PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Over the age of 50?

Has anyone started smoking over the age of 50?? What Brand do you smoke, How many cigarettes do you smoke per day, reason for starting, and what was families reaction families reaction?

started smoking later

wow, and I thought I was unique!! :)
I started at age 49, five years ago. I love newports and smoke between 4-10 per day. Needless to say, my family was shocked when they found out and I still have a difficult time smoking in front of anyone. It's my private thing for relaxation.
I tell my wife I'll stop when all the kids finally stay out of the house for good, although this may never happen!
What made you start later in life? And I rationalize that starting later is actually better health wise because most people would have been smoking 35-40 years at my age by now.

Started mid life

I started at age 45, just got divorced 2 years earlier my kids were heading off to college, have a stressful job, just needed some relief I love smoking Merit ultra lights Isome close to a half? pack a day, and yes I'am addicted to nicotine and love it!!!!!! I'am a 51 year old woman with kids out of the house, so now I have plenty of time to enjoy my pleasure!!

Never too late to start!

I am getting started at the tender age of 52! I have experimented with cigarettes quite a number of times over the years but it never became a regular habit. But I enjoy smoking and have been repeatedly drawn back to it. This episode began in August and I have started to smoke on a regular basis - not every day but perhaps 5 days a week, and I expect I will soon build up to daily. I have always wondered what it would be like to pick up this habit and I feel that at my age the pleasure outweighs the risks, most of which result from long term smoking.

I have shared this development with my wife who has been very understanding and said that I this is my choice I should go for it.

Perhaps a new trend in smoking could be that more people take it up in retirement - they have time on their hands and are less impacted by the restrictions on lighting up in public places. If you have been at least mostly smoke free up to that point then it is less likely that the damage caused by cigarettes will catch up with you.

Have started on American Spirits, which I find quite strong, even the lights in the yellow pack. A very enjoyable smoke.

The antis miss the crucial point - the pleasure that people get from this. If more of them tried, they would come to the startling realization that for many it really is one of the best things in life.


I have always been addicted to cigarettes and smoking in general, but it has been mostly a psychological addiction. However, last year at the age of 57, I decide to just give me. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went through that ordeal, so figured I got cancer anyhow, why not. Although I am married to health freak and anti-cigarette smoker, I am succeeding. Amazingly, she sees nothing wrong with cigars, but cigarettes get her upset. So I smoke cigars and inhale the wonderful smoke, and every chance I get I smoke as many cigarettes as I can. I especially love when I go on travel, particularly when I can get a smoking room. I just set there filling lungs with smoke. I literally chain smoke.

This is all from a guy who used to run marathons, lifted weights, rode bike and worked out like crazy. When I traveled before, I would always workout, now I enjoy those smokes. The weight gloves are just setting there, along side the running shoes. I now prefer breathlessness, to healthy lungs.

Love those smokers

Over 50

I started at age 63 and I smoke 30 a day of B&H full flavor gold. I inhale every last one of my long white friends. It took a while for my wife and family to accept me as the totally unrepentant smoker that I am. There are quite few posters on this site who started later in life and they seem to be every bit as unrepentant as I am.

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