PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Hard smoking

Are there any smokers, who needs smoking the whole day ? One cig after another ? For example 3ppd or more ? Somebody, who can´t be without cig everywhere ?

Proud heavy smoker

I am a 23 year old male who smokes around 3 packs a day. I started smoking when I was 11 and was a pack a day smoker by age 13. As soon as my eyes open in the morning I reach for my cigarettes on my nightstand right next to my usually overflowing ashtray and light up. It feels so amazing to fill my body up with all that warm, thick cigarette smoke when I first wake up. I pretty much chain smoke the rest of the day (unless I am working). There is nothing better than sucking on a burning cigarette, sucking as much cigarette smoke inside me as possible with every drag, holding my smoke inside my lungs so it can do its job inside of them, then blowing out my smoke, filling the air with clouds of cigarette smoke that makes my apartment (and everything inside it) smell so good. Everybody should be a smoker in my opinion. It is SUCH a good habit. People were made to inhale the smoke created by burning tobacco. Cigarette smoke tastes so good, makes your throat and lungs feel amazing, delivers tar, nicotine, and so many chemicals into the body. Cigarette smoke smells so amazing, and makes my apartment, car, clothes, everything smell like a full ashtray (which is the best smell ever). Smoking cigarettes also makes you look so much more attractive, I love how holding a burning cigarette in my fingers, sliding the whole filter in my mouth, sucking on my cigarette as hard as I can, inhaling every wisp of cigarette smoke, and blowing it out makes me look. To anyone who doesn't smoke, START SMOKING!

Hard smoking

Hey I am a suqddieboy(army boy) who wanted to try smoking.
Thanks Mate you just gave me the encouragement for me to try it and join the rest of my mates.
Which brand though?
Please reply as would like to learn from such a cool smkoing guy who wants to start others.


Glad I gave you encouragement to be a smoker! Smoking cigarettes is just so amazing. I smoke Marlboro Red 100s, I love how strong the smoke is it feels wonderful going down my throat and into my lungs! I am so proud to be a heavy smoker it was the best decision of my life. I strongly encourage you to start smoking, and to smoke as much as you can! Be proud of your new smoking habit and be sure to smoke everywhere so people see how much you love sucking on your cigarettes! I love sucking on a lit cigarette more than anything in the world, cigarette smoke is just so amazing and it belongs deep inside your lungs, swirling around inside you doing it's job. I love what cigarette smoke does for my body, makes me feel so good and gives my lungs the much needed tar and chemicals they need to stay feeling good. Smoking is the best habit you can have, cigarette smoke tastes so good, smells amazing and makes everything around you smell amazing, makes your throat and lungs feel better than you ever thought they could, makes you look so attractive, its just the best.

proud heavy smoker

Yes I couldn't agree more. I love every thing about smoking taste,smell the smoke tar and nicoteen even the coughing. I am proud of my black lungs. I smoke 2 1/2-3 ppd. But wato get up to 5 or or more soon. I started smoking when I was 7 or 8 . I'm now 50 and my only regrette is not having increased more by now. I plan to work on that though because smoking is the greatest thing anyone can do in life.chain smoking and hotboxing and holding the smoke along as I can feels great.smoking is the best thing anyone can do in their life and I recommend every one should smoke. Teach our kids as young as you can to enjoy the greatness of smoking.

hopelessly addicted

i'm 17 years old, started smoking when i was 12. Lately i'm on about 4ppd. All i ever do now is smoke. I always have a cigarette in my hand, it's the best feeling ever. The nicotine controls everything i do and i kinda like it :P
It's a great feeling waking up and putting on your tracksuit pants knowing you're in for a smokey day!

I can only wish.

19 years old, been smoking for 2 years. I'm still at 1/2 ppd of Newport 100s for financial reasons, even though I've wanted to become a chainsmoker as far back as I can remember. I'm gunna start looking into rollies though, I just hope they're as strong, or stronger than what I have now. The more damaging, the better. One day, I truly hope people mistake me for a constantly coughing chimney, because I intend to stay loyal to my addiction, and tend to it whenever it needs me to (even if it does involve dying at 50, imho cigarettes are a deal. For what they give, they barely shave anything off your life.)

