PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

Smoking Age

Just wondering how old users of this site were when they started smoking and what age did your parents find out that you were a smoker.
Also what influenced the urge to start.


I was 15 when my mom found out. I was at first curious but found from the start that I liked it a lot. The way it made me feel and the feeling of having the smoke in my lungs was just awesome.

smoking age

I started at age 18, made no difference to parents at 18 I was out on my own and legal age. Parents non smokers, but many relatives and friends were and I was always around 2nd hand smoke and liked the smell. I was offered a cigarette , tried it liked how it felt in throat and had 3 the first night, smoked lights for about 6 months, about 10 a day, but wanted to increase then was offered a Marlboro Red and that was it, went to 2-3ppd almost immediately, 30years later I still love my Reds at 1.5-2ppd. If parents would have been smokers, I am sure I would have started at 12 or 14, I was curious about it at age 10. I think I was ready to smoke because of trying to inhale the 2nd hand smoke to see if I could taste or feel it in the throat and lungs. Everytime as when I first started, I hear something against smoking, it just makes me want to smoke more.

smoking age...

I am 39 and I just started. I never smoked in my life. Always found it attractive when women did. My Girlfriend is an occasional smoker, she was smoking one night and told her I wanted to try it. She didn't like the idea, but broke down a few days later. This was a few weeks back. I smoke about 3-4 per day. I LOVE it!

Better late than never

Wow, 39 - you really held out! Congratulations! I have made an informal survey of people I know, when they started and how they smoke, and I have identified this pattern: People who start before or during puberty are seriously hooked for life, whereas people who start after puberty become casual, light smokers who can generally take it or leave it. You very clearly fall into the second category.

I started around 17-18, which is probably late by most smoker's standards. I didn't really like my first couple of cigs. I smoked pot once or twice before I ever smoked cigarettes, and my marijuana mentors had me practice on a cigarette first, which didn't help very much. I much preferred the taste of the weed, and the way it blows your mind at the same time, just made tobacco look kinda pointless by comparison. But at some point I started really liking cigarettes. I remember starting to look forward to them as the highlight of my day. In college I would say I smoked about 5 a day and enjoyed the hell out of each one.

I am 40 now and my wife and I smoke 2-3 a day, plus a couple sessions with Premium e-cigs, that we just discovered. (A topic for another discussion!) I feel like I enjoy cigarettes the most at this level of intake. I used to have just one, at the very end of the day, and man did that taste good. For me it seems like less is more. However, on this particular website (and nowhere else), you will find great praise for being addicted, smoking as much as possible, and having no choice but to smoke. It's quite refreshing, in contrast to the barrage of anti-smoking propaganda that comes from everywhere else, but I can't fully get on board with it. I'm putting my 2 cigs in for moderate smoking.


Started at 15

I started at 15-became addicted almost immediately-can't go without them now.

Tried it at 11, Started seriously at 14

I first tried smoking when I was 11, when a friend of mine brought a pack from home and we went to go smoke it at the creek behind our house. I loved it, and knew I wanted more, but didnt really have ready access to cigarettes as my mom was a non smoker. I would smoke when I could get a pack from a friend, and sometimes I would steal packs from the parent of a friend who smoked, but it wasnt enough to really become a regular smoker, just a few every other day or so, and on weekends.

By 14 I was smoking like every day, some in the mornings and some in the afternoons or evenings, but getting a reliable cigarette supply was a still problem. One day, while smoking at the school bus stop, a boy was trying to hit on me and asked for a cigarette, but that I didnt have very many, but that I would share one with him. While we were sharing a cigarette he pointed out to me that there was still a cigarette vending machine in the back of the billiards room at the student union center of the Community College that was just like a half mile away. I asked if he would take me to it, and he agreed, so we ditched school that day and went there. I wasnt addicted yet, but looking back on it, I clearly wanted to be.

