PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Pall Mall Red

i'm just wondering if anybody smokes these i have been smoking them for couple days and not sure what to think about them i guess there ok.

Pall Mall Red

If you mean the filter Pall Mall, I've tried the 100s and I think they're not entirely satisfying. Flavor ok, but they're too hard on the draw if you cover the filter holes with your lips and the filter holes vent too much. But, if you cut the filter off just above the bottom, there's a small band of cork left and they make an incredibly smooth, satisfying smoke as a non-filter. Probably about like a Pall Mall non-filter, though I haven't had one for awhile. I tried this because I was unsatified with them on the first couple and had the whole pack left. They were amazing without the filter and almost made me want to try some good non-filter kings like Pall Mall, PM Commanders or Chesterfields. It is incredible to get so much smoke and have it so smooth and non-biting, though I don't like other aspects of non-filters like the paper wetting or sticking to your lips and the tobacco bits in your mouth. But I've got to admit, they were a very deeply satisfying smoke without the filter! But some good strong full flavored filters like Reds 100s, Newport Reds or B&H full strength golds are just about as good with less work! Or, for a 120s kick, try Saratogas if you can find them. They're a lot like a long Marlboro Red 100.

Pall Mall Red

I like 'em. I've been smoking them exclusively (as far as "regular" cigarettes go) since I first discovered them and how cheap they are. In the past I've enjoyed a good non-filtered but never cared for Pall Mall (just couldn't get used to the taste and smell).

These days, I'm smoking a couple of "regular" cigarettes a day, augmented by lengthy sessions (usually two to four times a day) with my e-cig, which I've also come to like, and Marlboro Spearmint Snus, a recent discovery.

Hey, between the normal effects of aging and smoking for fifty years, I can't do the three packs a day or so I did in my smoking heyday. But I still love it, am hopelessly and happily addicted to it, and need to get my nicotine some way, right?

Oh, the smoking fetish alone, linking smoking and sexuality, would keep me from ever quitting, all by itself.

Pall Reds

same here i cut the filters off sometimes to. i stop doing that for little thou. a day or two ago i smoked 5 unfiltered in 1 hour and 1/2 or 2 and got bad nicotine headache and felt sick for a few hours

Pall Mall Red

They're not bad. They've got an interesting kick to them. I was on a little Pall Mall Red kick for a month or two back in high school when I was really short on cash lol. But anyway, they're not too bad. Like i said, interesting flavor, but not as strong as your mainstream full strenght cigarette. I haven't had one in a long time though. The only Pall Mall I've smoked lately is the Blue (Lights) cuz there's this lady that works at my school that I bum from occasionally. The Lights aren't that bad either but between the two I'd probably suggest the Red

pall mall red

well, in my opinion, pall mall reds are the best. they have the most satisfying falvor, and they last longer then (for example) newport menthols. and they are cheap, which is always a plus! these are my #1 choice in cigarettes, and i highly reccomend them to anyone looking for a good smoke.

Coming from Camel Shorts & Filters....

I went from smoking Camel shorts to buying Camel filters AND Camel shorts - depend on my mood, time of day, etc.

I still stick by my turkish & domestic blend C's, but I did pick up a pack of Pall Mall Reds just last night to try it.

They didn't have the non-filters, which is ok bc I don't mind a filtered smoke every now-and-then, so I picked up PM Reds, with filters.

Results? I like them! It took me a few to finally nail down the taste of the tobacco, but it's not too bad and the first thing I noticed.... they were SMOOOOOTH! Had me coming back for more quicker than my C's!

Who knows.... I guess I'll have to carry around my C shorts, C filters AND PM Reds now!

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