PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Now, I am a smoker

i used to smoke once in awhile and had long periods of not smoking at all. Lately I have started smoking more although I often still go a day or two without a cigarette. I used to not like the smoke itself but the act of smoking. In the last week I have been smoking about half a pack every evening and now actually enjoy the smoke itself. I still can not directly inhale the smoke without coughing but I can get it into my lungs by getting it in my mouth and then inhaling a large breath through my nose and during that starting to inhale through my mouth. For the first time I am enjoying the taste of the smoke and the smells of it. I am wanting a cigarette instead of just going through the motions. I can now enjoy not only the act of smoking but the whole sensation of smell, taste and breathing it. Even though I know more than most what damage it does to my body, I am strangly glad and happy to have reached this point in my smoking experience. I guess part of it is now that I am old, I want to enjoy more things that I feared/shuned in my younger days. So: Hip, hip, hooray, I am a smoker and thrilled to be one! Thank you for this site as it has helped me to this step. No I am really going out and buying cigarettes. My brand is Virginia Slims 120s Silvers. I know that may seem like a weak smoke to some but it is the one I enjoy after trying a lot of them and it lets me really smoke and enjoy. Have a wonderful day everyone as I am really happy right now!


- on two counts. First of all, discovering that's you've acquired the taste for smoke - that's wonderful, it's a gift. Second - if you can draw smoke first into your mouth, then up into your nose - that's actually a great little trick you've learned, one that not too many smokers are capable of. It's called a French Inhale.

Oh, and whatever cigarette it is you're Strong for, is not a Weak smoke.

Nice Work, and Happy Smoking!


Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this information...

More sixty something's need to startr

You and I are the same age and we both took up the habit at the same age. We found out about the joys of smoking at a late age. Because of our age, we do not have to worry about a lot of the smoking related illnesses that the 30 and 50 year veterans do. If there are any sixty something's who have any interest or even a passing curiousity about smoking, they should take the plunge and light up. I can tell by your posts that you love cigarettes as much as I do and like me, you love being hooked. We need to get more sixty something's to take it up.



No matter one day you old and chain smoker. Then you will smoke like a professional.

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Awesome :)

Diana, welcome to the club! I know exactly how you feel. I know exactly what you are talking about with regards to fearing it for so long and finally coming to grips with it and embracing it as something you want to experience and do. Doesn't matter what you smoke, as long as you like it. It's a really great feeling when you start to desire smoking and want it more and more.

Thanks Jay for the kind

Thanks Jay for the kind comments. It is true that in a very short time I now desire to smoke! While my past attitudes would indicate that I would be sad about this, actually I am very happy! I think I will have to start buying my cigarettes by the carton!

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That sweet surrender is absolute bliss. I can relate. I've been much happier embracing and enjoying the addiction.

Now, I am a smoker

That's good, and you are enjoying it! Since you mentioned it, how old are you?

I am 63 and going by family

I am 63 and going by family history, I probably don't have too many more years before I am gone. I want to enjoy all that I can now. I also know that I will not be a smoker for long enough to cause the damage lifelong smokers often experience although I have a personal theory that there are no hard and fast rules on that. Some people can smoke heavily all their long life and seem to suffer no ill affects. I don't care about that now and just want to enjoy all that I can so I am really thrilled to have found this becoming a pleasure.

I am 51...

...and doubt it if I will make it to 63. I am hopeful.


Sounds like you are doing good Diane. Keep up the good work and remember to exhale out of your nose before dragging. This might help you out. You will only enjoy smoking the more you do it. Pretty soon you will wonder what you ever did without them.


