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difference between reg marb reds and red 100's

reds and reds 100

most cigs taste the same in different lenghts, but reds are one of the few that do have a me, they are a lot sweeter in the 100's than in the regular size... and the taste of reds 72's, to me, is kinda in between a regular and a 100

other cigs with differences:

1. marb menthol vs. marb menthol 100's --- 100's are smoother
2. marb 54's vs. marb 5'4 100's --- can't really taste much menthol in the 100's
3. marb menthol milds vs. marb menthol milds 72's --- the menthol in the 72's tastes kinda like a generic brand, whereas in the regular size, they taste much better

anyway, those are my experiences, hope you enjoyed reading about them haha

Marlboro Red 100s

More filter, more length, more puffs, more smoke, more cigarette to hang out of the mouth, more marlboro. i only wish they made a 120.


damn, me too

Marlboro 100's

I have smoked Marlboro 100's for many years, don't see much difference between the 100's and 72's, but love the longer smoke. I didn't like Marlboro when I started smoking, I smoked Winston 100's because I guess the lady next door who helped me get started smoked Winston 100's. One day went into a store to buy Winston's and they were out, I picked up the Marlboro and been with them ever since. I just found the site, it's great, with a lot of good information. Keep enjoying your cigarette's.


Red 100's are definitely

Red 100's are definitely smoother than kings. They also have more filter ventilations which adds to this.

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