In the early 1990's When I "discovered" the cigarette vending machine at age 14 I was hooked. I loved it. I only had enough money on me to buy one pack the first time, but I went straight home scrapped together as much cash as I could find, which I still remember being an astounding $57 and change, I went back to the vending machine and bought as many packs as I could, back when cigarettes were around $3 a pack. I remember having to take "breaks" from buying cigarettes at the vending machine, so that I wouldnt attract attention, before going back and buying some more. I think I got almost 20 packs that day, because in the mind of the addict who wants to become an addict, I had never had such open access to cigarettes before; I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Thinking back on it, thats probably part of how I ended up being a nearly 3 pack a day smoker by age 18; fostering a chainsmoking habit that I continue today, nearly 20 years later. I guess the worry of never knowing where my next cigarette would come from, transformed into eupohoria at the idea that Id hit the cigarette jackpot, and I started wanting to smoke at least a whole pack a day everyday. I can still remember wanting to feel addicted, so that each cigarette I smoked helped relieve a need that I had. Within a year, I was smoking a pack and a half per day, sometimes upto two packs per day on weekends, and I was totally committed. I spent alot of time at friends houses whose parents were smokers, because they were usually able to smoke in their rooms while the parents werent home, and I spent alot of time washing my hands and face, brushing my teeth, and took to wearing alot of perfume to try and hide the smell from my mother.

Maybe my mom was in denial or something, because I was smoking nearly two packs per day by age 16, but still trying to hide it, and she never said anything. I think I was 17, and in my senior year of high school before she even tried to confront me about it. When I told her that I was already addicted, and had been smoking over a pack a day for over 3 years, she just cried. I felt sorry for her, but I wasnt about to quit. She cried about how she'd failed me as a single mom, but I told her it wasnt her fault, and she never made me do it, I did it because I wanted to, and because I loved it. After some consoling, I took the bold step of lighting up in front of her, acting as cool and adult like as I possibly could, and trying to reason with her that everything would be ok; that the world was not ending because her darling Rachel had become a chainsmoker. She was a little taken aback, but she eventually came around and gave in to the inevitable.

Before too long I was allowed to smoke in my room when 17, and thats when my smoking really began to ramp up, first to two packs per day, then to two and a half, then fully three packs per day within a year or so. SO long ago, but such happy memories.

Sorry for the long ramble, guess I just wanted to share.

- Rachel


Where did you hide all those cigarettes from your mom?

Started at 8.

I'm 14 and have been smoking since I was 8. I started because my older brother when I was 8 he was 12 and he smoked and so did my parents. They bought him cigarettes whenever they went to buy theirs and one day I just snuck into my brothers room and stole a cigarette from his pack and lit it and loved it. Our house was always filled with smoke since my brother and parents smoked inside so I was always used to the smell. Later that day my brother went into his room to smoke a cigarette and found that one was missing from his pack. I told him that it was me and he gave me another cigarette from his pack. I lit it up immediately and told my parents that I wanted them to start buying me cigarettes just like they did for my brother.
Later that day they came home from the store with their cigarettes, my brothers and mine. We all immediately opened up our packs and smoked.
My brother smoked a pack a day at 12 and my dad smoked 4 packs a day and my mom 3 packs a day. At 8 I only smoked 5 cigarettes a day, then at 9 I smoked 10-15, 10 a pack, 11-12 a pack and a half, 13 2 packs and now at 14 3 packs.
My parents still buy them for me since I am underage and my brother is now 18 and can buy his own and he smokes 3 packs just like me.
I always smoke either Uniltered Camels or Marlboro Reds. I can't even go 10 minutes without having one and that is why I take school online so I can smoke.
My schedule is usually get up and I have my pack of Unfiltered Camels right next to my bed so I can immediately smoke within 30 seconds of waking up. I smoke a 2nd cigarette, then eat breakfast, smoke 3 more cigarettes, take a shower, smoke 2 cigarettes, get dressed, smoke a cigarette, brush my teeth, get online for school (which is 4 hours) I usually chain a pack and a half through that, then eat lunch, smoke 3 cigarettes, go hang out with friends and I usually smoke 15 cigarettes in the time I'm hanging out with friends, and then I get home, take a shower, smoke 3 cigarettes, eat dinner, smoke 2 cigarettes and go to sleep. And if I wake up in the middle of the night I smoke 1-2 cigarettes.

That is so excellent that

That is so excellent that your parents are so supportive to provide you with 3 ppd of cigarettes and enroll you in online school so you can smoke all day. If i had kids, I'd be willing to do the same for them, and let them know how proud I was of their smoking addiciton.

QUestion: what does your brother smoke? what does your mom smoke?


Wow you have become quite the smoker at such a young age. Very impressive!!! Its so cool that u get to go to school on line so that you can smoke all day. You should go to the following chat rooms where people would be very impressied with you. 1 is they have a room called smoking teens and preteens. Also there is a room thru bravenet called chatty chainsmokers. I hope to see you there someday so we can talk.:)

smoking forums

are you sure about parachat? because I visited, and it's a company selling software or websites or something. it's not a forum.

That's pretty

That's pretty impressive...I'm a non smoker but I got say your a real pro

lucky you!

