PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

Closet smokers

Are more men or women closet smokers? How many cigs do they usually smoker per day are they very light 2-3 per day or heaver smokers

I smoke every now and then.

I smoke every now and then. My gf used to smoke an I know she doesn't want to start again. I smoke maybe 2-3 one evening and then nothing for a few months. Would love one right now!!!!

Closet smoker

I'm a closet smoker. I only started about a month ago so I'm worried about what people will think and don't want to tell them. It's getting harder and harder though. When it was just 2/3 a day it was ok, but I'm up to a regular 10 a day, sometimes a few more, and it's getting harder to hide it. Luckily I work from home and the people I live with are out all day. I just go for walks in the evening.

closet smoker

im a closet smoker, atleast to people i know. when im alone or about tge town sonewhere where people dont know me, i usualy smoke 10 a day. im a guy btw.

Closet smoker here

I am a male closet smoker and smoke 6-7 cigarettes a day. I look forward to every one of these private pleasures.

Closet smokers can smoke a

Closet smokers can smoke a few or many. I am pretty closeted and smoke around 1.5 ppd. I know many closeted smokers who won't smoke after they have showered in the morning until they get home at night. And others who are relatively closeted that seem to "disappear" every hour or so...


Male closet smoker, to some degree. I don't mind smoking while driving or when around strangers, but I keep it from most people close to me. I'm just about ready to come out fully, though. I smoke between 5-20 a day, depending on my surroundings. I use smokeless tobacco as well, since that's a bit easier to keep under wraps.

ex-closet smoker

When I first started smoking I was a closet smoker and smoked about 3-5 cigarettes a day.I smoked some of them away from home,but I always had at least two in my bedroom at night before going to sleep.My mom smokes so I was able to hide it pretty well or at least I thought I did.Today I'm no longer a closet smoker and I smoke openly in front of her all the time so I can have as many cigarettes as I want.

Female Closet Smoker - Average 3-a-day

On a working day I manage to get at least 3, 1 on the way to work......, I come home for on my way back I have one (both these times I go a route back to work that takes me an extra 5 minutes but it means people I know wont see me. then on my tea break there is a fire exit area surrounded by a wall 2 minutes away from my work, so I hide there and have a puff followed by straight to a public toilet to wash my hands, then eat a chocolate bar and chewing gum to hide the smell.

then If I eat out for lunch I can usually sneak another 2 in,
and if I'm out shopping after work I can sneak 1.

Then it comes to the weekends......I usually need to find an excuse to go out to the shops to have a cigarette, and I hope to god that my family goes out at night so I can chain-smoke in the back yard before people come home :p

life of a closet smoker eh.

Got a 5 day vacation coming up in 2 weeks by myself, so I guess I will be smoking so much, Ive promised myself to smoke at least 10 a day, enjoy it as much as I can before I go back to my closeted home life lol.

Closet smoking

I am a male closet smoker. I would imagine that since most closet smoker spend their entire lives trying to hide the fact that they smoke, it would probably be somewhat difficult to get an accurate idea of whether or not males or females have the greatest propensity to be closet smokers.

Being a closet smoker, I primarily hide my smoking from old friends and family and certain coworkers. I work exclusively on the weekends, and since there are a handful of extremely anti-smokers and being that so many are surprised that I smoke, I keep my smoking to a minimum during work. About the most I smoke on the weekends is about 10 cigarettes.

Weekdays are a different matter, since I have plenty of time to be alone, I often smoke between one and one and a half packs of cigarettes. The exceptions to this are when visiting relatives and old friends, on such days, I will have maybe 3 cigarettes or none.

It wasn't specifically asked about, but I wanted to mention the fact that I love smoking but hate being a closet smoker. Closet smokers essentially have to live two lives, that of smoker and non-smoker. It is torturous and exhausting. Around 12 years ago, I tried telling my mother I smoke, and she freaked out, I made as though I was just pulling her leg and wanted to see how she would react. She believed me, I wish she hadn't. If I could have had the conviction to just tell her and not worry about her reaction, I would be a much happier person. I have given a great deal of thought to coming out, but at 29 almost 30 years old, I think it would be ridiculous to do so.

