PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

I quit smoking about 3 months ago.

I quit smoking about 3 Months ago. Now I wonder what the hell I was thinking!

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What were you thinking?? :)

You'll be back LOL

Jay --

I couldnt

smoking is such a big part of me and to just fill my lungs and feel the hit is the best thing ever.

I couldnt quit, wouldnt want to. I think if I did I would just miss it too much.

Keep it up brother

Congratulations! 3 months is a big milestone and it only gets easier from here. I recently quit myself and I have never had better endurance and self-confidence.

and you're here...why?

either you're a troll, or you still have a fascination for smoking which belies your happy talk.

What were you thinking

What were you thinking to quit? I just don't get it! You must start again and this time,come back with a bang! Try smoking something really strong! Reds Malborrow200s ,cigars or even hookah.But whatever you do please do start again!

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