One day, hopefully within the next year I'll be up to at least 3 ppd, but I can only hope more. I want my addiction to be completely irreversible, because in all honesty, cigarettes are the only thing that I've come to love in this world.

Hard Smoking Squaddie

Cheers for the reply mate.
So you suggest Marlboros then?? Is that the first you tried or the best way to get through them cigs- will they get me addicted more quickly so I can join my mates.
They have suggested that once I can light my own up without a cough that I should have a regular one when I first get up so my lungs can feel the true strength and get used to themas the day is long out here and will appreciate them more.
My best mate suf=geested I should be a "dangler" type of guy as he says I look well cool. Any thoughts guys???

I Can Only Wish

Congratulations on your having completed 2 years of smoking! I understand your love of cigarettes and hope you can enjoy 3 ppd and on that note, I would encourage you to indeed start rolling your own. Since you love Newport 100s I'd recommend investing in a slide roller, some full-flavored tobacco such as Gambler, widely available in the US and a box of menthol-filtered papers all of which will cost about $15 USD to get started. Then you can start RYO for less than $3 per pack.

Personally, I have found an added dimension of satisfaction in knowing I'm smoking my own hand-mades on the cheap. I can testify that there's great pleasure to be enjoyed in saving money on rollies while satisfying your addiction with lung-filling, mentholated multi-drags morning, noon and night.

As for the risk of dying before 50, from a cosmic perspective; does it really matter? In a universe 7 billion years old, what difference does 10 or 20 years make anyway? Besides all that; what good are pink lungs when your dead? I'd rather be the dead guy with black lungs stained from decades of smoking pleasure than a dead guy with prinstine, pink lungs having never been filled with pleasure-puffs. So enjoy your life and keep on smoking!

Universe's age

It's actually over 13 billion years.
Anyway, for the subject here, I can't understand why someone would WANT to be a heavy smoker. I've been smoking over 3 packs a day for many years and would love to reduce it since it is often very inconvenient and, frankly, not good for me in that I have a bad cough, referred to on websites like these as a "wet" cough, probably because I have chronic bronchitis. It's especially hard to cut down because I usually work from home and it involves a creative process, something that is hard to do when I'm not smoking.

Being in my 30's I probably have the lungs of an old woman, considering that I have early stage emphysema, and I've long ago given up any active pursuits I used to love. Instead, all I do now is smoke, work, socialize, sit, and smoke all day and night long. It's gotten so that, if I'm not smoking, I feel something is missing or off in some way. I'm very oral in that I even suck my thumb (usually at night when asleep). It's as though I need my mouth to be doing something and, when I was much younger, sucking my thumb in public caused some problems while smoking didn't, though these days I get those looks, especially if I lite one right after I just extinguished the one before. My stupid mother, also a smoker, actually encouraged it as a way to stop my thumb sucking during the daytime! A few years ago, I tried to go back but couldn't, for social and other reasons, namely, that I needed to smoke because I'm very addicted. It helps but, not really.

If you can keep it to only 1 pack each day, or less, consider that a good thing because it's not how long you live but how much you can live and, for me, smoking limited the things I used to enjoy, like hiking, bicycling, and even just plain walking.

And, even though I enjoy smoking and can understand why we like it, wanting to become a heavy multipack smoker is something I think isn't a good idea, especially if it's a goal (of all things!). I'm stuck and really don't know what to do other than come to terms with it and live the best I can with that reality.


While we share some similar history such as an early start, a supportive mother, high dose non-filters, bronchitis, and reduced blood oxygen levels, I think it is possible that your habit may shrink without conscious effort.

I am twice your age (68) but have about the same pack-years. I find that a carton will now last about three weeks without significant discomfort. That reduction was a sub-conscious response to being out-of-breath frequently, heavy morning coughing, and an avoidance of strenuous activity. I suspect as I grow older, there will be other smoking opportunities that I will just ignore or postpone for an hour.