I wish my parents had been smokers and would buy me cigs. As is is, I got a late start at 15 but would have loved to start smoking at age 10 or earlier. Anyway, congratulations on your addiction at such a young age. Keep hauling hard. ward

Started at 17

I started smoking regularly at 17. I am 44 now. I have never smoked more than 1/2 ppd. I kept it from my parents and they never found out. They have both passed on now, so I guess they know now. :) I have always enjoyed it and my wife and I love smoking together every evening while enjoying a cocktail before dinner.

I started at 11 and not regretting it

I was 11 when I lit my first cigarette which I took from my mother's pack. I was just asking myself "What does it feel like to smoke?". And it turned out strange. At first I was afraid to inhale and didn't do it right with my first few cigarettes. But I was getting addicted to the smell and feel of the cigarette in my hand. Then, schoolmates told me how to do it properly and all started great! My mother found out then and gave me sh*t about it. She made me stop of course. But I gave myself a promise that I WILL smoke again. And I did :) I've had different periods - smoking only one per day, or sometimes a whole pack. But cigarettes became one of the most certain things in my life while it raged with chais around me. I became a really relaxed person, I can hardly ever get angry for anything, I just can't. I smoke a cigarette and all stress is on the other side of a wall and can't get to me. Now, I've been smoking for nearly six years and I simply take ALL the joy from it. My mother doesn't even care. I know smoking is bad for health, but a lot of other things are not less bad and far more people than smokers do them! Plus, what's the point of living till there comes a point where you're almost 100 years old and all your friends are dead and so is everybody you knew? Does this make people happier? I doubt it. So, I find no sense in restricting yourself from something which actually brings you joy in this dark world. From chasing away mosquitoes, to being real friends that never leave me alone, cigarettes have done only good to me.

when i started

Growing up my step mom would always let me have drags off her cigarettes then when i was thirteen i stole a pack from her carton VS menthol 120's, she realized it was missing fairly quickly, and caught me with the unopened pack in my room she sat down and fairly bultly said it was her fault for allowing me to think smoking was cool and pretty much gave me permission to smoke on the spot been smoking ever since 28 now and no intentions on quitting

~<3 Lexi

Hey lexi

I certainly hope that you still smoke the vsml 120s. So sexy.


Totally agree with you. I'm a guy who's a committed 120s smoker through and through. They're just so damn sexy!

age 12

October, 1979. My aunt smoked Virginia Slims menthol lights.She smoked a lot, 3 packs per day.My parents, aunt and uncle went to go talk in the living room.She left her open pack in the kitchen.Had about 12 in it. Deciding to be curious, I slipped one out of the pack and sneaked out the back door.Decided I enjoyed it from that first puff.Yes, I am a guy. And no, I am not gay.Started scrapping up change around the house.I became a very popular guy with the girls in my neighborhood.We would slip off to the park smoking Virginia Slims menthol lights together. Even had my first sexual experience with Mandy at that park at age 13 after smoking a few cigarettes together.

Lucky you

Wow...what a hot story! You started on 120s at age 13!! You must have looked great with that amazingly long cig in your hand. Do you still smoke 120s? Hope so.

I sure do David.

I still smoke VS menthol lights 120s.

Smoking age

Had my first cigarette - a Cavalier - when I was about seven, in 1954 or '55, and started smoking frequently - first pack bought: Alpine - when I was about ten, in 1957. I started smoking daily/regularly and was thoroughly and completely hooked and addicted and in love with it when I was twelve (and smoked whatever I could get my hands on), in 1960. When I was about fifteen (1962), I settled out on Parliaments and smoked them until 1981 when I started buying whatever was cheapest.

The parents: they were unbelievably anti so I didn't 'fess up until I was eighteen (although they probably figured it out a whole lot sooner). For awhile they let me smoke around them but, after mother died, dad got even more anti and, in the end, wouldn't even let me smoke in his house or car (although I was over fifty years old).

Now, I've been smoking for over fifty years and am going on fifty-one years as a smoker.

Quit? You gotta be kidding!!

21 here

I started when I was 21. I was mostly against it at first but my friends all smoked and would constantly offer me cigs. Eventually I gave in and smoked one and enjoyed it so I started smoking more often. I didn't hide smoking from my parents but I didn't tell them about it either. They found out because my clothes smelled of smoke, so when they confronted me about it I told them I started and was hooked. Since they were ex-smokers they understood the addiction, but they weren't happy about my decision to smoke and still aren't to this day, ten years later.

