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Winston 100s

I am a totally dedicated Winston 100s fan. my mom used to smoke them and i loved how she and they looked. any other Winston loyalists out there?

They are simply wonderful.

They are simply wonderful. I wonder why the WInston family of cigs is not more popular with smokers. The full flavors are thick and full of nicotine, ff 100s are loaded with nicotine and are very smooth. Even the lights are thick and full of nicotine. I really think any Marb smoker would love these if they would only give them a chance.


I like the old Winston 100s from the 70s with 21 mg tar, 1.4 nicotine, a beautiful long cork filter with a gold band at the end by the tobacco part of the cigarette. My friends mom smoked them like a chimney, I talked to a few other gals who were loyal Winston 100s smokers. I love the old winston ads like on this site with the beautiful Winston 100s smokers in them. Such sweet ladies & such a love for that long strong cork filter Winston 100. Winston tastes good like a - - cigarette should.

My mom smoked Winston 100s

Winston 100s were very popular with the ladies in the 1970s. When I was a child that decade and my mother ALWAYS had a lit Winston 100 between her fingers or ips. I especially remember all the car rides where my mom smoked with the windows closed. It would get so smokey in there but I actually thought it smelled nice, it gave me a warm and comforting sensation to be in a thick could of secondhand Winston 100 smoke. I also remeber the gold packs.There was always a least a pack in my moms purse or beside her wherever she was.
She switched to lowe tar brands towards the end of the 70s.

Why in World ?

One of my first girlfriends was a dedicated Winston 100 smoker. She got me hooked. Although I do Marlboro 100's today. I never forget her saying " Why in the world would you smoke anything else " By the way 30 years later, she still smokes Winston 100's. Talk about loyalty

I used to smoke Winston

I used to smoke Winston Lights exclusively. Loved them! You could not get me to smoke anything else. I especially loved how you really feel the smoke hitting your lungs! That might sound weird, but Winstons have a special "bite", so to speak.

But...I found they kept changing the formula or something. I just don't like the taste as much as I used to. I still try them once in a while to see if they changed back.

Winston 100s

If anyone would like to talk about Winston, please feel free to email me

We love Winston 100s

My wife and I both smoke Winston 100s. We absolutely love them.

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"1970s Winston"

The 1970s/80s era Winston was hands-down the best cigarette ever. Full rich flavor, with a strong shot of nicotine, yet smoother than Marlboro (the same was true, by the way, of Camel Filters). In the year I became a regular smoker, FF Winston Kings were 19 mg. tar/1.3 mg. nicotine - compared to FF Marlboro Kings Box at 17 mg. tar/1.1 mg. nicotine (I looked it up in the cigarette advertisement archive here at SFG to double check my memory). I didn't, and still don't, usually smoke 100s - the longer filter makes a harder draw, and for what, maybe a couple extra drags? But I remember that I did pick up a pack of Winston 100s on my way to pick up my senior prom date. I might have chosen the 100s on that occasion because the deeper pocket of the tuxedo jacket would easily hold the longer pack. Too bad the classic Winston blend that I so enjoyed had to change about 1996, or maybe 1997. I didn't take the change well at all. After more than 15 years of Winston brand loyalty, I started smoking Marlboros and Camels. In fact, the Camel Wides were a pretty good replacement. Is there a more manly cigarette that delivers a thick and heavy stream of smoke to your lungs? But the memory of those great Winston smokes still lives on.

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"Original" Winston

While I was on vacation in Puerto Rico I had the pleasure of smoking some "original blend" Winston Reds again. This time, I happened to look closely at the packet. The Winstons sold in Puerto Rico are made in the U.S.A. (but are NOT the "additive-free" Winstons; that is, they're still the "old" Winstons, with the same pre-1996 packet design) and are not "fire-safe compliant." Tasted good, as a cigarette should! Winston is the best-selling brand in Puerto Rico, so I guess that explains why RJR didn't push the "new" Winstons in that market.

Winston 100s

Well, my mom smoked these, and I kept asking for them, so I guess they were good. After, for some reason, my parents got me to quit, after a while I started stealing my mom's 100s when I restarted, and that was fun as hell. I never stole my dad's because he smoked Winston Kings. I always loved the 100s the best.

Winstons were the brand

Back in the 1960s Winstons were THE brand that nearly every kid I knew smoked. And when Winston 100s came out in that gold pack, we all switched to those. I began smoking Winston menthol 100s and smoked those for years.

Now I smoke Marlboro menthol 100s and sometimes Newport 100s.


When did Winston 100s in the Gold Pack come out? The Winston Menthol 100s came out in 1967, right?
I liked them because the Flintstones smoked them. lol

SuperKing Size Winston

Winston Super King in the gold pack came out in 1967, after being tested for a year or so. RJR is the only tobacco company to ever get the right taste in a cigarette as far as I am Concerned. They are Great! I believe that the menthol Winston were out at the same time.

1967 for both

Winston 100s and Menthol 100s, and Salem 100s came out in 1967. All of the 100s ads started in 1967, so that's it! A few great cigarette ads. When I discovered Salem 100s, I loved those damn things.

Ok, another mention. The

Ok, another mention. The Winston Superking was brought to market on January 19th 1967. I'm not sure about the menthol flavor.

I have never tried a Winston,

I have never tried a Winston, but after reading so many good things about them on this site and others, I think I'll give them a try and buy a pack of the light 100s today.

I commented earlier on a

I commented earlier on a girlfriend who was a Winston 100 loyalist ( and still is ) Truth is , this how I became a dedicated smoker. When we'd go out, she would lite up. I remember her telling me , No point on dating me if your not going to smoke. She would actually light them for me , within a week. I was hooked. Sometimes , we would do 2 at a time. To get the buzz. Triple clutching ( inhaling ) We would buy two packs a day ( 1977 prices 1.00 dollar. ) No turning back......... And hadn't--------- Shame on those Smoking Females

Winston 100s with Dad

When I was 11 I got caught smoking my stepfathers Winston 100s. I thought for sure I would get in trouble but to my surprise my stepfather let me continue to smoke. He and I ended to sharing that Winston together. It was a special bond we shared. He was so pleased I wanted to smoke his brand. I promised him I would always smoke his Winstons. My Mother smoked Virginia Slims I was not a fan of them. My stepfather told my Mother that I smoked she did not like it and said I should not smoke but my Stepdad stood up for me and said he would let me smoke. In fact I always loved our after dinner Winston 100 he would light up 2 cigarettes and gave me one or we would share one. I will always cherish those Winston 100s we shared I was a Daddy's girl I miss him so much but memories of us smoking together I will carry with me along with our Winston 100s. He always told me I smoked the best and he was right. Despite Winston changing the look of the packs over the years, when I started they were the Gold pack. I am still a faithful Winston 100s smoker. Every time I light up a Winston 100s I always think about him and how grateful I am to him for letting me smoke and the many Winstons we shared in the car after a meal or just watching TV. I hope he is proud of me for being true to Winston 100s. Even to this day the smell of that Winston smoke in the air takes me back to a place that we shared as Father and Duaghter smoking together

Nice story !

Very nice story, Winston 100's that's i smoke too, excellent brand but not much popular, unfortunately...

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