Personal circumstance can radically change your consumption. When I had a desk job in the military, I was smoking at twice my previous rate. After discharge, I returned to a pack per day. Perhaps you could change some aspect of your current lifestyle so that smoking is not an option during certain times of the day.

We all have triggers that cause us to light up. Try to avoid those. For me, it is being near a woman who smokes. It all goes back to those pleasant times when smoking with my mother. I guess it is a blessing that I no longer chase skirts. It's too expensive anyway.


I smoke 15 a day, due to work and just plain busy. I am happy puffing away on 15 and enjoy every one of them like it's my last. I suck 'em right down to the filter for 40 years and always been inhaling that first drag for over 30 years. I don't waste 'em. I love 'em!

re: I can only wish

Hi. The same as you for me. I'm 22 and I come from a 100% non smoking family. I tried smoking at 13 but really started at 18. I've been smoking for 4 years now and I'm still at 20-30 cigs per day, because of money, but also because my lungs are fighting against it, even if the rest of my body claims for smoke. I feel very frustrated, because, as you, I've always been wanting to become a chainsmoker.

As you do, I'd like to stop being limitated, I've been waiting for too long, and I'd like to increase really drastically now. Something like from 1,5 to 3 ppd by the end of 2012, and chainsmoking by the end of 2013 for example. The sooner the better. Becoming a chainsmoker is unavoidable for me, I've been wanting it even before I started smoking.

And I agree with you. Being considered by others as a chimney, a non stop smoking guy, coughing, smelling like smoke all the time, seems really great. People must be able to see that nothing is more important for me than smoking, because they'll know then that's it's completely useless to tell me to stop. For the moment, they still think they can change things, so they continue lecturing me...

It's all about hard smoking (title of this topic). I'm already addicted, I suck really hard on each of my cigs and love filling my lungs with tar, I need it so bad... But now, I just feel I need to smoke more.
Of course I know the health risks, but I made a choice, and I have no regrets. People consider addiction and black lungs as problems, I really don't. It's all about considering myself as a smoker, a passionate smoker. I already do. But going further, becoming a chainsmoker, that's what I want the most.

The guys here in this topic, who are roughly my age and who smoke 3 or 4 ppd are just making me jealous ^^
I'm increasing my smoke, but I feel it's too slow. Since I started smoking for real (smoking 15 cpd at the begining), I only managed to add 10-15 more cigs, in 4 years. It's a shame...

For those who think that setting artificial goals is stupid, I agree. But here, it's not artificial. I really feel unsatisfied, and I really feel I need to smoke more, it's planned from the begining. I trust I'm one of those people who were born to become chainsmokers. When I was a non smoker, then an ocasional smoker, I always felt something was going wrong, something was missing. Becoming a smoker changed my life into good. Now I want to progress to the next step (heavy smoker, 3 ppd), keeping in mind that becoming a chainsmoker will stay my goal anyway.

Does anybody here have any advice to help me increase faster ?
Oh and another question, are there many guy here who dangle their cigs all the time without even thinking about it ?

Thanks a lot ;)

(from a french guy)

Wow. Well said! I posted on

Wow. Well said! I posted on this thread I'm the 23 yo male who smokes 3ppd Marlboro Red 100's. I was the same way, I knew from the second I started smoking when I was 11 that I wanted to be a chainsmoker. At 3ppd I'm close and am absolutely loving being such a heavy smoker.
I was so happy the first time someone said I smoked like a chimney. I love being a heavy smoker who always smells like cigarette smoke and showing everybody how much I love sucking on my cigarettes by doing it as much as possible. I was one of those people who was born to be a chainsmoker. I need everything cigarette smoke gives me, all the tar that makes my throat and lungs feel so good.
And yes, I dangle my cigarettes quite a lot without thinking about it. SInce I'm always smoking, I need to be able to dangle my cigarette and still be able to smoke properly with long deep drags, complete inhales, and exhales all while my cigarette is burning in between my lips.

re : Wow

Oh, that feels great.
I hope I'll be a 3 ppd smoker as you are when I'll be your age :)
Are you still wanting to increase ? I think I'd feel way better with 3 ppd, but can't imagine stoping at this point.
Permanent chainsmoking, 4-5ppd, I think that's what I want, what I need. The same for you ?
I hope I'll become that kind of ultra hevy smoker by the time I'll get 25. For people like us, there's no other choice. The more I'll smoke, the better it will be, surely. I'm already hopelessly addicted. But becoming a smoking machine, not being able to smoke less, getting black lungs, I can't wait for all those things.

