PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

virginia 120 for a male?

I am 20 years old and my girlfriend is 21 years. he is smoker since 3 years ago and one year ago I did try marlboro gold. after 3 months I was smoking regularly 15 for day. Now I smoke 1ppd golds. now she wants i step to 120 Virginia Slims that she smokes . She says it would be nice if we smoke the same brand of cigs. I think that the Virginia 120 are femmine cigs. i tried and i like flavour and longness. to make her happy this weekend I tried smoking only Virginia 120 . what advice do you give me?

Virginia 120's

I am a male and i love to smoke the 120's and have for about two years now. so i say if you like them and it makes her happy go for it

VSML 120's are my favorite.

I have the story on here about the lady at the fair. I saw the attractive lady pull out the VSML 120s. I wass 14 years old. I walked up and asked her for one. We walked off and smoked one together. I was in heaven smoking it with that beautiful lady. She handed me the rest of the pack with about 5 left in it, and told me too share the 120s with other people. Its been my choice of cigarettes since then. I love smoking this cigarette with other ladies. Creates a fantastic loving bond when you smoke them together.

Do What YOU Want

Definitely try a couple of the VS 120s to see if you like em, but don't force yourself to switch over if you prefer your marlb lights more. I know I wouldn't switch if somebody asked me to just so we could buy the same brand...

It's your call

Let's face it - as a smoker you'll have to suffer enough bs from the anti crowd. Since smoking isn't exactly the best thing to do (but we do it anyway lol) it's up to you to be sure you are getting max pleasure from it. If that means smoking a 120 then go for it. I've bummed VS 120s and actually like them too. I just like my Marlboro Golds better.


it's marvellous that a caouple smoke the same brand. it make more accomplices, united, close. I love to feel the same taste and smell in my gf. I think you do very well if you like the 120s.try smoking at least 1 week all 120 ppd and then tell us!

updating virginia 120 for a male

I smoke for 3 weeks only virginia superslim and i love it. Smoke 1 e 1/2 ppd and will never stop. She was right: they are fabulous>! I'm never coming back. meravigliso smoking together is the same brand!


I love smoking VS 120s with ladies. You are a lucky boy.

Sei italiano???

Sei italiano???

virginia 120 for a male?

I love long also, but 100s are the most I'd do in public. Maybe 120s when I am at home. This guy I used to work with a long time ago used to smoke VS 120s. I don't know if I can handle what people would think as it is bad enough smoking nowadays. lol But, to each his own.

there are no female cigarette

I also am a man and I love smoking virginia slim 120s. I like to see them in my hands, feel thin in my mouth, feeling my cheeks sucked when I aspire. I love the taste and smoke the same cigarette with my wife. at home we always have 2 or 3 packs of virginia slim so we can smoke myself, my wife and our daughter (she is also smokes! began secretly when he was 13 years). there are no female cigarette, there are just like cigarettes taste good and make you feel good.


I too love my Virginia Slims 120s. I smoke the menthol. The youngest girl I ever shared my VSML 12's with was Lynn, she was 9 at the time. That weekend I convertedher from Marlboro Lights to Virginia Slims menthol lights 120s. She thanked me for it. She came to love them since that weekend.


Wow....a little 9 year old with a long 120 cigarette! Must have looked very cute?

I agree

No female cigarettes. I am a guy who thinks VSML 120's are the best cigarette.It's awesome that you, wife, and daughter also enjoy VS Lights 120's. Thanks for sharing

since 3 weeks only smoke

since 3 weeks only smoke Virginia Slims 120. I like the flavor and their elongated shape between my fingers. is true that thats are only cigarettes but there are'nt women cigs. I love smoking the Slims and share it with my gf. I think I will not stop smoking the most full bodied flavor with Virginia and with the long form and sexy. I became hoocked of Virginia and am not ashamed to smoke them in public. I LIKE THE VIRGINIA Slims! My gf is proud of me!

more BF and GF"S should.

Great to hear you two smoke VS 120s together.

i agree too

I am a male but I love smoking Virginia Slims 120. They are elegant, pleasant and I love to feel your cheeks sucked when I aspire. I like to feel the smoke entering the lungs and exhale through the nose.I love that lasts a long time by a cigarette smoking. there are no cigarettes from females or males ... only the pleasures of smoking!

Daughter smoking 120s!

Glad to hear your daughter smokes 120s. My son started smoking a little earlier...around age 11 and I was proud to watch him smoke his first long menthols.

Smoke what you like

If you like Virginia Slims better, then go for it. Otherwise, I suggest smoking what you like best. This stuff about couples needing to smoke the same brand is nonsense. Sounds like a bit of a controlling issue.

My husband and I smoke different brands; I can buy them both at most places that sell cigarettes. He's happy; I'm happy. No worries.


My bf are not smooker, but

My bf are not smooker, but I have insisted to try 120s slim virginia. He likes very much & and now he smokes 2 ppd!! I am very proud to have converted him into smooker.

great job Jane

Great job converting your boyfriends into a smoker. Virginia Slims 120s at that. I am a male, 46 years old, that loves his VSML 120s.

120s for all...

I wish more guys smoked VS 120s.
What a wonderful world it would be.