I tried that and it works! Thank you for the suggestion. I sat at the computer tonight and lit up my first cigarette in several hours. I loved it! Using your suggestion, I was able to inhale more smoke. I inhale slowly and the irritation is slowly going away and I can enjoy full inhales now. This is so great! I am really enjoying every cigarette right now. I almost feel sorry for those I see smoking quickly but to each their own. I luxuriate each smoke and love it. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Thank you everyone and the creator of this site

I want to thank everyone that has offered me suggestions and compliments. I also want to thank the creator of this site as it has helped me so much. I will now check back here every day and hope sometime I can return the favor of helping a new smoker join our group. I am so happy to be a smoker and enjoying it so much. I realize now that it was always meant to be part of me and now I have completed my journey. Everyone that has offered comments and suggestions, know that you have been part of making someone very happy. I love you all!

More Progress

I have read on this site about the pleasure of having a cigarette just before bed and one in the morning. I tried that the other night for the first time. I not only found pleasure in the smoking but in the act of relaxing and 'just' smoking. I tend to keep moving especially at the start of the day so this was a real change for me. The evening smoke was so relaxing that it helped me fall asleep sooner than usual. The morning smoke was great as I sat at the table and enjoyed the cigarette slowly and made each inhale a real pleasure. I also had one just after breakfast that let me relax and not only enjoy the cigarette but digest my food before being active. I know that we often comment about the pleasure of smoking regarding the taste, smells and nicotine affects but we should also consider the benefits of the relaxation we get from taking the time to smoke a cigarette. I know that I found it a real help in calming myself and enjoying the moment of quiet. In some way, this could be interpreted as a health benefit! Smoke breaks may be what help many people get through their day.

More Progress

Hi Diana,

Do you have a partner who shares your pleasure ?

No, I still haven't gone out

No, I still haven't gone out smoking as for many years I was very against smoking. That is part of my "awakening" that at first confused me but now I just accept. I smoke at home almost exclusively and since I live alone that means I smoke alone. It is like a lot of things in life, you find out who your true friends are when you confess something 'bad'. I am not interested in putting my friends through that trial. I am happy smoking at home and really enjoying the experience. I don't think I will 'go public' as I consider it my business and no one else's. I hope this answers your question. I apologize if I am saying more than the simple 'no' that you asked about.


Hi! I hope no one minds but I thought I would give an update on my progress in my new joy of smoking. I have increased my consumption to about 15 cigarettes a day with an ultimate goal of a full pack in a day. Since I smoke 120s that is probably like more than a pack a day that I enjoy. I am still working on being able to fully inhale the smoke. It still burns my throat some when I try a direct inhale. I have been able to get more in my lungs by drawing into my mouth, inhaling through my nose, exhaling through my nose until I see smoke and then reinhaling. I guess I have to "dilute" the smoke with more air for now. I will keep at it with great pleasure. Another thing I wanted to mention was the smell of smoke in my room long after I have smoked cigarettes in the space. In the past, I really hated the smell and did whatever I could to avoid it as both my parents smoked heavily. I stayed that way until just recently when I accepted myself as a smoker and started having a smoke or two in my bedroom(NOT in bed though as that is too dangerous). I smoke at my dressing table and do so just before bed and in the morning first thing. Now instead of the residual smoke being bad, it seems wonderful. I love the smell of it like it was a favorite perfume! Thanks again for this wonderful site that lets me tell my story. Happy smoking to all.

4/5/13 evening
PS: Today was a great day as I smoked all day fairly constantly and loved every cigarette. Every room of my place now has the smell of smoke in it and I love it. I guess that I am becoming a smoking fanatic! I love waking up and smelling the 'perfume' of the smoke I left in the air with my last cigarette the night before. I am not 'chaining' but smoke one and then take another cigarette out and light it after some period of pause. I would say about 15-30 minutes between smokes unless I am doing something that keeps me from smoking. I do sometimes have two in a row with a few minutes inbetween especially in the morning or when watching TV. It is a real pleasure to smoke now and I enjoy it very much.

Really making progress

Hi all, I hope nobody minds my updates. I just want to share my wonderful new pleasure and the progress I am making in it.

