy way better

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