PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Newport Box 100s

I started smoking around 8 years ago with Newport Box 100s and I've never looked back once. I've tried a few other brands, but nothing satisfies me like the thick rich smoke of a Newport. I think I like Newport the most because it's such an intense experience.

Anyone else here like Newport?

Glad to see the forums back.


Hi Smiles. I too am a

Hi Smiles. I too am a devoted Newport 100 smoker, going on 30 years now (I'm 42). 15-20 a day, still love every one, wouldn't switch for anything. Best is sharing one with another who also loves Newports!


what the heck is the hole for in the back of the box

so the box wont break if you

so the box wont break if you bend the top too much

lover of newport 100s

oh snap i am a newport 100 smoker myself. I would be a mess without them, they are my bestfriend. Calms my nerves and i am extremely mean without them. (:

NEPORT 100s!!

can't live without out...been smokin em for about 5 years...gotta have one right when i wake up or the day is ruined

newports are gross....i

newports are gross....i don't know how anyone can possibly like them

newports are gross..NOT..only to non Newport smokers

I dearly want to quit but newports upped their nicotine and who knows what else? I need to quit for my healths sake..not to keep them business

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what ever u smoke is a

what ever u smoke is a gazillion timez grosser

We all have different tastes

If there's a gross menthol out there, it would be a tie between Salems and Kools.

Newports are the best! The most I ever smoked in a day was 56 Newport 100's Box.

kools n newports are the

kools n newports are the exact same cigarette

thats Like saying

Pepsi and Coke are the exact same pop..

I personally think that

I personally think that Newport 100's are the ultimate cigarette for menthol smokers seeking intense smoking pleasure. They deliver thick smoke with great menthol flavor and best of all, an intense dose of nicotine! They are vary addictive, and once you've been smoking them for a while, it's difficult to be satisfied by another brand. They are definately a cigarette for serious smokers who love to smoke, and I've yet to meet a "casual" Newport 100 smoker!

I personally think

I'm a casual Newport smoker (4-8) a day and enjoy every one. So now you've met a "casual" Newport smoker :)

4-8 a day??

Thats just straight up poser since u aint addictked. u just smoke cuz u think ur cool

It's possible.

I used to smoke 6 Newports 100's a day, two after breakfast, two after lunch, and two after dinner, until I was about 24. I enjoyed them and was completely addicted. Soon after that, it was 10 a day, and now I smoke a pack of Marlboro Smooth 100's each day. The more I smoke, the more I enjoy it.



So because someone doesn't need or want to smoke a pack a day they are a poser? You need help lmao

mabe cuz thts all he needs

mabe cuz thts all he needs

think again

even at 4-8 per day ur still addicted like the rest of us. admit it


i smoke them casually... i a week at most. if i got addicted to cigs my life would be ruined for i love to sing. i stole some newports when i smoked them with my girl friend they made us horny. laced you think or do they usally do that?

I'm a "casual" newport smoker.

I very much agree with you that Newport 100's are the best out there, but im a casual smoker and i still smoke them. I usually only smoke 5-7 times a week and then whenever I'm drinking a lot. I enjoy a good smoke without become addicted and needing them.

Love My Newports

I've been smoking for 32 years..I'm 43 and in excellent health btw....Been smoking my Newport 100's for almost 20 of those years. To me there is no other cigarette to smoke. My new girlfriend who was a non smoker when we met is now fully addicted as well. I didn't force her it was all her own doing. It was a very interesting to watch a non smoker become fully addicted...It didn't take long. I'd say 2-3 months before she would reach for one before she even gets out of bed.

Want to start

My GF smokes Newport and I want to start. How long does it take to get used to them?

not long

about a day or so to get used to them. just be sure you really want to do it, Newport is awsome but contains an extreme level of nicotine which means u'll be hooked in no time

Newports 100

So Cool!

My girlfriend has been

My girlfriend has been smoking Newport 100s for 8 years, and she refuses to smoke any otha cig brand out there. That shows you how good Newports are.

It's been ages since I saw a fellow Black smoker smoke a brand otha than Newports anyway. I agree Newports are a good brand for the type of smoker who refuses to quit under any circumstances.

20 yrs with Newport

I started at 12 smoking Reds.....started with Newport when I was about 13 Im now 33 and have been smokin 100s for the last 12 yrs. I wont smoke anything but my port or my green. I would rather go without, then taste something else.....5.00 bucks for gas or CIGS most deff the

the best

ive been smoking for about 5 years, i started out on camels (i know i know) then i went to reds and then i found newport 100s. i've tried smoking reds again but its just not the same, im definitely a menthol person and i cant go anywhere else for my dose of menthol nicotine. 5$ for gas or for cigs? that is the question that im sure will be my undoing

I love regular newports they

I love regular newports they are so minty yet they still have tobacco taste and a slight throat bite. I started with newport 100's but when I tried the shorts the first time I loved them. I was slightly annoyed that I got a couple less puffs but they were actually the first brand I could say tasted good, not just palatable. The 100's hardly taste minty at all and they have no throat bite. they also leave a much bolder aftertase then the shorts

I've been smoking for about 5

ve been smoking for about 5 years, i started out on LM then i went to reds and then i found newport 100s. i've tried smoking reds again but its just not the same. - Cobro

Incredible cig

My girlfriend chain smokes Newport 100's while I go down on her. She inhales sooo deeply while I'm sucking her pussy and right before she comes she takes about 5 direct long deep inhales and then explodes with orgasmic pleasure. Then she chains another to calm down. Newport 100's are an intense sexually augmented experience.