Hard Smoking

Oh yes I want to increase! You will geel really good when you reach 3ppd it feels so good to be this heavy of a smoker. I want to be a 5ppd total chainsmoker that everyone looks at me and says "look at the guy, he looks like a chimney, lighting up one cigarette after another, coughing, cigarette smoke constantly pouring out his mouth and nose" I love what cigarette smoke does to my body I know my lungs are already black and full of tar and I'm so proud of that! I want nothing more than to treat my lungs and throat with cigarette smoke as many times a day as possible, my lungs were meant to be sucking in cigarette smoke all day. I can't wait until I'm a 5ppd chainsmoker who coughs all the time, gets out of breath so easily, and always smells of cigarette smoke!

There's something about a

There's something about a person who smokes more than 2 packs a day that just fascinates me. I have at many times thought about smoking this much, but it wouldn't be realistic for me. I'm a student and my schedule / environment doesn't allow for smoking indoors or really anywhere that isn't somewhat inconvenient besides the street. If we lived in the 70's, I'd go for it. It'd be so satisfying to indulge on such a frequent much so that it no longer became an indulgence but rather a need.

Why is 2 ppd the Gold Standard of being a "real" smoker?

I think if one is allowed to smoke as one pleases, the body finds its set point and pretty much stays there.

I've been smoking a ppd for years. On weekends, it might increase to 25 as I'm not working but it's not such a great increase as to be remarkable.

If I could smoke while working, as one was allowed to in the Mad Men days, it might be a pack and a half. I don't know as that's never been an option. But it wouldn't suddenly blossom to 2ppd or more.

Smokers don't think about how much they smoke, for the most part. They just smoke as needed and I don't think the amount really deviates that much once the body finds the level of its need. Some need it a lot more than others, I suppose. I've never really tried to be a chain smoker as my body has never demanded that.

hold that smoke in, as long as you can!¬

I don't suppose I'm the first to try this, but if you haven't, try it to increase the buzz of smoking. Take a deep inhale, as much as you can. Then hold it in there as long as you can - suck air in through your nose when you are finding it hard not to breathe out. I started with about 20 seconds, then 30, and increse it all you can - I've got up to 70 seconds. Then repeat it with another deep inhale, again holding it all in for as long as you can. Keep doing this until you've smoked it all up, right down to the tip. Your heart pounds, and you feel the buzz running down your arms and legs. When you evenutally breathe out, there's hardly any smoke blown out - it's all in your lungs, with all the tar too, just like when you started. It builds your addiction, and the buzz lasts ages. Let me know your experience, here or by email to me at Enjoy!

on the increase

I have been a pack a day smoker for a couple of years but lately hit 2 packs a day quite often. Don't know what has changed but like the increase. When I started I was amazed my dad could smoke up to three packs a day but five years on I am heading in the same direction. True addiction I guess. My girlfriend starting smoking also helps, no more guild when I need to smoke, she now understands!

The pleasure DOES come with a price

I was struck by the following comment by Kathleen:

"Being in my 30's I probably have the lungs of an old woman, considering that I have early stage emphysema, and I've long ago given up any active pursuits I used to love. Instead, all I do now is smoke, work, socialize, sit, and smoke all day and night long. It's gotten so that, if I'm not smoking, I feel something is missing or off in some way."

Yes. This is the life of us longtime addicted smokers. The deep pleasure, comfort and satisfaction that smoking brings is NOT without heavy sacrifice--basically, slavery. I too have sacrificed a lot of activities I used to enjoy--singing being the main one--for the comfort of an endless stream of cigarettes.