I have smoked almost a full carton of VS 120 silvers now and am really getting to love it even more than in the beginning. Some days, I smoked all through the day to finish a full pack. Some days I only have half a pack. I really love the flavor of the first cigarette out of a freshly opened pack. I had one today and it was heavenly. I have smoked enough in my apartment for that special smell of previously smoked cigarettes to linger for the whole day. I love that smell like it is perfume! I am starting my days with a smoke or two and ending them with a cigarette just before bed and loving it.

I am still working on full inhales of smoke. I still get a throat burn and cough when really trying to take in a full direct inhale. I find that if I fill my mouth with smoke and then exhale through my nose until some smoke comes out and then inhale through my nose that I can really get most of the smoke into me. Sometimes while doing this, I can start inhaling through my mouth too and fully take it in. I think it has to do with mixing enough air with the smoke so it is not too concentrated to cause irritation/coughing. I keep trying full inhales and sometimes succeed without coughing. That was expecially true like today with the first cigarette from a fresh pack. It is also easier with the first drags from my 120s but not so easy when it is near the filter. I think it has to do with the temperature of the smoke and maybe the extra filtering of the smoke by the tobacco in the longer cigarette.

I am keeping my unopened packs in the refrigerator to help keep their freshness. As I have posted before, the freshness really starts to fade in a day or two after I open a pack. Maybe that is one of the reasons a lot smokers go through a pack or more in a day so they always have fresh ones?

That is the latest news from this happy smoker who is so happy to have come home to smoking for pleasure!

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Really making progress

I read all of your posts and really enjoyed reading about your progress. I am 63 also, only I have enjoyed smoking since age 12. It is really unlikely that you will have any negative effects from starting smoking at this age, only a lot of enjoyment. I am sure that my lungs are not as good as they would be if I had never smoked, but after all these years I still breath fine. The more you smoke and get your lungs used to the smoke, the more you will enjoy it. Keep smoking and posting your progress!

Just chain smoked 6 reds

I just chain smoked six reds and I can not explain how good I feel. I want to smoke as much as possible for the rest of my life. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love my addiction and never want to fade, only get stronger.


I realy understand you! it's such a a great plasure smoking even more every dag.


Hi fellow smokers! Today I just bought my second carton of cigarettes. I am now enjoying my new pleasure at about a pack per day. Somedays I am so busy that I don't get through a full pack of 20 and some days I have a full pack of pleasure. Buying the second carton of 10 packs(this forum seems international so I don't know the packaging in other countries) has been a real milestone for me. I am still working on fuller inhales and am making progress. It is easier with the first cigarette out of a pack and the first drags from a 120 length. I absolutely love the wonderful smell that now permeates my apartment from my smoking. Some days when I am gone for the day and I first enter and notice the pleasant odor has nearly gone away, I can't wait to smoke a couple to "recharge" the atmosphere! I know that the next part seems odd but I have so far saved the empty packs since they are the 'boxes'. I am stacking them and look at the ever growing stack with pride. I am sure that I will eventually throw them out unless I can find another use for them but right now they just seem to testify as to how far I have come and so look forward to smoking more.
That is all for now. Happy smoking everyone!

Tried something new

Hi fellow smokers,

I was having a cigarette after eating lunch and remembered something I had read on this site. I finished the cigarette and then popped a piece of milk chocolate in my mouth. Wonderful! The combination of the smoke taste and milk chocolate was heavenly! Thanks to whoever posted that!

Something else I have noticed today is that between smokes, I started sensing the taste of old smoke in my mouth. It wasn't a bad taste to me but it was like it was reminding me that I should light up a fresh cigarette. I guess I am getting into some aspect of being addicted and strangely enough am happy about it. This is such a liberating experience becoming a smoker and progressing through the steps of becoming totally committed to this wonderful habit. I love it and am very happy with my development as a smoker.

Happy smoking everyone!

Can't seem to get going?

I would really like to become a smoker. But I give up before addiction can get me! Diana are you married?


