PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Marlboro Smooth 100s - My favorite brand.

I just got back from vacation and while roaming around, I picked up a few cartons of my favorite brand, Marlboro Smooth 100's. Around where I live, I was having trouble finding anyplace selling these cigarettes that weren't older than 6 months, so I switched back to my second favorite cigarettes, Marlboro Red 100's. I happened to stop at a discount store at one my destinations and there they were. I've already finished a carton and they're exactly how I remember them.

I started smoking with Newport Box 100s around twenty years ago. After about 14 years, I tried Marlboro Red 100's for the first time and made the switch. I found Marlboro Red's much smoother and I really liked the flavor. Since Marlboro Red's are a much lighter cigarette than Newport, I found myself smoking a lot more which was a significant benefit. After about a year, I started to miss the menthol and went back to Newports. Frankly, I love the feeling of the smoke deep in my lungs and with Newport being so strong, I smoked fewer Newports than I had Marlboro Red's. So I switched back to Marlboro Reds. With Marlboro Smooth 100's, I have the best of both worlds, plenty of rich thick smoke and menthol freshness.

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I've discovered these too.

I've recently found these and gave them a try and really like them. I was smoking Salem Black Label and now I can never go back. Your article on getting fresh marlboro cigarettes was helpful too.

It's good to see people acknowledging how pleasurable smoking really is. Keep up the good work.


I really hate menthols. However, If I was forced to smoke them I think smooths would be the ones. The menthol in them really doesnt taste like normal menthol, it like has a flavor all to its own, like candy or something. They are a very tasty A+ cigarette. I still wont smoke them though; menthol's not my thing.

Me too

One time I asked a store clerk for regular Marlboro menthols, but he gave me a pack of Smooths by mistake. After I smoked the first one, I knew this was my brand. Even my friends who don't like menthols, do enjoy the Smooths... it's that chocolate mint smell and taste that gets people.

The new Marlboro no.54 is pretty good too, though I can barely taste the menthol in it - I got a pack at Rite-Aid for $3.75 (including tax)!

smoothe 100's

i don't know but smoothes grow on me i thought 54s were the ticket these are better than sex or better yet smoke while having sex best of both worlds

Marlboro smooth

tried these whilst visiting the us from the uk, love em to bits, bought 200 flying home from newark airport, sadly i only have about 8 left and im gutted as you cant buy em here :O(

Marlboro smooth

They sell them in all gas stations in C.T

Marlboro Smooth 100s

MS100s are probably the best menthol cigarettes. Most of my family smokes the short smooths, but i like the 100's more than any other. Camel crush is another good menthol. I just turned 18 and it feels good not having and elder buy them for me.

Love the Smoothes

I love Marlboro Smooth 100s (In fact I have a carton in front of me right now) I smoked reds for the longest time but noticed smooths on sale for $1 off so I decided to try them. I was instantly hooked and never looked back. I love how they have that sweet, Andes mint flavor and in my opinion, tend to smoke a little bit slower. Maybe that's just me smoking slower to enjoy the flavor. Who knows?

I'm still smoking them.

I've smoked over 70 cartons of Marlboro Smooth 100's and I never seem to get tired of them. Although, from time to time, it's good to fit in a pack or two of Reds. It seems to reset the menthol meter and my taste, allowing me to enjoy the Smooths so much more.


my 1st ciggy

bought a pack smoothe 100s smoked my 1st. pack in 5hrs. starting on the next pack i am addicted

Congratulations and keep at

Congratulations and keep at it. The more you smoke Marlboro Smooth 100's , the more they'll satisfy you.



I am a new smoker and these are my favorites now. They are the reason i WANT to get addicted!! I currently have half a pack a day but plan to go up to 1ppd soon. These are so great I would smoke 10 cartons in one day!!

Love 'Em

Just bought my first pack this week of the smooth 100s, after reading this blog. I have been a Newport 100s smoker for many years, but am thoroughly enjoying the smooth 100s flavor and smokability. Thanks so much for this wonderful site, it is nice to find a site where I can get a breath of "fresh air"

where are all the smooths going?

i have been smoking marlboro smooths for 3 yrs now. first cig i ever smoked and the only one i smoke. problem is in my area of nc i am having trouble finding them anymore. many stores have told me they quit carrying them and the others have told me they are ordering them but not recieving them. does anybody have any idea what is going on?

Call 1-800-627-5200 and ask

Call 1-800-627-5200 and ask PM what's up in your area. I've had no problems finding them where I live.


Smooth 100s are GOOD!

I have always been a brand "grazer", as well as a back-and-forth switcher from menthol to non-menthol, but I have to say I've just smoked a couple of packs of Smooth 100s and they are GOOD! Probably not so good I won't "graze" around some, but right now I think they are the greatest. In fact I devoured the last pack like it WAS candy! The complex, sweet taste really grows on you and the smoothness makes them very pleasureable to double and triple pump with nose inhales without that menthol "burn" you get with some other strong menthols. They're so good at stoking my adoration of nicotine that they're almost scary! I think I could settle on this as my main menthol brand, though sometimes I like a menthol with a little more tobacco taste...maybe SB54 100s fill that role. But then again, there's always Reds 100s and BH Full Strength Golds when I want to really taste more tobacco in my smoke. A very good cigarette, I have to agree!


It was smoking smooths, inhailing deeper and holding longer, that really kicked my addiction into high gear. I would smoke during the week, finish my last pack on Friday (never more than one or two packs) and then not get anymore until Sunday night or Monday morning. It was Smooths that made me unable to hold out past Saturday and need to pick some up on Saturday night ;)


I started smoking last summer but quit up until a week ago when my friend handed me my first marb smooth. The first drag was amazing and i could smoke the whole cigarette without getting sick or too much of a headrush. I am now hooked!

I smoke Marlboro lights

I smoke Marlboro lights exclusively but now and again I get craving menthol. When I do I usually buy couple packs of the smooths. I enjoy them quiet well although if I smoke bunch of them they seem to give me acid reflux . I still buy them and enjoy them from time to time though.

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