PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Can smoking help me lose weight?

Hi, I am a 19-year-old college student. I was quite thin before I started college and often ate fresh fruits, vegetables, organics, and other 'healthy' types of foods (that my mother purchased). However, as I'm sure many of you who atttend/ed college know, money can be extremely tight when in college. For me and my (also broke!) friends, the only way to eat is to go to the cafeteria, which has a pathetic, wilted-lettuce salad bar as the only healthy choice. Every day the food is deep-fried, cooked in oil and butter, heavy on fat and calories. It is impossible to do a good job studying when your stomach is growling, and so eat the caf food we do. Also, healthy foods are generally fresh foods with a short shelf life; if I buy a head of lettuce or bag of grapes, I usually can't eat it before it goes bad because although I have a dorm room, I stay off-campus with friends alot. Although I haven't got anywhere near the 'freshman 15', a few pounds have come creeping up on me and i don't appreciate it!! lol.
I have been a casual, pack~2-3 weeks smoker for about a year now, just as an enjoyable social thing. I have lately been considering increasing my smoking a bit as a appetite-suppressing device, like instead of running to the vending machine and getting unhealthy foods late at night after scraping up some change, instead just step out, have a cigarette, and hopefully supress my appetite. My college town has an awesome tobacco-supply shop and I can generally get decent cigs on the cheap, so I would be saving money. I can afford a pack a week, so that would alow me about 3 cigs every day. Plus a few of my friends smoke and everyone is always willing to let a friend bum a smoke, if I ever got desperate.

So my specific questions I suppose would be:
Will smoking cigarettes help suppress my appetite and lose weight/at least not gain anymore?
Has anyone had experience with using smoking to help control weight, and what were the results?
Is it more effective to smoke INSTEAD of or BEFORE eating (like to eat less)?
Is it true that smoking helps you burn more calories when you do exercise?

Thank you very much..I have been searching Google for hours on this and I can't find anything except anti-smokers constantly bitching at us smokers, no helpful advice. thanks!!!!!!!

Be Careful

I think smoking is a poor alternative to healthy food. I have heard that people keep the weight off when smoking, but we should not replace it. Especially as a smoker, we need to counter our source of pleasure with other healthy lifestyle practices. Regular exercise (which can also curb hunger) and a good diet are not just for non-smokers. I remember when I was in college and ate at the cafeteria. While they did a better than average job of presenting healthy options, there was always the continual never failing source of ice cream in all the varieties. That was great, but didn't help with weight. I think I exercise so I can have my desserts and enjoy my smoking more. So...exercise, eat well, drink lots of water and enjoy your cigarettes!

Thank you!!! :) I have

Thank you!!! :) I have already begun to do my best to eat healthier. I agree diet and exercise will be my main focus, but I will probably use smoking as a kind of supplement to my plan. Thanks again :)

Smoking To Lose Weight

Here are my thoughts to your questions:

Three cigarettes per day is not enough to suppress your appetite enough to lose weight. I think you'd need to smoke about 10 per day to achieve that.

I smoke 10 to 15 per day and that does help me control my weight.

Smoking on an empty stomach makes me nauseous. Smoking after I eat is wonderful. Eat as healthy as you can as smoking does not replace food.

I have never heard that smoking helps you burn more calories. I think that is an urban legend.

Please remember that smoking is an addiction and you smoke to replace the nicotine your brain desires for pleasure. Smoke for pleasure not to lose weight. Enjoy it!!

Thanks so much!! I am going

Thanks so much!! I am going to use diet and exercise as my main methods of weigt loss/control, but also use smoking as an appetite suppressant and metabolism increasing mechanism (I believe the nicotine does increase that and heart rate). Thanks so much, and I am definitely considering increasing my smoking ;)

Losing weight by smoking

I think you will need a ciggy before each small meal and another as soon as you finish each meal to achieve your appetite suppression. Happy smoking and enjoy the experience.

Thank you!! Exactly what I

Thank you!! Exactly what I was looking for: specific instructions. I am def gonna try it, thanks :)

smoking burns calories

Smoking burns calories, about 200 kcal per day if you smoke. It's the energy your body needs to reduce the nicotine. Thats the reason why people get fat when they stop smoking no matter if they only eat healthy food. Many of my friends quit smoking because of financial reasons. Now they spend their money for diet plans and food, weightwatchers and so on.

smoking also reduces your feeling of hunger. There's nothing better than a cup of coffee and a cigarette. That helped me to reduce everlasting 50 pounds of weight. No diet had this result.

Losing weight by smoking

Have you achieved your weight loss that you intended by smoking now? It has been proven that smoking does work. Let us know how you are getting on.

losing weight by smoking

Hi i have been smoking about a year, a pack a day ,and i have lost 8 pounds i'm a senior in high school . Lots of luck!! Smoking is fun once you get the craving...

Taste also a factor...

While nicotine is a stimulant, and thus an appetite suppressant in itself, the taste of food changes when one smokes. In particular, some sweet foods aren't as appealing (particularly for myself).

Smoking on an empty stomach can make one nauseous and even cause headaches at times, but if you're not on a starvation diet, smoking before eating decreases the urge to eat a huge meal. I feel "full" more quickly if I smoke before eating, and many people claim that after-meal smoking is great. I don't like to feel really full when I smoke, but about hal an hour to an hour after a meal, I can enjoy it.

Smoking 2-3 per day is probably not enough to achieve this effect -- the suggested 10 or so would work (has for me). I've lost about 10-15 lbs in the past two months as a result of increasing my smoking.


If you smoke american spirit 3 cigs will help.
What most people don't even realize is that tobacco is a bitter herb. Which gets digestion going

You can achieve some similar qualities of smoked tobacco with green smoothies... the bitter greens like kale.

However its not as stimulating. And I know what you mean. So much easier to smoke a tiny cig that doesn't go bad. Less time to shop prepare and "eat" a cig

Not to say its the better way but feels that way

Yes It Works

That's a reason why almost all models and actresses smoke. I have read studies that have found smokers in fact are thinner on average (with manyindividual exceptions of course) than nons. Back when everybody smoked there wasn't nearly the obesity epedemic we have today.

Smoking to lose weight

How much weight have you lost and how many are you smoking a day?

Smoking to lose weight

Due to a medical condition, my appetite increased and I was sedentary for a long period. I gained about 80 pounds. I know that I am a prone to habitual behaviors for a short run. Then I replace one behavior with another. I am going to try a cigrarette before and after lighter meals to lose weight. I will see if I can reduce my eating habits in short order. Also, I am becoming less sedentary. I smoked before and quite a couple times, not more than a few months. I am confident that I can quit as I begin to increase activity and more dietary discipline. The plan is to smoke about 3 months and see if it helps. I think 6 a day and keep it there. Will let you know.

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