Started at 14, PPD by 16

I knew from a pretty early age that I wanted to be a smoker. It just looked so cool and enjoyable. I finally got my chance when I was 14, down at the Burger King after school. Me and my buds paid for a pack of Marlboros from an older kid. We all lit up. I took the pack home with me and lit up a couple times in the woods behind the house. Liked it right away. Within two years I was smoking 2 packs of Marlboros a day. And now, 36 years later, I'm still a Marlboro man and smoking 4 to 5 packs a day. Still love every damn one of them!


Started at 15 and have never looked back-still sucking on 30 marlboros a day and love each one-can't go without them now.

Started at 12

I had my first cigarette at 12. I use to be very anti at that age and couldn't understand why my mum didn't just quit. Every so often I would have a dream where I was smoking and enjoying it. When I would wake up I would feel like I really wanted one. (Which I know sounds weird as at that stage I had never had one before) I often wondered since then If I was already partially addicted as my mum was quite a heavy smoker and the house was always filled with smoke. But I don't think it's possible to get addicted from second hand smoke. Anyway curiosity finally got the best of me and I tried it. The first time I think I only had like two puffs and didn't really like it. I didn't inhale. I felt quite bad at the time for even trying it as I had always been so anti and given my mum a hard time. Every so often I would come back to it, this started happening more and more often still not inhaling. I guess the seeds where already sown. I didn't start to inhale until I was 14, by that point I was smoking about four cigarettes a day. If I'm honest I hated my self a little bit for smoking I felt like such a hypocrite, but I just couldn't help my self, I really liked it. As I was smoking I was still giving my mum a hard time about hers. Thinking back now that I'm older I think was taking my anger out on my mum's smoking because I hated my self for smoking. If that makes any sense? After this that my smoking really increased and I was finding it harder and harder to sneak enough from my mum.

One day I wasn't able to sneak any from her and I looked quite young for age and didn't think I get served at the shops even if wasn't to nervous/scared to try. Anyway I sort of broke down and told my mum, I was close to tears. I first my mum didn't believe me, that was until she offered me one thinking I was joking and I smoked it in front of her. After that I got all the usual questions: when did you start? Are you addicted? and so on. My Mum was really cool about it, just a bit shocked. She said she never thought I would start smoking as I'd always given her such a hard time. From then on my Mum bought me my cigarettes.

It wasn't until I went to university that I started smoking openly before then only a pocket full of my friend knew that I smoked. The University I went to only one of my friends was going there too and she was one of the ones who knew I was a smoker. (she smoked too) It was this and moving to a city where no one knew me before that let me smoke openly. In many ways I was able to reinvent myself. I really came out of my shell and got a lot more confident and made some really good friends. I now accept myself as a smoker and still really enjoy it. I no longed hate myself for smoking for although it is really bad for you it's opened a lot of doors for me and helped me to become the person I am today. And I quite like who I've become.

Also started at age 12

It was during the summer while school was out and my older brother was always leaving a pack of cigeretts some where in the house, so when every one was gone in the after noon I would take a cigerette form his pack, light it and puff on it ( did not know that you were suposed to inhale). One day when we were all sitting around the kitchen table after lunch I was watching my brother's girl friend accros the table smoking. When she would take a drag her chest would rize as she inhaled and she woud exhale smoke a couple of times, I realized at that point I was doing it wrong. That after noon when every one was gone, I took a cigerette from his pack, lit it, which I already knew how to do, drew in a big mouth full of smoke and inhaled it. I did not caugh, It was like my chest was paralized, the room was spinning and I couldn't exhale, pretty soon the paralized feeling stopped and I could exhale the smoke. When the room quit spinning I took a smaller drag and inhaled it, this time I could really feel the smoke in my lungs and it felt good. After doing this every after noon for about a week I was able to take a big drag and inhale it. Have enjoyed the feeling of smoke in my lungs ever since. I never told my parants, nor did I smoke in front of them but I am sure that they knew.

started at 12

I had dreams to about lighting up for the first time. It must be in our genes to smoke or not. They were calling me quite a few times until the point where I always was thinking about trying it. It finally became a reality one day. I started at age 11 and am glad I did. Me, like you, was so against it up until about 2 years before I smoked my first. That's when I had interest in smoking. Glad I did. It makes life more enjoyable.