So, to all closet smokers out there, I understand the pain you go through. And to all who have recently started smoking and want to be in the closet, if you actually enjoy smoking, take my advice, and just come clean early on about it. Your life will be so much less complicated in the end.


I know how you feel

I'm also a closet smoker. I've only been smoking 'properly' (i.e. everyday) about a month and a half and it's already making me miserable. The problem I've got, though, is that I've always been a vocal anti, and I'm 29. It seems stupid to suddenly come out as a smoker after that.

I'm finding it harder and harder to find quiet, peaceful places to smoke undisturbed because the weather has just got really good so everyone is out and about. I find myself furtively smoking half a cigarette before someone comes past and I throw it away. All I want to do is quietly and peacefully enjoy some good, long, slow drags on a cigarette.

I'm actually tempted to quit, because I know I'm not addicted yet and I could never come out to my family. I think living like this might end up making me miserable. It's already making me completely paranoid! I wish I lived alone. It would be wonderful. I'd still smoke outside, but at least I'd know I'd be undisturbed.

If you enjoy it, don't quit

For years I've been in the closet. I really enjoy smoking. For about 5 years I actually lived with my sister, since I have stayed in closet when it comes to my family, I ended up quitting smoking for those 5 years that I lived with my sister. I can tell you that there was not one single day that I did not think about smoking, because it is something that I enjoy doing. If you actually don't like smoking, then by all means quit. If you do, quitting will be torturous even if you can only find that special time for that one cigarette a day. It will be time that you cherish!

Who knows? Maybe you will actually be able to conjure up the courage to tell your family that you smoke, and then you will be able to do so whenever you want. I think the biggest problem with those of us in the closet is that we are entirely too concerned with what others think of us. I know it is something that most of my family wouldn't accept, even though both of the father figures in my life were very heavy smokers, and the second I find out a coworker is an anti-smoker, I will never smoke in front of that person ever again. I wish I didn't care about peoples' opinions as much as I do, because in reality, most people couldn't care less about whether or not a person smokes, I desperately envy those people that are able to just do what they want, but I'm not, unfortunately.

Long story short, do what makes you happy, not what you think will make others happy. If you like smoking, continue to do so, if you don't, then stop. I can only say that I wish I had the conviction to follow my own advice.


I really feel sorry for closet smokers...

JY, it's never too late to come out of the closet.

I don't know; perhaps you can take a page from gay people who come out later in life? I'm not gay, but I have friends who waited until they were 29 or 30 to come out of the closet about their orientation. It might take a few years to come out to everyone who knows you as a non-smoker, but you'll feel so much more relaxed.

And if they truly love you, they will still love you. Give them awhile to get adjusted to the fact. You'll probably listen to a few lectures, too. Maybe direct them to this site so they might understand what smoking is for you and lots of others?

Good luck!

Im a 33 yr old guy whos been

Im a 33 yr old guy whos been closet smoking off and on since I was 15, and my closet smoking has run the full gamut of upto almost 1.5 o 2 ppd of "closet" smoking (while off in grad school out of town and living alone), down to only smoking 2-3 cigs every few days, like where I am now, similar to where I was before age 18. Back in HS when I started secret smoking, I could only smoke a few cigarettes every few days, because when I was 15 or 16, even 17, I had unreliable ACCESS to cigarettes. I remember being very frustrated when I was 17 about all the cigarette vending machines being removed, and stores getting stricter about carding, because it made it harder to get cigarettes. But once I turned 18 and went off to college, out of state, then later grad school, it allowed my "closet" smoking to take off, to where I smoked upto half a pack a day during undergraduate, and routinely smoked a pack a day then a pack and a half a day, sometimes even two packs a day, while living alone in grad school, in a place where I knew few people. When Id come back home for the holidays or summers, I would conceal my smoking from my friends and family, and have to sneak outside for a cigarette. So I continued to hide my smoking identity from that day till this one, and what a chore that has been,