I was always stopping before getting hooked for most of my life. I smoked at most half a pack and then would be weeks/months before I smoked a few cigarettes more. At least I tried lots of brands/flavors before finging "my" cigarette. What happened to me recently was that mentally I 'turned a corner' and made a firm decision to become a full time smoker. This site really helped with that. Once I made that commitment, suddenly all the things I used to dislike about smoking became the things I loved about smoking. Before, I only liked the smell of the unburned tobacco and didn't really like the smoke itself or the residual smell in a room. Now, I can't get enough smoke into me and really love the smell of a smoke filled room. If I wake up and there isn't a good smoke smell in the air, I want to smoke a couple cigarettes to restore it. I like the look of a well filled ashtray and feel pride when I look at one full of smoked cigarette butts and ashes. I think: "I did that!" I am enjoying everything about my new passion and even don't feel right unless there is a pack and lighter in my pocket or purse. I plan on getting several smokers accessories to go with my happy new habit. Since I am only recently 'full time', I have even been keeping and stacking my empty cigarette packs as kind of a 'trophy'. I know that I will throw them out at some point, but right now, I just enjoy being able to look at the growing stack of empty packs and know it was I that made them that way.

You can probably gather by now that as far as for me, the 'conversion' has been more mental/psychological than a physical addiction. Maybe it has to do with being mildly anti-smoking for most of my life or not but I am not a 'head-shrinker' nor do I play one so I am just happy to accept me as me and enjoy it. Good luck with gaining the habit. You wil not regret it.

No and No, not at this place in my life.

Thank you.

Do you do facebook any? One of my problems Is I'm 44 years old male. Very close to my mother. She is so anti-smoking it isn't funny. And she would not give me any peace if I would smoke. But she does what she want too. I think I should too. I really want to smoke! I like Marlboro Reds. Why I asked if you was married. Is I like older women. Would you like a younger man? Maybe you could get me smoking really good!

That is really sweet of you

That is really sweet of you Big-D but my second 'no' in my reply was in regard to your offer. I hope you do find someone to be your smoking girlfriend but it won't be me. You sound really nice and I wish you well.


Diana, congrats on becoming an official smoker. I hope that it only gets better for you. Please keep us posted on your progress and smoke up.

Thank you Sherry

It is getting better all the time. I am getting deeper inhales more often and really get a kick out of it when I exhale and there is hardly any visible smoke. That means I am getting the most out of that inhale and loving it. I really appreciate the support that I have found here and the advice/tips. I have become a better smoker due to all the help. In case there is an "anti" reading this, I made the decision to become a smoker all by my very adult self. This site and the wonderful people on it have only made the experience a greater pleasure and more satisfying. Thanks to you all. Right after I finish typing this, I am going to light up another cigarette and enjoy.

Love you all,
Diana, a really, really happy smoker!

Diana's smokey journey

Being a relative newcomer to the site, I just now read all about your wondrous journey Diana. They say that the journey is the reward, and it sounds like you are now reaping even more rewards with your pack a day hobby. I never call it a habit. To me, smoking is a hobby and not a habit. Habit is a dirty word and smoking provides me with far too much pleasure.
The thing that struck me the most about your posts is your love of the lingering smell. I used to hate it as a kid, but now I love a smokey room and the smell my cigarettes leave behind. Not only in the house, but in my car as well. It IS like a good perfume...absolutely intoxicating,,,dare I say me. I'm sure your VS leave a wonderful smell on you as well...there is nothing more inviting than a woman whose scent is a mixture of smoke and a good, subtle perfume. That combination on a woman attracts me like a moth to a flame. I also think its really cute that you've hung onto your empty packs. Kind of a good reminder of how far you've travelled down the nicotine highway. I'm sure you're thrilled looking at them and thinking "wow, what a smokey lady I've become." I'm so happy that you've found the support and encouragement you've needed to get this much needed pleasure. It was so fun reading how excited you were as you came to enjoy your smoke and became addicted. It brought back fond memories for me to when I discovered my passion for cigarettes, so thanks to you for that.
As I light up a Virginia Slim myself in your honor, I can only say congratulations on discovering a lifetime of pleasure. Better late than never right? Until next time...light, inhale, exhale, extinguish, and repeat as often as desired. Happy smoking Diana!!