I too, had a change of heart when 12

My parents were both carton-a-week smokers and I remember thinking, without any judgement that it was just something that lots of adults did. Then came the grammer school lesson on the dangers of tobacco and I instantly beame an anti-smoking crusader. I suddenly hated the fact that my parents were smokers and regularly reminded them of the horrors of smoking.
One night when I was in 6th grade, my mother was driving me home from girl scouts and lit up a cigarette. Of course i couldn't resist telling her once again about how it was going to kill her. My mother, out of total frustration suddenly blurted out, "I can't wait untill you get to highschool because then you'll know why people smoke and finally leave me alone! I know it's bad for me but it's something I like to do. Lots of people smoke and don't get cancer. It doesn't make me a bad person. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop and don't even want to try." I didn't know what to say and sat there silently the rest of the car ride home. While her heartfelt and totally candid rant had suceeded in shutting me up, it changed forever the way I viewed smokers and smoking in general.
From that moment I stayed quiet every time my mother lit up, pondering what my mother had said. I came to several conclusions. First, it must be really enjoyable if people smoked fully knowing it was bad for them. Second, a lot of people who smoke don't die from it. Third, I learned that good people smoke too. Finally, I now knew that my mother thought I would try it in a few years and would like it as much as she did. The seeds of curiosity were planted.
As a child, my image of people smoking was a generic recollection where everyone basically smoked the same way. They would put a cigarette against their lips and then blow out smoke. Now i would watch my mother, father, and other adults smoke and realized for the first time that everyone had a different way of smoking. There were different inhales, exhales, ways of holding a cigarette, ways of getting rid of the ashes, and many different kinds of cigarettes. Once I was aware that their were so many rituals and ways of smoking, I realized there were some people, my mother among them, who actually looked better doing it than others. Sometimes, I wondered what it would be like to smoke. Since I knew of only two boys at my school who smoked (both of whom fit my recently dropped only bad people smoke stereotype), I figured that kids didn't try it until they were in highschool. I didn't know at this time that smokers at my school, because they wore a school uniform that made them stand out, were just more secretive with their smoking.
At school recess I overheard two 8th grade girls talking about the place in the park near my school where a lot of kids smoked. I decided to check it out on the way home to see if it actually did exist. If it did exist, I wanted to see which kids at my school were already smoking. I followed a well travelled path and in about 50 yards spotted a group of kids from my school. The boys were in one area and about a dozen girls were in another. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach when I saw that they were all smoking. Soon I was a 12 year old smoker, and as my mother had prophesized, enjoying it whenever I could. Shortly after I introduced my best friend, who attended public school, to the pleasures of smoking. We decided we didn't want to just smoke, we wanted to smoke and look good doing it. Because we had a really big dining room in our house, my mother's card playing group would meet at our house regularly and my best friend and I would help my mother set up the tables and get food ready. I seem to remember that all the women smoked and my best friend and I would watch how each of the ladies smoked. We would then go to my friends house and practice different smoking styles. Practice does make perfect and eventually we learned snap inhales, how to talk with a cigareet dangling from your lips, how to blow smoke rings, etc.
One morning at our smoking area before school, one of the newest members said she wouldn't be there after school because her nonsmoking mom had smelled smoke on her when she got home from school the day before. Not only was she grounded, but her mother was no doubt going to give her the sniff test as soon as she walked in the door. "All of you who have parents who smoke are lucky.", she told us. For the first time in my life I realized that having parents that smoked was a good thing.

Starting smoking

The best is to become addicted where you cant stop and then saying "I am a smoker and this is who I am-I cant stop and dont want to and I will not apologise for being a smoker! I like smoking-it is part of me and I will smoke whenever I need to!"

Started on 6th b-day

Hi to all of you,

I think I started very early but I never regretted it after 26 years. I am on 2 ppd just now, but let me tell you how I became a smoker.

My parents are smokers both and so are nearly all of my relatives (actually my oldest sis' husband is the only non smoker among the adults). As far as I can remember I found it always fascinating when my parents lit up after the meals and they really looked as if they enjoyed their cigs. I liked the smell of fresh smoke and so I was curious to try for myself as soon as possible.

On my 6th b-day I had breakfast with my mum (my dad was off to work already) and when she lit up as usual after breakfast I took all of my courage and asked her if I can try one. She reacted with a 30 mins lecture of how bad smoking is but then she asked me if I really wanted to smoke and I replied I definitely do. So she gave me a cig and told me first to drag just a little smoke and inhale it with lots of air. I instantly liked the taste and the feeling of the smoke in my lungs. 2 cigs and 2 hours later I coulds enjoy the pleasure of full drags. And I felt some kind of dizzy but in a positive sense. Unfortunately I don't get that feeling anymore, but deep inhales of cigar smoke get quite near to it.

