PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

I bought my second Pack!

Hi there Everyone I bought my second Pack of Cigarettes today! I only had 2 left from the first pack
What was neat was I was hunting for Pennies in my Drawer and found $5 so I was able to buy a second Pack.

I smoked like 6 today I also am able to do a double Pump and inhale.

I am also smoking all the way closer to the Filter which before was hard as it was to hot for me. But now I can do it.

I also inhale for about 3 seconds and let it flow out. Which is cool.

All The Best

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It sounds like you are getting the hang of it. I too remember the journey when I finally gave in to smoking after years of wanting to. The transition from non-smoker to addicted smoker is an awesome experience. It can only happen ONCE, so savor each drag and enjoy the ride!

Bought my self some

Bought myself some more smokes. Bought 2 packs of the Camel Wides Blue
And also a pack of Camel Wides Filter. When I got home I smoked 2 of the Filter ones and they are not that bad.

All The Best

Nice choice

Camel Wides are a damn good cigarette ... if they made them in 100's or 120's they would probably be my brand of choice. Very smooth and easy to hit ... the amount of smoke you get from them is astounding and you barely have to draw on them. I like the full flavors better than the Blues ... huge nicotine blast! I just cannot bring myself to smoke the case of the Wides I make an exception occasionally, but I pretty much have to have at least 100mm of satisfaction.

I DREAM of the day that they would manufacture Wide 120's. OMG, I would never smoke anything else if they did! Hope you enjoyed your Wides <3


So how's the smoking going? I know you mentioned you might not have the money to continue last month, but now that a new month has arrived are you lighting up now? Keep us posted on your progress!

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