PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Closet smoker

Hi, I'm 31 years of age and I've been a light closet smoker now for 5 years but recently I've started to get very addicted to the point where it is getting hard to stay in the closet.
Today I smoked 12 cigarettes which seems to be about my normal amount when I am able to smoke freely. I have even gone from marlboro lights to marlboro reds as my need for nicotine increases.
I really enjoy smoking and do not want to give up. Do I stay in the closet or come out?

Come On Out

Come on out. What is keep you in the closet? If you enjoy it that much smoke out in the open. I do. If people don't like it so what! It is my life and I'll live it how I please.

out you come

for years I was a partial closet smoker, I amoked openly in the street, at work but until about a year ago very few of the family knew I smoked until I said sod it, been smoking for years, I am not ashamed of being a smoker. now I think everyone knows I smoke. will add I am bloody proud to be a smoker

Depends on why you are a closet smoker

I think this mostly depends on why you are a closet smoker. I am a smoker but my social world is primarily non-smoking. I am very self-conscious about my smoking and do not enjoy smoking publicly, so I smoke alone. I enjoy those times. This is very much a personal decision. Sometimes it can be a real drag when you need a cigarette and know that you can't have one for several hours. On the other hand, this creates an outside restraint on my smoking keeping the amount I smoke down. Today I only had 7 cigarettes. That was enough for me.

My husband will kill me if he knows!!!

I had smoked for about 30 years. In March of 2010, I quit along with my husband. Six months later, he was still a non-smoker but I started sneaking them again. I usually only have one a day but my husband doesn't know. If he finds out that I went back to smoking, I think he might kill me (not really but he will scream and swear at me, making my life a living hell). I really love smoking. Should I try to quit again or go on trying not to get caught!

Kill You or Join You?

How do you know he isn't sneaking them as well? You might both be sneaking them behind each other's back. If he knows you went back to smoking maybe he will too. That is what happened with my wife and me. We both laughed about it and went out on the deck for a smoke. :)

Are your a grown woman or a mouse?

If your husband don't like you smoking move out. How old are you? If he loves you he won't say a thing. Maybe you could get him started again too. Otherwise find another man who would love a smoking wife!


hey screw being a closet smoker it gets you no where in life and it makes you look like a complete puss so yeah and also saying your a closet smoker and to come on out GAY it sounds like your trying to come out of the closet to your parents about your homosextuality so yeah stfu smoke in public its manly and puts hair on your chest and shit

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