On my 6th b-day I had to go to school but my mum has decided that I learnt a much more important lesson and that should be enough for the day. So she called up my school saying that I am sick and instead she took me out for a meal and afterwards we both lit up (it was rather normal to smoke in restaurants that time) and I really enjoyed the strange looks of people, but nobody dared to say something.

Since my 6th b-day I smoked about 5-10 cigs per day, at the age of 10 I remember to be on 1 ppd and at the age of 21 I reached 3 ppd. When I was pregnant last year, I tried to give it up for a couple of days, but my craving was so strong that I decided to continue and enjoy pregnancy. I only cut back to 1.5 ppd. I hat no problems and neither had my sweet little daughter. Now that she is born, I am back to 1.5 - 2 ppd and although that sounds like a lot I definitely enjoy every single cig and I can't imagine to give it up in this life.

Smoky regards to all of you,



If in a few years your daughter asks you for a cigarette what will you do?

If my daughter asks me...

If my daughter asks me in a few years if she can have a cig I'll probably react like my mum: I'll give her a lecture first, then ask if she really wants to smoke and if she does I'll teach her how to inhale. Of course I will support her no matter what her decision will be about smoking.

Awesome choice again Anja

Awesome choice again Anja

wow,that would be really

wow,that would be really cool,good on u

You are a wonderful mom,

You are a wonderful mom, Anja.
You are caring and supportive.
Not supporting your daughter could traumatize her... few people realize that.
And smoking when you were pregnant made her body resistant to the negative effects, making her immune.
Please, don't hesitate ro help her start if she wants to.

6 years old-impressive

Reminds me of Lynn. She was 6 when she started sneaking her moms cigarettes.Marlboro lights she told me.I was 13-, she was 9. I am a guy, but got addicted to VS light menthol, my first ever cigarette at age 10. i had a coule of packs to last me through the weekend. We wound up smoking them all in the woods by Saturday night. But she came to love VS menthol over marlboro light since that weekend.

6th birthday

I wish i asked my mother for one when I was six--or even smoked one by stealing it. I always had the urge to smoke(dreamed about it) even though earlier in my life I hated it. Wow, at 6! I started when i was 11! After the first one, I wanted another. At 38 years later I am still smoking. How the heck did you make it through school all day and couldn't have a cigarette? It was tough for me in 6,7 and 8th grades. I didn't want to cut class and get in trouble, so I did without.

11 years old

When I was 11 I ask my mother how it feels. And she offered me her packet. I am so glad for this!!!

started at 11

I was 11 when i had my first cigarette. My mom was at work and school was out for summer. I was curious about it and stole one out her pack b4 she left for work. I light up immediatly after she left. I knew at that moment i was a smoker. She came home a few minutes later because she forgot her cell phone and saw me smoking. She then asked why am i smoking and do i enjoy it. I answered "i love it!" at that point on she bought me my cigarettes and let me smoke. She eventualy quit but let me continue. She bought my cigs until i was 18. After she quit i was the only one in the house who smoked since my father didnt smoke. They both were fine with it. By 13 i was a ppd smoker. Now im 21 im about 2 ppd. I love smoking and will continue for as long as i live. My mom enjoyed watching me enjoy smoking growing up. And one day if my kids ask to smoke, i will not hesitate to say no. I want them to enjoy the wonderful sensation of the smoke swirling in thier lungs as much as i do. And some call me wierd but i enjoy the fact of knowing my lungs are turning black. I dont know why but i love the nicotine and tar coating my lungs in thick rich wonderful layers of black!

started at 10

I started smoking at age 10, I am now 50 years young.


A frien nicked some of his dad's. Started inhaling at 14. Was hooked within a few weeks.

Age I started

I started smoking when I was 17 when I stole one of my mom's cigarettes.I liked it so I continued to smoke,but I hid the habit from her because I didn't know how she would feel about me smoking.I did a good job of hiding my smoking or at least I thought I did.I figured since she smokes she would never notice,but I was wrong.Two years later I made the bold move of smoking openly in front of her and was pleasantly surprised when I didn't get the fierce resistance from her that I thought I was going to get.She acted very nonchalant and welcomed it more than anything else.Turns out she knew all along I was smoking.She said she could smell it in my bedroom and could smell it on my clothes when she did the laundry.She never confronted me about it because she had no problem with it.It is such a relief to be able to smoke with her and to not have to constantly hide my habit.Smoking is something we can both enjoy has worked out very well.