Right On!

Wow! we sound similar in some things. I totally agree that it is a hobby and not a habit. We had the same feelings about the smoke smell as young people too. I have found that I love the combination of smells in my hair after it is freshly washed and then I smoke a few cigarettes and the scents combine on my hair. I must look odd smelling my own hair all the time! Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I am getting farther in my inhales. I am taking the smoke deeper without difficulty when I start a cigarette. I only have difficulty when it has smoked down to near the filter. Could it be that it is because the smoke is hotter then? It also gets less filtration by the unburned tobacco. I think that the unburned tobacco not only acts as a filter(like in the old Pall Mall TV ads of my youth[Mom smoked those]) but probably adds a little something to the smoke as it passes through making it a richer smoke than when there is little tobacco left before the filter. As I type this, I realize that it DOESN'T MATTER! because what is important is that now I love smoking! It really is a "journey" and a happy one.

You're very welcome

You're very welcome for the comments. Thank you for sharing your journey to addiction and pleasure. Enjoy every deep drag of every cigarette ... thats what they're made for!

P.S. I would LOVE to smell your hair after a few cigarettes, lol

Right On!

I think it's a treat to smoke a cigarette. That's how I view it. After being busy for an hour or two, I get a little anxious for one, but knowing I am going to have one in five or 10 minutes makes me wanting to get the job done and treat myself to a break. I could never do without them, but just knowing I am going to have one soon sets my mind at ease. Enough said!

Another happy smokey day!

Hi fellow smokers,

My increasing enjoyment of smoking continues. More and more often, I am able to get full inhales without difficulty. The first cigarette after a long period does still cause throat irritation but then the next one goes in smoothly and I really get to enjoy it! I just opened another fresh pack and the first cigarette was wonderful! I tried something that may seem silly but it was fun. I took a mouthfull of smoke and then pulled my freshly washed hair in front of my mouth and exhaled the smoke through it. After a couple of those, my hair smells both fresh and smokey and great! I know we mostly describe the sensations of smoking as 'pleasure' but I am having a lot of 'fun' with it too. Thanks again to all of you wonderful smokers for your support.

Is addiction finally taking hold of me?

Hi fellow smokers,
Up until today, I have never felt a physical 'need' of a cigarette like I thought would be the case of a true addiction. I could always stop smoking and not notice any affect at all. Today I noticed something different. I didn't smoke for most of the day due to being fairly busy. I prefer to smoke when I can relax and savor the cigarette so don't usually try to do other activities while smoking.

This afternoon I had a quiet moment and looked at my pack of cigarettes sitting on the table and suddenly I could taste the smoke in my mouth like I was actually smoking. I started to WANT a cigarette a lot! Of course, I got one out and lit up and enjoyed. In fact, I smoked two in a row unlike my normal of spacing them out. I felt great! I am guessing that it means the physical part of addiction is taking hold of me? This is a new sensation and not at all unpleasant. I really enjoyed those smokes even more than I have been and if you have been following my posts, I have been enjoying my smoking a lot. I seem to have moved up to a new level of enjoyment. I am really thrilled by this development and have been smoking all evening fairly regularly. I got so inspired by this development that I ordered a 'pocket ashtray' and a few other smokers accessories from Amazon. I decided I should get myself set to smoke all the time as that seems to be the way I am going with my new happy smoking life.

Thanks again to all you wonderful fellow smokers for your advice and support.
Love you all,


Ahhhh yes that magic moment for us all when we realise we have just stared into the eyes of lady nicotine that little bit to long and you cannot look away. As she burns her commands into our body and brain and there is not a thing you can do. Diane it will get a whole lot better from here..


