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Kings vs 100s

Just wondering why people buy kings over 100s


anybody have any ideas on this topic

i started smoking benson and

i started smoking benson and hedges special filter. loved those cigarettes for years. i then started experimenting opting for dunhill international which are midway between 100s and kingsize.

since dunhill chnaged the recipe, i switch between raffles 100s and benson and hedges gold 100s. raffles are a satisfying smoke, but benson and hedges is a higher quality smoke.

if i smoke a king size now, i feel i need to have a couple - king size feel like toy cigarettes. 100s are for a real smoker.

King Size

It's different taste betwen king size and 100s.And price is different.King size is more compact than the 100s.And,as I said,King Size smokes have better taste than 100s.On the other side,100s haves some ''extra puffs'',which is allowing to smoke longer


I smoke 100's regularly and find that kings are too short and boring. Most people smoke kings and blend in. 100's smokers tend to stand out a more and noticeable. I love the extra length of the filter and puffs they provide. The filter tends not to burn your lips as much or at all when you take that last full or particial drag. The only negitave I find is that when in a hurry 100's can sometimes take too long to smoke and a king would take less time. I love my 100's and don't find my self ever switching to kings anytime soon.

Love my 100s

As a guy who has smoked 100's for a lot of years, I have gotten way past some people who think "100s are woman's cigarettes". I just like everything about them and like the previous poster have no intentions of changing.

I often wonder how many people aren't really getting the full enjoyment out of smoking they should be because they allow others to influance their choice of brand/style. I sure hope it's not too often but sometimes I have my doubts. I've known people who would smoke one brand/style in public and another when they were alone or with close friends. Crazy!

American spirits

Usually I smoke American spirits, and those last longer than any 100 out there (with the exception of Pall Mall). Any marlboro 100 burns up quick anyway, so honestly it doesn't make a difference to me. If i get sick of American spirits I'm usually smoking camel wides, and its good they dont make those in 100's because if they did it would be way to much. overall, i buy kings more often and enjoy them more.


For me, it's only 120's! I started smoking them just a short time after I started smoking and have never wanted to switch. The only reason I would changed is if somebody came out with one even longer then that is what I would go to. As far as I am concerned, they can't make them long enough.

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