Interesting fact is, the longer you smoke and the more you smoke, the more you enjoy each cigarette, but your whole existence narrows to smoking that next cigarette, after cigarette, after cigarette. You have to smoke. You even have to wake up in the middle of the night to smoke, because Lady Nicotine demands it.

Lady Nicotine does not abide anything that isn't Her. The longer you smoke, you will find that other activities are given up at her alter. Your life becomes nothing but her.

Part of the reason I joined this board was an effort to come to terms and relax and embrace the reality of my life--which is smoking cigarettes, the alpha and omega.

So why the rush to become a chainsmoker? I don't understand...

Not There

I smoke 1 1/2 ppd, maybe 2 ppd during the weekends if I am drinking. I really can't see myself increasing any more than that. My work schedule really won't allow it, and I can only smoke so many cigarettes at night I figure that I spend about 6, maybe 7 hours of every day feeding my nicotine addiction; it's something that I have to do and it's something that I enjoy doing. And, like others who have posted here, I make sacrifices to ensure that my body gets it's nicotine.

But that's the price of being a smoker. I accept it; I embrace it. It's a big part of who I am. When you are an addicted smoker, smoking becomes the top priority in your life. From ensuring that you have a steady supply of cigarettes, to taking numerous breaks at work, to getting up at 2:30 am to have a much-needed smoke, you will do whatever it takes to get the nicotine supply that you need. You're most definitely a slave, no doubt about it. BUT, the flip side of that slavery, is the tremendous relief and pleasure that each drag brings. The first cigarette of the morning, the after-dinner smoke, and enjoying a steady stream of cigarettes while drinking with your buddies are all things that make being a slave to nicotine so worth it. I don't see my life as only about nicotine. But there is no doubt that a large percentage, perhaps a majority, of my life is spent in the pursuit of feeding my addiction. And I'm ok with that.

Jobs/Work and Smoking

I'm very curious. Not to intrude on personal privacy, but what kinds of jobs/careers do you all have that makes it available to or not be able to chain smoke or smoke heavily during the day? Obviously you can't just smoke cigarettes all day (unless that's what you get paid to do somehow haha).


Of course, there is a profound pleasure and relief from each drag....not saying there isn't. The more you smoke, the more you enjoy each cigarette. It's just that there are some mighty big sacrifices one makes when one is an addicted smoker. That's all....


No argument from me, whatsoever. There are a lot of things that we find enjoyable that require some sort of sacrifice on our part. And there is no doubt that being an addicted smoker does require some big sacrifices.

getting to be heavy

The pleasures of heavy smoking are indescribable. I love thick heavy smoke deep in my lungs.I can't get enough! I am quite aware it is damaging and may cause long term issues, but the feeling I get 30-40 times a day over-rides any concerns. For those that want to go heavy, hang on. You will be so locked in that life is the sentence. I've been smoking for 35 years and my desire to increase is stronger than ever. I must admit, I am a slave, but I love it.


Yep nothing beats coming home after a long day and just kicking back with a fresh pack of Reds and sucking in three in a row and then smoking the rest of the night, smoke filling my lungs

Aaaaaaaaaah. MMMMM So goooood

I, too, like to decompress from work by chaining about 3 in a row. Just lying back, inhaling deeply, holding the smoke, and then contentedly sighing it out any ol' way through my mouth and nose. So soothing.

After I'm good and sated, I find I light up about every 20 minutes or so. I smoke more heavily first in the morning, and at night after work is through.

I don't chain smoke during the day, though.

like smoking

Hi, I am Thiet 32 years old and i have smoked when i was 18 years old. I always keep cigarette in my hand and i feel cool when smoking, especially when i am in coffee, bar, restaurant. I use a pack per day, sometimes i use 2 pack per day and i feel having a little of my heart attack so i try to control using a pack per day.

I want to quit...

But it's impossible, I'm hopelessly addicted at two packs. It's a live hate relationship between nicotine and I, started at 15, smoking for 9 years. I spend all my money on my smokes. I guess my only option is to light up and inhale.

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