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BENSON AND HEDGES - Which "new style" is Full Flavor?

So I've been smoking Newport Red 100s lately - as I've found I can get a carton for $46.00 even from the local convenience store and find them to be a great smoke -

Yet, I got a raise at work and started buying Marlboro Red 100s (The King of Kings, I know) - and I said, hell, I'll treat my self and buy

BENSON AND HEDGES since I haven't had a pack in a few years and they are the "Luxury" brand(s) so to speak..

Well, I went to the store and they were all in a Gold Box - One was "Deluxe" the other was "Premium" the other was "Special Deluxe"

All Gold.... and I wasn't about to drop $15 on two packs if I didn't know which one is Full Flavor -

So could someone please tell me which new "label design" of Besnson and Hedges is Full Flavor?

Is it the Premium? The DeLuxe? etc...




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Full flavor



I know because as I type I have a pack of them in front of me! If you want that full dose of thick, extra creamy looking B&H smoke and an awesome blast of nicotine, you definitely want the Premium. They come in soft and hard pack (at least at my store). Happy smoking!

Premium! for sure.

I just bought a pack of b and h premium 100s (wanted golds all they had was menthol) myself after hearing about how good they are. They are worth it. They tastes great and have a great amount of nicotine in them.

You want the premiums.

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B&H labelling

In the U.S., B&H Menthol 100s Premium = ff; B&H Menthol 100s Luxury = light; B&H Menthol 100s Deluxe = ul

Rita is right. The premiums

Rita is right. The premiums are the full flavor. Fred is right. They are strong and they give a great nicotine kick. The thick rich smoke that comes from them is great for saturating your lungs.

MP, is your wife still

MP, is your wife still enjoying smoking B&H with you? Is she smoking Premiums as well? Is she up to a pack a day yet? I'm so pumped you have a smoking partner...just as you wished!

She's cruising along at a

She's cruising along at a pack a day, B&H Premium full flavor.

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The best smoke on the market in my opinion, glad you are enjoying your B&H Premium!

Buying a pack later today

I'm going to hold my nose at the "premium price" and buy a pack later today. These seem to be a wonderful FF smoke.

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Worth it

Luckily I can afford to smoke them. Just stocked up with a new carton yesterday.


Hi !

here in germany, the full flavors are the ones with the pack which is gold coloured. I like their smell a lot ! The light ones are in a silver pack......but I think only the golden ones are worth the price :)

Many regards


Benson and Hedges History

Benson and Hedges do not compare to Luckies or Camels. The first B & H pack I remember was a gold hard pack with a drawer that slipped out with cigarettes with a recessed filter. By the mid sixties gold soft packs appeared with regular filters. And shortly thereafter the menthols. I had this one friend who smoked five packs a day of the B & H Golds during the late sixties and into the seventies. I enjoyed his second hand smoke as well and he enjoyed mind though he admitted finding Luckies too strong when he tried puffs of them! For me B & H is not quite strong enough. I do like the Gold Version which is only available in Europe and UK, I believe. Not sure about Canada, but definitely not in the USA.

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