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Two at the same time

I enjoy cigarettes and would like to try smoking 2 at the same time, just to see what it is like.
Has anyone tried 2 at once, what is it like?
Do you inhale more smoke or is it stronger by sucking on 2 at the same time?

two at once is nice . its

two at once is nice . its strong and intense and you get alot of smoke in your lungs . i usually like to do 2 different brands it makes for some different flavors . im a big fan of doing one regular with one menthol . you should try it for sure i think youll enjoy it

Yes do it

Two cigarettes at once first thing in the morning is awesome. Do it I know you'll like it.

great fun, sure does get

great fun, sure does get that sweet smoke in your lungs!

I've always been skeptical

I've always been skeptical about smoking 2 cigs at once. I think you'd just take in the same amount of smoke as you would from one cig, but it'd be the equivalence of half the drag on each cig. I mean, your lungs can only hold a certain volume of gas, and the smoke stream coming from smoking 2 at once simply can't be much more dense than just one. Just think about it...eating two pieces of pizza will give you twice as much food, but you need the room in your stomach for 2 and not just 1. Similarly, if you eat 2 pieces at the same time, you might fill up halfway through and be left with 2 half-slices on top of each other that you can't finish. Same with the cigs.

Truthfully i think the only reason people like smoking 2 cigs at once is kind of a fetish thing. They like the idea and image of it way more than the actual effect of it...

I found your theory to be correct

Ok, yeah; I've tried two a once a few times just to experiment. I've never been able to get a good lip seal on two cigarettes at once. Thus, there was no more smoke (maybe even less) than a good, solid drag off of one.

I agree with my friend, Jay (who posted in this thread), that multiple pumps are better. Another way to get massive smoke saturation is to direct inhale.


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Multiple drags

Two at one time is ok, but you can only suck in so much smoke in your mouth at a time. If you really want to fill up your lungs take multiple drags. Suck in the smoke, inhale, and then suck in more, inhale, and repeat until you feel really full. Hold it in a while then exhale nice a slow (no rush to let it out ;)

Jay --

Never understood why this comes up so frequently.

One can't seem to get away from the notion of smoking two - or even more - cigarettes at the same time. I simply fail to understand it because, as pointed out above, your lungs can only hold so much smoke regardless of how many sources it comes from. What matters more is how much air is mixed in with it; those who take shallow drags into their mouths before pulling them into their lungs will get less smoke in them (and less effect) than those who take what are commonly referred to as deep drags. For the maximum amount of smoke in your lungs, inhale directly (that is, breathe straight into your lungs from your cigarette), take multiple pumps (multiple drags without exhaling the previous one[s]), or "huff" (fill your mouth with smoke, suck it into your lungs quickly with as little air as possible and repeat the process until you simpy can't pull any more smoke in).

If all that isn't enough, smoke a non-filter (or break the filter off of one of your regular, filtered cigs). My morning routine, for years, consisted of multiply pumping one of my cigs with the filter broken off, direct inhaling all the way, until there wasn't enough left to hold and press to my lips. Now THAT will give you the rush that those who smoke two (for the effect if not merely for show) seem to be seeking.

On the other hand, if you simply enjoy smoking (and paying for) two at once or, even, derive some sort of placebo effect, then go for it. As with other smoking styles and techniques, there really isn't a right or wrong answer to this one (with one exceptiion: if you're not inhaling all the smoke, one way or another, you're wasting your time, precious nicotine-laden smoke, and your money and - besides - you probably look silly doing it).

Hope that helps. That's the condensed wisdom of over fifty delightful, wonderful years of smoking (and, I hope, many more to come!).


Multiple Pumps

I think double & triple pumping is a better way to get more smoke in your lungs--and much more economical.

tried it at last

The other night I was bored and decided to try it, on my own in my house.
It is weird really because you have to seal your lips around both filters before sucking.
It was and wasn't what I thought it would be like, I did breath in more smoke to be honest, when I inhaled I could tell there was more smoke going down to my lungs.
Not as strong as I thought it would be but it was slightly stronger and I enjoyed the extra smoke, however it was awkward having to position the cigarettes before I put them between my lips and having to make sure I was sucking equally on both, as to make sure that one didn't burn faster than the other one.
I would do it again but it was quite awkward.

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