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Meeting girls who smoke

I think girls look incredible when smoking. I see myself as a non smoker dating a girl who smokes. Only question is where is the best place to meet good looking girls 18-20 who smoke since most girls at school nowadays don't smoke?

Ive got no clue bruh im 15 n

Ive got no clue bruh im 15 n my girl hates the fact that i smoke so....

Re: Meeting girls who smoke

Of the girls at your school who do smoke, are none of them attractive? Have you tried the theatre department? A lot of actresses still smoke, and a lot of them start young; also a fair number of musicians. Off campus, you might try clubs, coffeehouses, alternative video/bookstores; also parking lots outside restaurants, bars, and other public places. Or you can get yourself invited to parties, where girls are more likely to let their hair down. Usually you can kind of tell which girls smoke (usually you can smell it on them).

An alternative strategy would be to start carrying cigarettes yourself and look for girls you'd LIKE to see smoking. When you find one, start up a conversation with her and, if she's responsive, offer her a cigarette. If she's anti-smoking, she'll turn off to you--but then you weren't interested in her, anyway. If she says no but you sense some interest, then probably (a) she smokes but isn't admitting it or (b) she used to smoke but quit or (c) she's tempted. If it's any of these, your mission is clear. Imagine getting a sweet innocent freshman to become a sexy smoker! That would be worth going back to school for.

the best way to meet a good

the best way to meet a good looking girl who smokes, is to just find a good looking non-smoker, and get her to start smoking. it's so easy to get girls to start smoking :D just get a girl slightly turned on, then light one up right next to her, and offer her one.

just like that, you got yourself a hot smoking babe

i make a game out of it. my girlfriend already smokes, but i love flirting with random girls then offering them a cigarette.

i've even gotten a couple of my friends girlfriends addicted to cigarettes :D

I love smoking <3

I love smoking <3

You won't last... a non-smoker that is if you get involved with a woman who smokes. You will want to share the experience with her and she will want to share it with you. Of course once you start you won't want to quit.

First of all don't despair - there are probably more young girls that smoke than you realize. If the parking lot of my local high school is any indication it may be harder to find a non smoking young girl some places.

As far as dating advice - as a guy married to the same women for over 20 years I've been "out of the game" for some time now, but I see attractive young women smoking all the time near mall entrances and outside restaurants. The thing is that it's tough for a non-smoker to engage a smoker in these situations. As a smoker, the easiet icebreaker is to ask for a light.

The smoking area

The fact that every girl who smokes today is forced, like cattle, into the same smoking area probably makes it easier to meet a female smoker than in years past. They'll be at the bus or train station, and at the back entrance to the mall. if you're older, there will be tons of woman outside bars puffing away. If youre still in school, watch where the girls walking home from school all make a detour into a park or down an alley that goes nowhere. You'll soon find them standing under a cloud of smoke. The fact that you don't smoke might be an issue to them. Usually, a guy smoker finds it very easy to talk to a woman when in a smoking area because you are in tight quarters and already have one thing in common. I suggest you buy a pack, practice smoking until you don't look like a dork, and then ask the prettiest girl at the smoking area for a light. While you smoke your cigarette, tell her how you're trying real hard to quit. Continue to talk to her until you finish your cigarette. Once you get her cell phone number you'll never have to smoke again since as far as she knows, you finally suceeded in your attempt to quit. You'll also have a legitimate reason and excuse for being a non-smoker in the smoking section because now you can say you're either testing your resolve by seeing if you can hang out with smokers and not light up yourself or say that the thing you miss the most is beig able to hang out with other smokers. Like most of us on this site, you just might discover how much you like smoking and not want to quit.

.......or you could just get a t-shirt that says "non-smoker looking for smoking girlfriend."

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Meeting girls who smoke in London

I don't smoke often but I'm very attracted to girls who do (provided there is basic attraction anyway). The problem is it's getting harder to meet nice, pretty, intelligent girls who smoke, especially as I'm not really the bar/clubbing type, which is not to say I'm shy or don't like to go out and have fun (I do).
Anyone got any suggestions, or are there any girls on this forum (21-35 ish) who would be interested in chatting? (I hope this is not an inappropriate post.)

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If you don't mind unconventional types

..try the art scene. Artists smoke a lot! You might go to gallery openings, or insinuate yourself into an art school. Artists tend to have attitudes, but smoking seems to be a rite of passage.

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Thanks. I'll look into it.

Thanks. I'll look into it. According to an earlier post, a lot of actors and musicians smoke too... I suppose you could call them artists.

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