PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

New Marlboro NXT

New cigarettes from Marlboro called "NXT". They have a little menthol bead within the filter that you can crush to release menthol flavour. Before crushing, it tastes like a nice blend of sweet and rich tobacco, and once the bead is released, it gives a sweet peppermint menthol taste akin to a Marlboro Smooth.

Has anyone else tried these? I enjoy them very much and its probably within my top 5 Marlboro cigarettes. Very good, smooth, and nice taste. Not harsh at all, but the smoke still retains a strong, full body.

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love it

i really enjoy the taste of Marlboro cigs this has a very smooth taste and i love both menthol and regular and usually have a hard time solving on which do i want. this is genius and i can switch to menthol when ever i want
its not to strong but its definetly their when you pinch it.
i love it. and they taste better than camels

the Marlboro answer

i mean who can't go with Marlboro, so classic and yet always have something new. a trusted brand. i think the NXT are the response to the Camel Crushes which seem to pretty popular i've noticed, but the NXTs i've seen seem to be catching on quickly!

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