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Marlboro red label

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Has any one tried the Marlboro Red Label yet? I bought 4 packs since they were in 2 pack rapper with $2 off. I usually smoke Marlboro Reds. The flavor is ok but when I took the first drag I had to exhale to tell that I had inhaled any thing. I aso find they are not satisfying since I have smoked 2 packs in one day and I usually smoke a pack a day. I also have to take really long drags or double pump to get any smoke feeling in my lungs.

Red Label

Yeah, these are the Mediums. This has been my regular brand for the last three years. They were quite amazing before FSC. Then again, FSC has messed up all cigarettes. But Mediums, as well as others, were hit harder by FSC than others. I started smoking them a little bit before the FSC law was put in place.

But anyway, yes, they do tend to need to be pulled quite hard to get a hit. A lot of times it tastes like gluey paper, without much tobacco taste. But if you get them from the right place, they do have a really good taste. (Completely different from, and completely not as good as, the non-FSC version, but still good.)

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