PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

Marlboro Edge

I know I had recently talked of quitting because I wasn't getting enjoyment, but I gave in and kept at. I think the problem was mostly from being sick, which kind of limited the pleasure of smoking. Anyways... I started smoking the new Marlboro Edge, and they are really good! I know most of you like strong cigarettes, and these aren't Reds or anything. But they are a very good smoke! Smooth draw, slow burning, very pleasant aroma and taste. I'd call them a Marlboro Light with a bit of an edge to them, and a cork filter. I can't seem to get enough of these. They are not harsh at all, I've been taking massive drags and holding the smoke in for a few seconds, only to let it come out gradually over two or three exhales -- and it feels so good! Having trouble keeping my consumption of these under a pack a day -- never thought I'd say that!

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See, you just needed to find

See, you just needed to find the brand and style that was right for you. Since you are now enjoying it, congratulations for sticking with it and not giving up. You've discovered for yourself what we've known all along -- SMOKING REALLY DOES FEEL GOOD! Seriously though, try to keep it to around a pack per day.

You're definitely a smoker

You're definitely a smoker now--welcome to the club! I'm glad you found the right brand for you. If you are smoking like that you won't even think about quitting for a good long while.

Nice New Product

Was at the gas station today, saw Marb Black Edge poster. First time seeing that Marlboro had yet another new cig on the market. Had previously tried Marb Black, but did not like them at all. Bought a pack to see if they were any good or not. I'm actually liking them more than my usual Marb Reds Box. They seem to have the nice rich taste I love in Reds but are a little less harsh. Might just be tempted to change. Usually 2 ppd on weekday and well over 4 ppd on weekends. Guess I'll be going out in a bit and picking up a carton of Edge!

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Just finished first pack of marlboro edge

Like the rest here, I find them good. I'm a marlboro reds smoker for many years and don't plan on switching, but I grew curious and tried the edge. Not bad. I'd out them more on par with reds than lights though. Milder than reds and don't have the classic reds bite, but good. It's the bite a reds gives me that I like and no other can give. I find when I smoke camel filters they are too smooth. I want to feel that hit and with most brands, even full flavor, I just don't feel the throat hit like a red. I want to feel like I'm smoking.

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