Newport O's

No shit! LOL My wife of twenty years is the same way with her Newport 100's while she's getting it, always been like that. And I thought that was weird-but hey, whatever works for her, ya know?


i wish i had your gf, or one like her at least


Newport 100s are the sexiest cigarette and perfect for sexual experiences!


imm 16 andddd ivee been on my newportt feeen for 2 years and countingg ahhaa<3


I am 17 and have been smoking newp-o's for 6 years.

Newport 100's rule!

Newport 100's rule!

Newport 100's

I smoked Marlboro 100's for many years until they changed the color of the pack from gold to red. I have been smoking Newport 100's for about 6 years and nothing else compares. I will smoke Newport 100's soft pack for the rest of my life.

newports rule

i just started smoking again after quiting for a year and i forgot how amazing these cigarettes are :) i bought a carton and i love smoking again it took a few days for my lungs to get used to them but now its great!!

It was my first brand.

I grew up smoking Newport 100's in the soft pack and mostly box. From time to time, it was great to pick up the 25 pack and I wonder if those are still available. I loved Newport 100s because the smoke was so rich and thick and I could really feel the smoke filling up my lungs. Back then in the late 80's and early 90's, Newport 100's hovered between 18 to 20 mgs of tar and 1.3 to 1.4 mgs of nicotine. Now, they're 21 mgs of tar and 1.7 mgs of nicotine. For me, the more tar the better it feels and tastes, so they went in the right direction on this one, but it just has to much nicotine for me. I fill up after just smoking two cigarettes. Since a large part of smoking for me is the physical pleasure derived from the taste and feelings of the smoke, I switched to something that has less nicotine so that I could enjoy it more frequently.

Just for fun and for the sake of trivia, I think Newport 100's (maybe kings too) might be the only US made cigarette that doesn't have filter ventilation holes. Have you ever placed one next to a Marlboro or other cigarette? You'll notice that they are wider and more densely packed.



ive been smoking newport 100's for about 5 months now and i definatly agree they are unlike any other cig in the regards of just getting a nice buzz off one here and there. They do taste good and do a solid job satisfying my smoking needs.


i am 16 years old and i absolutely LOVE newport 100s. ive tried alot of other things like camels and stuff but i cant stop smoking newports.. i usually smoke about 4 a week :]

What's with the ventilation holes in Newport 100s now ????

Anyone else notice this... Newport 100s now have vent holes halfway up the filter tube... I hope this is a manufaturing defect or something...

I'm not going to "lip" the filter halfway up... it just looks gooney doing that...

Strange Timing.

The last pack I bought about 3 months ago didn't have any filter ventilation holes cut into the filter. It's strange insofar as Philip Morris just released Marlboro Blend 54, the first Marlboro I know that doesn't have filter ventilation holes to directly compete against Newport.

I know what you mean, much of a charm of a Newport is its true full flavored smoke. Hopefully it is just a defect.


I just bought a pack.

I just bought a pack of Newport Box 100's and yes, they do have filter ventilation holes now. I really love the taste and all that thick smoke, but even with the ventilation holes, they still have too much nicotine for me. After smoking just four cigarettes in a row, I'm completely filled, yet I still want to smoke more - just for the smoke feeling. I wish they made a special blend - exactly how it is today, but no more than 1 mg of nicotine. Then I could enjoy them all day long.



Thanks to numerous amounts of idiots falling asleep with lit cigarettes, the government forced all of us Newport 100 smokers to endure a nasty taste and a weaker hit with fire prevention bands placed on the cigarette. In order for these bands to work and the cigarette to go out when not puffed on, there must be tiny ventilation holes on the filter. I solve this by wrapping my first knuckle around the holes and holding my Port the same way I would hold a blunt...

this one made me laugh. if

this one made me laugh. if you think about the holes they dont make you lose any smoke next time your hitting your newport dont cover it like that you wont see any smoke coming out of the holes. and how do you hold a blunt like that that would just be weird i let mine hang from my mouth unless im smoking with others then its just held like a cigarette...



Thanks for telling me

I'm sure as long as you pack the Newports in, that would make them taste stronger. I'll keep an eye out for the new vent holes on Newport filters when I buy my next carton.

How do you pack in the

How do you pack in the cigarettes and would that be good for a first time smoker?

Newports Getting Weaker?

Newports with vent holes - you have to double pump them - then you get a really good haul off the 2nd drag even without covering the vents - its easier to take quick large hauls off these ...

Newports also were made a little lighter in 2009 ... they peaked in 2007 at 21mg tar 1.7 nic ... even a little draw yielded huge smoke volume .. used to get a slight buzz off every smoke ... now they are back down to 1.5 ... Asked Lorillard if they would consider making them stronger - they said they don't have any feedback like that. Personally - I would enjoy a stronger Newport Max Flavour with 25 tar 2.1 nic ...

So - rather than complain in a forum - phone 1-877-703-0386 (toll free) and let Lorillard know what you want Newport 100s to be like.

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