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Marlboro Red Label (Mediums)

Has anybody ever had these? i wanna give them a shot

Just remember, taste is

Just remember, taste is subjective. I've had them before and I didn't like the taste much at all. On the other hand, I very much like Marlboro Gold (Lights) and Marlboro Reds. Once you've given them a try, let us know how you like 'em.


Memories of a Marlboro Medium smoker

Several years ago, one of the fifteen year old lifeguards at the pool where we swam in the summer revealed that she was, and had been for some time, a smoker. In fact, she was one of the best teenage smokers I've ever seen. Her drags, inhales, and exhales were totally awesome and awe inspiring.

Her regular brand was Marlboro Medium which afforded me a chance to try them. I didn't notice too much difference between them and Marlboro Reds. One day, when she had a minor car accident on the way to work, she didn't have her cigarettes with her and really needed one (or a couple; the accident left her a bit shaky) so she copped her boyfriend's partial pack of Marlboro Reds and had no trouble smoking them just like her regular brand.

I taught her how to smoke non-filters, which she also had no trouble with, so I'd say, all told, that her Marlboro Mediums were a pretty decent brand and a reasonably strong cigarette, comparing not unfavorably to Marlboro Reds and Parliament 100s with the filter broken off.

This was the most stupid

This was the most stupid story ever written.

Mediums were my cigs of

Mediums were my cigs of choice when I lived overseas. They're a good mid point between lights and reds. Can't find then anywhere back home though.

I like mediums because they

I like mediums because they often are a dollar off, but otherwise ill stick to golds and reds. They tend to not sell as well as other cigs so the chances of getting a stale pack are higher. I do prefer the, to the special blend reds, though.

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