Wow its really interesting reading about how different people start. I was 13 when i first asked a kid from my class at school to give me a cigarette he did but i didnt smoke it till the next day. After that day i was able to get my hands on a few more but they were hard to get. Finnaly that next summer i got the nerve to buy a pack (nobody cares if your underage where i live) and have continued since that day


At the age of 9, my dad used to send me to the store to buy him cigarettes. Back then, kids were able to buy. I really guess they wanted me to smoke. If I knew how good it was then, i would've bought them for myself or smoked one when one was left unattended in an ashtray. Sounds dumb, but cigarettes were calling me to smoke. I had dreams about always trying to light one up, but then someone would interupt, and I'd wake up. This happened a lot. One day while riding my bike by my next door neighbors house, my nice looking neighbor(she was about 27 at the time, I was 11, asked me to go the store because she needed cigarettes and couldn't get out. She smoked VS Menthol 100s. She looked hot smoking those things. I got up enough nerve to say sure, but only if you give me one so I can smoke. She said yes. She was desperate because she needed one. So I brought them to her and she gave me one. So we went out to her back porch and smoked. My first one. Got the usual dizziness, coughing, etc...It was so good. Finally I got to try it. Then I wanted another one, so she gave me one more and then I left. I said thanks! lol So she said, "Don't tell anyone that I gave you a cigarette and started you smoking". I said don't worry, because i would just tell my parents that I found one of theirs and smoked it. That night, at home, when my mom got home from work, I went into her purse and stole 3 out of it, then started sneaking out various times of day(and late at night after they went to bed), because I needed my fix. I was already addicted. It was so much fun, but a lot of pressure about having to sneak out and back in without getting caught. At night, the floor creaks louder and our back and front doors weren't quiet either. In the warmer time of the year, I would smoke in my room and turn the fan blowing out! When my parents, who both smoked, were watching TV in the family room, I was upstairs in the bedroom, watching TV and smoking. They never came up when I was smoking. After dinner, I would sneak outside smoke one. It was something to look forward too, and made me a great kid, because as long as I had cigarettes, I was happy, so I never complained about anything. When I stopped nagging my mom about smoking, she should've figured out why I stopped nagging her. lol I used to tell her (before I started enjoying them), to just put it in her mouth and don't light it. She always said, yeah, right...After I started smoking, I could see why. I figure if I ever quit, all of my efforts to smoke at age 11 would be for nothing. Not that I can quit, I can't and don't want to. How do you quit something that you love a lot. It is a real treat to smoke. Unlike no other thing I have ever done in my life. I wish i started at 5, or 4 even. But back then, I hated it, and was so against it like up until 9 years old or so. After that, I thought women looked so sexy and it looked so relaxing when they inhaled that smoke, I became interested in smoking. You give a person who hates cigarettes, a cigarette, and tell them to smoke it, guaranteed it will be their favorite thing to do. Non-smokers don't have a clue on how good it is and how hard it is to quit. I love to smoke but I can't see how anyone can smoke more than a pack per day. That does it for me, and I smoke them right down to the end. I smoke every cigarette like it's my last. Why does something so great like smoking, have to be bad for you? The only thing I hate about it, is the constant need for another one and always thinking about the next one. The obsession with cigarettes is awful. But I am glad I started. I tried quitting a few times right after I started, but I couldn't. I used to buy a pack, smoke 2 or 3, then crinkle the pack up and throw them away. I did this quite few times. One hour later I was taking them out of the garbage. I was hooked. This was only 2 years after I started. Now after 40 years on smoking, I have figured why bother to quit. I hate that empty feeling in my chest when I haven't had one in a while. I also hate the tingling in my lungs, fingers and mouth when I am craving one. Even still with that in mind, I am semi-relaxed, because i know I am going to have one very soon. I also love the smell on my fingers. PEOPLE WHO DON'T SMOKE, DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING! They really don't. I say, start young, and if I can't smoke anymore, I really don't care to live either. I know everyone on this site shares my view, right?


