PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Camel Turkish Royals

I was wondering how many of my fellow smokers have tried and how they enjoyed a Camel Turkish Royal. I myself smoke for pure enjoyment and relaxation I am a strictly pleasure smoker. Smoke a couple of packs a week. A deep inhaler and live Rick full flavor smokes. I feel Camel Turkish Royals are one if not the best smoke out there. I really enjoy the rich sweet and creamy choclatey flavor tones reminds me of a premium cigar. If you have never tried them you must.Please tell me your feetake on this most delicious enjoyable smoke?

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Turkish Blends

Never had that one, but I do love turkish blends.

Jay --

Camel Wides

Camels Wides are wonderful. Alot more flavor than other camel cigarettes. Camels have high levels of free base nicotine, they manage that by adjusting the pH. So you get a really nice hit with Camels in general, Wides especially.

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