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Marlboro 100's in the gold pack

Anybody remember when Marlboro 100's used to be in the gold pack? So much better in my opinion. Used to love spotting a gold pack in a woman's purse or seeing her pick up a pack at the store--was always such a rush. Anyway, I bought an old unopened pack off ebay and it came today. Of course, the cigarettes inside were quite old but I quickly refilled the gold box with a fresh pack and can now use it for that same old rush.... Sure wish they would just go back to the gold pack permanetly.

A classic for sure

I heard at the time they changed to the same red pack because the different packs confused some people. It sounded like bs at the time and still does.

I'll bet pulling out a classic "Longhorn" gold pack sparks some interesting conversation.

a smoke shop owner

I know for a fact the gold pack is still around

interested buyer

Where can I find the gold pack?

There is a gold pack, but not The Gold Pack.

Once the FDA banned the labeling of cigarettes as lights, Marlboro Lights became Marlboro Gold. These are not the same as Marlboro 100's on the gold pack.


Also called the Longhorns

They were also called the Marlboro Longhorn 100s, back in the early 70s they had 22 mg. tar 1.5 mg. nicotine. They were my brand and still are, I'd give anything to see them in a 120. Lady like style was to have a longer more elegant cigarette, so all the true blue genuine smoker women that love the rich full flavored Marlboro switched to the 100s & nothing looks cooler than a fresh lit Marlboro full flavor Longhorn 100 hanging out of their mouth.

Marlboro 100's in the gold pack

I'm like all the other folks with an opinion I'd wish for the gold pack of Marlboro 100's to come back. I hope this isn't the reason, but it's almost like the government told Philip Morris to change the color because it was attracting too many people to start smoking, especially young attractive girls. As stated in another opinion, I absolutely loved seeing a young attractive girl pull out a gold pack of Marlboro 100's from her purse or buying a pack at the local store. They look incredibly sexy smoking them. And they love smoking them too. The red pack is great, but the gold pack was way better IMHO.

I wish they'd come back too

I also miss Marlboro 100s in the gold pack. I remember ladies of all ages smoking those quite often back then. It was so sexy to see a women with a pack in her purse, pocket or wherever she kept them. I remember watching many women take that gold colored pack, remove a cigarette and light up. What a beautiful sight it was! This contributed to a huge smoking fetish that I still have to this very day.

I was a too young to buy my own cigarettes back then so I had to settle for sneaking one every now and then. My parents had a couple of good looking female friends who smoked them so I would swipe from their pack when no one was looking.

I remember the first time I went to the store and noticed that they had switched to the red pack. I was in disbelief. All I had left now were memories.

I've learned to live with Marlboro 100s in the red pack and am still highly turned on when I see a woman with a pack. If they ever switched back to gold, my fetish would probably soar to new heights.

how much were they on eBay?

Jusy curious, because I saved several packs -unopened, soft pack and box- thinking someday they'd be collector items (I even saved an empty carton). Wondering what they go for now.


I paid $6 for an unopened box. Do you still have any? If so, interested in selling any?

gold pack

They still sell marlboro 100s in gold pack here in Atlanta, ga. My gf jyst bought her a pack today.

Marlboro 100's in the gold pack

I loved the gold pack. I switched brands when they changed to red.

They were gold pack when i

They were gold pack when i started smoking in the 80s. I smoked them sometimes, then gravitated more to regular reds, which i smoked pretty exclusively into my 20s. It was in '98 they switched to the red pack for red 100s (I understand so as to keep their color scheme uniform, ie. full flavor = red). Since then, i've smoked them from time to time.

Gold Pack in Atlanta?

So are they the real, original-looking Gold Pack 'Longhorn' 100's? (here's an old ad of what the true gold pack looked like):

I ask, because the current wording for 'Gold Pack' is essentially Marlboro Lights 100's, but without the word 'Lights' (picture of carton at Cosco):

Marlboro 100's in the gold pack

These were my brand back in the day, but even if I wanted to smoke now, I couldn't afford them.

Back in the day, 30 or 40 cents a pack was commonplace, but even at a $1.00, it was no big deal...Now, a single carton of Marlboro 100's is around $100.00. You can't afford to be a heavy smoker...a four pack a day habit is gonna be $36.00 to $40.00 a day.

I miss those days. I have not touched a smoke in 20 years and I still would take it up again in no time at all but my wife hates it...

My first brand

Marlboro 100's in the gold pack was my first brand when I started smoking around 1982.It's a strong full flavor cigarette.A friend of mine smoked them and gave me one and I adopted them as my regular brand.I smoked Marlboro 100's all through high school and slightly beyond before switching to a different brand.Not exactly a starter brand by today's standards,but back then we smoked whatever was handed to us because when you're just starting you don't know any better.

Marlboro full flavor 100s

They came our before there ever was lights or mediums, they were also called the Longhorns. I'd love to see women in the ads for Marlboro 100s, a big long fresh lit cork 100 hanging out of her mouth with a caption like "I love to spend all my time in Marlboro Country with a rich longhorn 100. A lady friend of mine who loves her Marlboro 100s (2ppd) said one day she'd be in an ad if the opportunity presented itself.

Have her make a fan ad...

..and post it on YouTube - I'd bet it would get a ton of hits before either PM or gov't forced it down. That would be an user generated ad worth viewing. I get nostoligic thinking about those good old days back then when it was ok to enjoy a smoke. I have often wondered why Marlboro never used women in their ads, especially for the 100s, but then I guess that wasn't quite the image they were after.

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