PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

artists and smoking

So I read this article on how nicotine enhances brain performance. I think it's true; I have focused better in class after smoking a cigarette.

There's section on why so many artists are smokers; it improves "attention, focus, speed, and memory."

At the college I go to, there's a bridge behind some trees, with a stream running through it. A female friend of mine was drawing the scene, and I saw her pull out a cigarette and light it while working on the painting. I asked her if the nicotine helps her focus, and she replied, "Yes it does," but after a brief pause, she added, "but it comes at a know."

What is the 'price' she was referring to? It sounded ominous the way she said it. Also, what do you think of the article I posted above? Is it a little naive?

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The price of indulging in the pleasures of smoking is your health. It's fun, it's adventurous, it's decadent, it's rebellious; but, alas, it's bad for you.

But isn't that the way it seems for everything? If it tastes good or it feels good; it's not good for you.


The article was very informative, and it underscores what a lot of us have thought all along: There are benefits to nicotine addiction.

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