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Coughing causing lack of sensation

Hey, this is my first forum post on this site and I am totaly new to smoking. I'm almost 20 years old and I've never tried smoking before, but suddenly a few weeks back the idea of trying it out planted itself firmly inside my skull and despite my best efforts to shake it out I was doomed to failure. So a few days ago I bought my first two packs of Marlboro Reds and I tried one a day for 2 days and today, my 3rd day, I've tried 3. I'm not getting a head rush or any kind of sensation from it though.

Maybe the reds are too rough and I should've started with a pack of golds (I couldn't find any golds in the store so I just went for 2 reds), but if I try and inhale any larger amount of smoke I just cough it up and I've been trying to balance it by doing smaller inhales and trying to keep it on the brink of what my throat can handle, but then I still don't get any sensation. I just feel it's going to be hard for me to keep myself motivated to keep going if I just feel its a painful experience every time and I don't even get a kick out of it. Maybe the motivation of becoming a smoker might be enough anyway though, since I really feel like the social side it seems to bring about it with meeting other people that smoke etc, is quite attractive.

I guess I'm just asking for some tips though of how to maybe ease my way into smoking and I'm also wondering how long it might take for me to enjoy it if I'm only smoking 1-2 a day. I really don't want smoking to get out of hand and 1-2 a day is the most I'm comfortable with, so I don't want to start out 4-5 a day just to get used to it or anything like that.

Hi there, welcome to the

Hi there, welcome to the smokers' club. :)

First tip - don't be careful with your inhales. In my experience as a recent starter, "careful" inhales tend to go down a lot harsher. Instead start by taking very shallow, quick drags on your cigarette, and then opening your mouth wide and taking a deep breath. Try to imagine you're yawning, this will help your throat open up and reduce the irritation.

Once you get inhaling down, the headspins will kick in. They will be very intense at first, so prepare for that. Just stick to shallow drags and your body will start adjusting to the nicotine within a week or two. At this point the headspins will begin to lessen in intensity, and over time you'll find them to be quite enjoyable.

Second tip - it helps to smoke more. The nicotine in your system is metabolised within a few hours, so having a smoke every 12 hours is like forcing your body to start from scratch, every single time. You will get used to nicotine a lot faster if you learn to "stack" your nicotine level, for e.g. by smoking every 2 hours. Don't push yourself though.

RE lack of sensation

I've been smoking for nearly a dozen years and I don't get much of a sensation from the reds either. Maybe my lungs have galvanized or maybe its the FSC deal. The nicotine is what it's about anyway.

How long it will take before

How long it will take before you enjoy it differs from person to person. It seems from your post that you're not someone who'll love it almost instantly so you might have to be patient. Smoking more will help but I understand you want to keep it low at first. Since you like the social side, do you have someone to smoke with? As for tips, you said the store didn't have Golds (did you ask, it seems odd that they don't have it?). If you really can't find Golds you could try menthols, but don't keep too many open packs, cigarettes get stale after a pack is opened and with your level it'll take some time to finish a pack. Three days and 5 cigs is not enough to give you a good idea of what smoking is like, Try to finish at least a pack before you decide if you want to continue. And please keep us updated so we can give you to the point advice.

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