Welcome to the club, Diana;)

Thoughts to New Smoker

I am addicted to nicotine, and every day I am thankful for that.

I am not ashamed of this. I ask you respect my choice.

I can & will smoke in consideration of fire safety and your sensul perception.

I ask you respect my choice my legal choice

I will respect your choice .

I choose to smoke with elective funds that will not affect another adversely

It's a life-changing experience to begin smoking in the current world of political incorrectness. Your body wil experience a continuing reward of extreme pleasure.

Others should respect your choice and action

It is a current life style you choose and does not require explanation or permission

I think I felt nicotine pleasuring me

Fellow smokers:

I think that I have finally experienced the lovely influence nicotine is having on my body. I have experienced this over several days but waited to tell you my smoking friends until I was sure it wasn't just a one-time thing.

I was having my morning cigarette and decided to have another right away like "chaining". Within a few inhales I was overcome with great relaxation with an almost 'disconnected' feeling from my body. I kept smoking and the sensation got better as I inhaled more lovely smoke. It was so pleasurable that I didn't want it to stop. This was a new sensation of pleasure I had not experienced before. I thought it might not have happened before because I spaced my cigarettes out with several minutes at least between them. This time I thought I had saturated my body with nicotine and that was what gave me the new pleasure.

I didn't want to tell about it until I had made sure it was something that I could experience again. Each night now for a couple of days I have had two smokes one after another and felt the same wonderful sensations. I also repeated it every morning with the same great experience. I am so thrilled to have found myself feeling this pleasure and relaxation. I had no idea it could be so wonderful! I thought I was committed to smoking before but now I can't get enough of it! I am glad it is legal or I would be in real trouble! I still space my smokes most of the time but love to take quiet moments and "chain" two or three together and get this wonderful bliss.

It was such a wonderful discovery and pleasure that I actually teared up after the third time experiencing it. I am being emotional, I know, but that is how it is affecting me and I love it.

Thank you again all my fellow smokers,
Smoker for life and loving it!

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welcome to the club, here's to continued smoking pleasure


thank you for sharing your story with everyone, it's a fascinating read. and as i'm sure you've noticed by now, you are not alone at all in your feelings about cigarette smoking. we're all educated enough people and can read the warnings on the side of the packs. it's a personal choice, one i've been making for over 20 years. one i've made with zero regret.

at the end of the day it is all about the pleasure we get from smoking. most of us that really truly love to smoke at some point has had a powerful emotional response that has been provoked by lighting up. i'd started and become addicted during my teen years, which were painfully difficult for me socially and on some other fronts. i turned to cigarettes as a source of comfort and pleasure, two things i was in desperate need of, and given my non-smoking related health issues (severe fibromyalgia being at the front) i still blissfully turn to my marlboro red 100's for relaxation, comfort, and above all, as you very eloquently stated, for the pure pleasure of it. and cigarette smoking can be VERY pleasurable, especially once you become addicted, as i'm sure you've now discovered.

and there is nothing wrong with any of it. it's legal, we can read the warnings, it's a personal choice. i respect the pink-lunged freaks, er excuse me, non-smokers, rights. i respect others as long as they respect me.

good for you for deciding to make a personal choice, and being thrilled with the results. i sincerely wish you continued cigarette smoking pleasure, with the perfume of smoke wafting through the air.

take care, be well...

Process of enjoying a cigarette...

I have smoked secretly on and off for a while now, am 32 and had a stigma about doing it in front of people - although now I have moved to a big city I have managed to have a few cigarettes in public and even asked someone or a light so getting there.
i am constantly thinking about the perfect smoking goes.
Gently taking a fresh cigarette out of the packet and casually placing it in your mouth. Using the lighter to hover the flame all around the end of the cigarette so it is fully lit, giving you that first delightful puff and instant feeling of relief. Gently sucking on the cigarette and enjoying how much flavour you get as you smoke more and more. Enjoying how when you drag on it the tip turns red, then enjoying blowing the smoke out. Enjoying when you need to use your hands keeping the fag dangling in your mouth and sometimes taking two drags at once! Enjoying sometimes not blowing the smoke out of your mouth and just letting it come through your nose. Enjoying the cigarette so much that you light another one up shortly after. Enjoying extinguishing the cigarette after having a very satisfying smoke. Looking forward to your next ciggie!!