Started at 15, i am now 17, and close to half a pack a day (didnt really start at 15... really picked it up @ 17, at the beginning of summer) i buy em from this gas station by my house. i know everyone there so they never fucking card me. Usually i am a Camel turkish gold smoker. but now im goin back to Marb Light 100s. my first pack i ever got <3. loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My fascination with smoking started a long time ago. I've always found myself attracted to women who smoked (even though I would never outwardly admit it at that age, I hung around a group of friends who were quite opposed to smoking). One day when I was 17 I was really bold and I decided I wanted to try smoking for myself so I went to a gas station late at night and asked for a pack of Marlboro Reds. I was asked for ID but told the clerk I didn't have ID. He clearly knew I was under aged however he looked around the store to make sure that there was no one around and rang me up. Having absolutely no prior smoking knowledge I proceeded to directly inhale a Marlboro Red my first time smoking (bad choice :-p ). I immediately choked and felt like throwing up, so I put out the cigarette, threw out the pack, and told myself I would never try smoking ever again. Two years later I had the urge to reattempt smoking so I bought myself a pack of Marlboro Lights and read a few 'How To' sites on smoking and successfully smoked my first cigarette. I have moved up to Marlboro Reds and have been smoking them ever since.

Smoker at 11, With my Dad at 13

I smoked my first cigarette when I was 7 or 8, I don't remember exactly what age. I had always been fascinated with smoking and had a situation where I was alone with access to an open pack of my mother's Virginia Slims and a box of matches in the kitchen drawer. I smoked about half that cigarette and I didn't inhale, but I LIKED it. I found the taste to be strange but not horrible. After I put the cigarette out I knew I would be smoking again. And I did, whenever I got the chance, which wasn't very often at first but became more frequent as time went on.

My parents had a shotgun marriage and divorced when I was 2, but they remained friendly and lived within walking distance of each other. Custody was relatively informal and it was never a big deal to go back and forth. Both my parents smoked 100's. Dad smoked what were then Marlboro Longhorn 100's (now the Red 100's). I think this is where I got my love of long cigarettes from.

I started smoking more or less daily by the time I was in fifth grade, but still secret from everyone. I would buy packs at a bowling alley vending machine (75 cents! if I recall correctly). If I couldn't smoke at my mom's, I was often able to at my dad's or vice-versa depending on who was home. When I was in sixth grade I smoked for the first time with a couple of my friends, which was fantastic. I'd say I was somewhat addicted by then but my smoking was rarely more than five a day.

During that time I started to get caught, lighters in my pocket and backpack, smoke-smell on my breath, ashes on the sill of my bedroom window. I explained it away as just something I tried and that I wasn't a smoker (although I was). Mom was furious and gave me lectures, Dad a little milder in his concern that I was kind of young to be smoking. My stepfather stayed out of it but seemed to think it was kind of funny.

I date my real smoking habit to when I was 12 and in the seventh grade. That's when I began inhaling deeply and developing a smoking style. I learned to push out fat smoke rings (something I still love to do). On a day with no school and away from the parents I could smoke a whole pack of Marlboro 100's. Some of my friends were smoking too and we'd smoke whenever or wherever the situation allowed. By this time my parents definitely knew but it was a kind of don't-ask-don't tell situation.

I first smoked with my dad when we were on a long car trip back from visiting my grandmother. I hadn't smoked all day and was jonesing bad for a cigarette but didn't dare light up. After a couple of hours on the return trip, my dad offered me a cigarette before lighting up his own and said, "here, I know you want one." I hesitated but took it and lit up with him. I think it helped that we were in the car and didn't have to look straight at one another. After that I smoked several more on the rest of the trip, and began smoking openly around my dad. I was 13 at the time.

It was a while before I got up the nerve to smoke in front of my mom, but smoking with Dad turned out to be a lot of fun, especially in public places like restaurants. I think he knew that I enjoyed being a smoker as much as he did, and we all know that smoking is really nice when you're doing it with other people who like it as much as you do. My mom was less accepting - what I usually got when I finally started lighting up in front of her was a sigh and an eye-roll - but she got used to the reality of my smoking and didn't try to stop me.

This was all in the late 70's. As those who remember the time can attest, smoking at a relatively young age was a lot easier then than it is now. Cigarettes were easier to get, there were more places to smoke - my high school had an outdoor smoking patio - and parents didn't freak out as much. I'm 46 now. For a while in high school and college I smoked up to 2 packs a day but since my mid-20's I'm at a pretty steady pack a day. I still love my Marlboro Red 100's and have no intention of quitting.


Great story

Nothing better than hearing of a dad sharing a cigarette with his son. Bet you put a pack in you shirt pocket when you went out with him to dinner ;) How fast did you get to a pack a day after you had one with you dad?

smoked with my son

Totally agree with you. I smoked with my own son and it was great bonding. I'm a menthol 120s smoker and I knew he wanted to smoke around age 13. I said it would be ok and we shared many great nights puffing away together with our long menthols.

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