I actually love smoking, and wish I had the courage to have just identified myself as a smoker publicly years ago; but growing up in a nonsmoking house, with a nonsmoking mother, and having mostly nonsmoking friends in high school and college, while dating a series of mostly nonsmoking girlfriends in both high school and college, eventually marrying one of my younger nonsmoking girlfriends, now as my nonsmoking wife, and now working in a smoke free office - it just makes it hard to be a smoker these days. It makes me feel like Id be an outcast, particularly in the professional circles in my region, where smoking cigarettes is (wrongly) looked upon as lower class. Sad really, because I have forced myself to live a secretive life as a closet smoker, just to try and fit in with society.

For what its worth, I think a number of young women who may be "social" smokers could technically almost count as "closet" smokers, based on the very limited set of socialization that they travel in while smoking. Maybe thats just a matter of view, but either way, Im glad to know there are other closet smokers out there - but sad to know that we are all together in feeling so repressed from our desires to enjoy our cigarettes.

I've never liked the idea of

I've never liked the idea of being a closeted smoker, personally. I have nothing against it at all, but I can remember when I was 15 years old used to smoking 10-20 cigs a day and I hated having to hide it from my parents. It seemed like the type of thing that would inevitably be discovered, so telling them could only help speed the process so it wouldn't be a big deal. By the time i was 17 i could smoke in front of them, and even though they didn't like it, they didn't challenge me on it. It allowed me to feel much more accepted and comfortable around my family, personally. Not saying that everybody will have the same type of experience but i do think there's something very liberating about coming out as a smoker and having it become something that is just expected.

I am a semi closet smoker

I am a semi closet smoker and have been for probably 20 years or more. I dont smoke around nobody but my wife. I am sure others know I smoke but I still try to keep it under wraps. I have never smoked in open public or at work although I do smoke in my vehicle going down the road. After 20 or so years I am now up to smoking right around a pack a day. I am a male 37 years old. I do use smokeless tobacco and that I do use a openly. So that keeps me from having fits when I can't smoke. Dont get me wrong I love my copenhagen but damn them cigarettes are good!! If I had discovered smoking before dipping I would probably never started dipping .

Closet smoking's a lot of work

45 year old male here....When I was 12 years old I stole one of my Mom's cigarettes and from the very first drag my lungs went into orgasm and I was hooked. By 13 I was smoking over a pack a day and somehow...nobody knew. Then at 14, when I was finally caught, my Mom thought she would teach me a lesson and made me chain smoke a whole pack, thinking I would get sick and never smoke again. When she saw I was obviously enjoying this so-called punishment I was grounded, she witheld my allowance, I was basically shunned by this hypocrite that smoked 2 packs a day. Finally I told her I quit and promised never to do it again. My lungs had other ideas so that's when I went under cover. 30 years later, I smoke almost 3 packs a day and enjoy every single one. My doctor says I'm a freak of nature because I should either be dead or have some ugly disease by now. I play several sports and stay very active so I guess that helps. My Mom quit many years ago and still doesn't know I smoke. I've mastered closet smoking but it's been a lot of work. I smoke constantly while walking to and from work and while driving around. At work, I carry a pocket-sized container of mouthwash and after smoking I wash my hands to the bone, gargle and pop a piece of intense mint gum before I go back. I also carry travel sized packs of scented wet wipes in case there's no washroom around. I've found out that corn nuts completely mask the smell of smoke on my breath. Only a few close friends know I smoke because I've known them since I was a kid. I've often thought of coming out of the closet but now that smoking is considered worse than the plague, it seems more worthwhile to stay undercover. Besides, this has turned into quite a game, being able to keep my smoking a secret from whoever I want.

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