You've no doubt become addicted to nicotine. The cravings, the feeling of pleasure, relief and satisfaction you get when tanking a deep drag on a cigarette are all now yours to have for life. Just keep smoking when you want to or need to, and your body will adjust to the right smoking level for you. You've completed your journey from a beginner to an addicted smoker - a journey that only happens once - and now you are set to enjoy the fruits of that journey. You're no longer fully in control of your body - nicotine is now your master - but she's a good master that brings extreme pleasure to those who obey her. And obey her, you will.

Slave to a wonderful master

That is a fun way to put it. Yes, I have realized that I am now a slave to Master Nicotine. Guess what? I LOVE IT! I am very pleased with my journey becoming a committed and happy smoker. I really liked the way you described me no longer being in control of my body because that is how I feel after chaining a couple of cigarettes. Someone else on this forum described it as feeling like being in a cloud. Both descriptions are really good of this wonderful sensation of smoking 2 or 3 cigarettes one right after another. Master Nicotine is a wonderful master and I can't think of anything else that I would rather be handing control of my life over to than this wonderful experience of smoking. The journey from teasing with it to now being fully committed to it has been the most wonderful experience that I can recall and has taught me about myself and this wonder drug and method of experiencing it. I think the process of smoking is so special itself and the nicotine is what makes it perfect. I love the way cigarettes are packaged. I love taking the first cigarette out of a new pack and anticipating the pleasure of it. I love putting it in my mouth and holding the flame to the end and taking the first drag. That exquisite first taste of smoke in my mouth and then inhaling it into my lungs so deeply that when I exhale it, it is so thin it is almost invisible. Sometimes I don't inhale it all and exhale it through my nose just to see the thick, rich cloud of smoke come out of me. I really like when I hold the smoke in my lungs for several seconds before exhaling. I feel a little sad when the cigarette is done and I crush it out, but I then look forward to the next one that I may take right away or wait awhile just to savor the anticipation. I love the satisfaction of an empty pack knowing I had 20 pleasurable experiences out of that little box. I get a little thrill when I buy a new carton knowing how much pleasure it represents in my future. Sometimes I smell my hair to inhale that mix of shampoo and smoke odors that is such a 'perfume' that declares to all that I am a smoker and proud of it. Mostly, I just love everything about now being a smoker in the fullest sense of that word.

Loving smoking,


Could not have said it better myself Diana.

A loyal subject to nicotine

I am so very proud to be a smoker. When someone asks me what I like about smoking, my simple reply is "Everything." There is not one aspect of smoking that I dislike. Of course I wish they were cheaper (pretty sure everyone agrees on that), but I even love (like you Diana) buying them. I feel so naughty and excited going into my local tobacco shop and purchasing my 3 or 4 different cartons at once. Watching the clerk retrieve all of the cartons for me makes me feel incredible. When I get home and lovingly unpack the cartons and store the packs in my drawer I get giddy! I love seeing all of them perfectly stacked in there...packs and packs of anticipated pleasure and addiction relief. When Master Nicotine comes calling, I happily take care of the need. My addiction always comes first...when my lungs need to be fed, they get fed good. Master Nicotine treats me so well, and I am thrilled to be a loyal subject. Happy smoking <3

Soul mate

Wow! I think we are soul mates! I love the same things about buying my cigarettes and seeing them in my home even before consuming them.