I do

I'm a guy and I love my elegant long menthol 120s!!

Kudos, Jane! I am also a

Kudos, Jane! I am also a male who smokes VS 120's and I love 'em!

I love Virginia Slims 120's.

My favorite cigarettes is VS 120's. As a male, I love the flavor. I like the gold pack for full flavor, and switches to methol 120's once in a while. I wish I had a girlfriend or a wife that smokes VS 120's. It's hard to find one in Philly. Most women, particulary African American females likes Newport 100's. But that's not going to stop me from enjoying my guilty pleasure. So if you like VS 120's and have a woman that smokes the same brand, enjoy and have a blast! I hope I will find mines!

I am a 54 y/o male and have

I am a 54 y/o male and have been smoking VS Menthol 120's Gold for years and have no qualms about smoking them in public. They are the ONLY cigarettes that I smoke (although if Saratoga Menthol 120's were available locally, I would definitely smoke those as well). The VS Menthol 120's Golds taste great, feel wonderful in the lungs and chest, and last a long time. I will not switch! Even a lady that I occasionally meet up with (we live over 500 miles apart, so we only get together a couple of times a year) is normally a non-smoker, but when we are together, she loves smoking the VS Menthol 120's Golds! When we first see each other, there is the usual welcome kiss and then she asks for a cigarette. I say to anybody, male or female, if you are thinking about trying VS Menthol 120's but have reservations, throw those concerns aside and go for it! You won't regret it.

Dream come true

I wish the woman in my world was a VS120 smoker and wanted me to smoke VS120s with her. You are very lucky. Go for it!

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Of course, go for it!!

I am male and have been smoking Virginia Slims 120's for several years!! I have the fortune of me and my wife both smoking them. As a matter of fact, she is the one that got me started on them. They are the best menthols out there as far as we are concerned. We know other guys who smoke them too, so go for it and smoke them!!

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Not cool

A man smoking Virginia Slims 120s is like a man wearing a skirt. You can do it but it's weird. Those cigarettes are marketed for women, it's kind of weird if you want to smoke them, but the truth is, you can do whatever you want to do!


You're probably right but I love long cigarettes so much that it doesn't matter to me. The longer the better for me. I'd smoke 200mm cigarettes if they made them.

VS 120s

I've tried VS 120s(in my white 8" holder). They do have a great taste. Very long, thin and elegant. Although I love VS 120s, I can't part with my long slim elegant Capri 120s(also in 8" white holder) and ultra elegant, slim More 240s(in brown 8" holder).


Femme 120s

Would sooo love to puff long femme cigarettes with you!

Femme 120s

Would sooo love to puff long femme cigarettes with you!


What is it with all the guys on SFG loving Virginia Slims so much? You do realize that the way they are constructed, you are pretty much smoking more paper than tobacco. Actually , I hardly ever see a woman smoking them, much less a man....

Style and image

For me it's all about style and elegance. I like the look of the longer cigarettes and that's what initially attracted me to them when I first started around the age of 13. You definitely stand out from the crowd while holding a long slim all-white 120. We're all part of a very select club and are proud to be 120s smokers.

Taste is subjective, VS Red 100s are just right

The VS Red 100s have captured my affection, their flavor and smoking quality allow me to indulge fully. It's hard to describe and somewhat subjective. I had liked the Gold 120s but unfortunately there is no longer a VS Red (FF) 120. Admittedly, away from home I'll smoke something else like Camel Crush kings (you can cover the "crush" on the filter and switch to menthol). When I smoke Marlboros I like the extra "umph" but I have experienced some throat and nose irritation - I will spare you the details. I have smoked American Spirit Blue 100s at times, but when they are stale they aren't all that pleasant, it seems like they can go stale faster. I ran out of VS Red 100s last night, tried to use nic gum in the AM as I had a couple of meetings to attend, but afterwards smoked a couple of Camel Crushes on the way to the store to buy more VS Red 100s. They are my preferred cigarette for now, the main downside is they are priced higher than some other brands like Marlboro Red and Black which often are "on sale".

Difference of opinion

I'm not about style or elegance. For me its all about getting a good hit and taste and I'm not interested in standing out from the crowd when smoking. But I do want to project a masculine image and that is best served with a king with a cork filter. To each his own...

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Masculine Men smoke Kings,

Masculine Men smoke Kings, Feminine men often prefer to smoke 120's.

You might be right

I am a confirmed 120s smoker and I probably am a bit feminine so I guess you're right. I even hold my cigarettes in a femme manner and puff my long menthol cigarette in a very ladylike style. I really enjoy smoking like that and it's so much a part of me that I'll never give it up.


I am a man and i smoke Saratoga 120s mostly , Marlboro 100s when i can't find Saratogas . I also like these More 120s I just got and am infact smoking as I write this . Enjoy yourself.

Male smokes VS 120

I've been smoking VS 120s for some time and prefer them to any other brand. I buy and smoke them openly. True, they are a 'woman's cigarette' but they are a fantastic smoke. Don't let the 120 length dissuade you from trying Virginia Sims 120s.

Good for you Dennis!!!!

Its so good to hear another guy loves his 120s!!!!


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