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What's the difference between Marlboro Red and Marlboro Black (or Special Blend)?

Which one is stronger? What do they both taste and smell like, in terms of chemicals or natural tobacco? Which one do you prefer and why?

Marlboro Black, from what I

Marlboro Black, from what I can tell, are like the Special Blends, which used to be Medium. Not sure about strength, but I think they have a more chemical taste than Reds. I think Reds are a bit stronger, but I don't actually like the secondhand smell/taste of the Blacks. Some people prefer Marb Blacks, just not me personally.

I kind of wish I did, just for the fact that a black/red Marlboro pack looks cool, lol.

This is it?

No one else has an opinion? No one disagrees with Nox?

I agree with Nox.

I agree with Nox. Furthermore, from a taste perspective, I like Red's but don't like Black.


marlboro red vs. red special blend.

Reds have a distinct, rich flavor, and with that comes more harshness. The special blend reds use a sweeter, mellower tobacco which goes down smoother, but has less body within the smoke. My personal opinion is that the special blends (also known now as "Blacks" don't taste quite as good as regular Reds, maybe due to some chemicals that are added)

Hope this helps!

Blacks/Special Blend taste

Blacks/Special Blend taste kind of crappy, and Marlboro Reds taste like heaven on earth!

I'm curious, do folks

I'm curious, do folks consider the Marlboro Blacks to be Full Flavor cigarettes or are they the new mediums now that the pack labeling laws have changed? I picked up a pack just to try them and while they seem to have good amount of smoke and a fair amount of tar, they don't seem to massage my lungs quite the way a red does. They are not bad, I'm just used to a hint stronger bite when I inhale the reds. I remember not being that wild about the old mediums when I tried them years ago, so if these are those then perhaps just my smoking preferences have evolved and I'm more open to them now.

I did like the fact that I saved $1.50 a pack on buying these vs the Reds, so I can see myself integrating these into my smoking stream, but they just a hair bit shy of packing the punch I want to be my main go-to smoke. Not bad overall though. I'd like to hear others thoughts who also smoke a lot of reds.


For me it is a decision based on price. At close to two bucks cheaper by the pack (depending on what state you reside) Marlboro Black is the better smoke by far. I purchased the blacks at first based on price alone even though I preferred reds. After smoking blacks for a few months, and then buying some reds, they seemed to be a bit to harsh.... for me. The difference between the two is subtle indeed.

Smoking a black menthol now

Smoking a black menthol now yum and finished reds yesterday I guess it depends what mood I'm in but these two are some of my favorites

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