Perhaps we are

Hmmm...smoking soul mates. That sounds wonderful doesn't it?
It truly is awesome to see all of my beautiful packs stacked and lined up in my drawer...all perfectly wrapped up and waiting to be peeled open. Its so arousing to look at ... knowing all the joy they will provide me!
A question for you Diana. Do you get nervous like I do when your supply gets low? I know it sounds stupid, but when I get down to under three packs of my Misty Blue or VS120's I actually get worried. Its not like I can't get them, but it just gives me an empty feeling when I get that low. When I have 10-15 packs at a time though...mmmmm THAT is such a pretty sight!
Happy smoking to my soulmate <3


I don't know about being nervous when my supply runs low because I keep at least a carton on hand at home! I know that if I let the supply get as low as three packs, that I would be concentrating on nothing else until I got a new carton. Now that I am trying Mistys, I am counting my pennies to afford a carton of them too. They do cost less than VS which is a good thing considering the high costs of cigarettes in general currently.

Sometimes, I just open the regrigerator so I can look at the packs to reassure myself that I have plenty on hand!

Happy smoking soulmate!

Low supply

Hey SM,
At the moment, I am getting real nervous. I'm down to three packs each of my VS120's and Misty Blues. Funds right now are low, but I have to find a way to be able to buy my two cartons. My cigarettes, to me, are a staple. They are a MUST have, like bread, milk, or water. I really think I will try to buy a carton of Misty Rose as well. After buying a couple of packs to try, I'm really enjoying the hell out of them. The problem I run into is that I smoke so many different brands, it becomes really hard to keep supplied with all of them. It is very costly. I'm thinking of cutting down on buying my "public" cigarettes (Marb 100's and ML100's) and just saying to hell with it and smoking my slims, slim 120's, and Camel No. 9's in public. I know I shouldn't be afraid of the public stigma of a male smoking 120's, but I am. I am completely comfortable smoking them when on vacation where I'm pretty sure nobody I know would see me. In fact, I usually "show off" my 120's. In front of friends and co-workers it becomes a bit more dicey for me I guess. For example, I consistently take my smoke breaks at work with a very attractive female (in her early 20's) who I REALLY enjoy watching smoke and I'm not sure how she would react to me lighting up a VS or Misty. She already questions me as to why I smoke both Marb and Marb lights and not just one brand. I typically squeeze two cigarettes in on my 15 minute break and prefer a red first and then a light to finish the break off. If she only knew that I truly smoke about six different brands, lol.
Anyway I'm rambling now my soulmate. As always, its a pleasure to read your posts. Happy smoking darling <3

Good luck with funds for more

Good luck with funds for more cigarettes. I am now into multi-brands myself. I tried VS Gold 120s and like them too. So now my VS 120 Silvers are my 'regular' smoke while the Misty Blues and VS Golds are my morning and evening 'special' smokes. They have enough difference in flavor that I like them both and switch them in use often. Is Misty Rose stronger or lighter than Misty Blues?

I would say smoke your favorites in public or private and not worry too much about image. To 'Antis' you are just an evil smoker and it doesn't matter what brand/style you choose. To smokers, questions might be interest and not criticism. Your 'attractive female smoking break partner' could be just curious as most don't smoke two types in one sitting. Although, I confess that is what I do in my morning and evening smokes. I smoke either a Misty Blue or VS gold to get the nicotine high right away and follow it with either another one or a VS Silver to gently let me down from the cloud. I just can't smoke Mistys or VS Gold full-time as they really affect me so that I can only sit there and smoke them. The VS Silvers I can smoke anytime anywhere and still get the edge of pleasure but still walk a straight line. If your smoke partner asks again about smoking different types, just explain it to her like you have here. You may be surprised by her asking to try one of yours, especially if you are smoking your VS or Mistys. You can also explain the advantages of the 120 from a male perspective of economics if you are worried about the feminine beauty of a long white 120 cigarette.

As far as affording more cartons, cut your brand selection based on taste and pleasure. Cut back on bread and milk. Who needs calories when we have the pleasure of smoking?(slight humor there).

Happy smoking and buying cigarettes,

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