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Does anyone know where to find 120mm cork cigarettes. I Do not know who makes them. Do they even make them? I would like to try them. I smoke all white 120's sometimes when I am home alone. I am a guy and do not feel comfertable smoking them out in public. I am not gay or anything and you only see women smoking 120mm ciigarettes. Only women do. I think if it had a cork filter it would not stand out very much. If anyone wants to offer any helpfull advice that would be very great. Thanks!

Women are not the only ones

Women are not the only ones who smoke 120's. I am a man and enjoy Misty Menthol 120's. I have also found other men on this site who do so as well. While they have been marketed exclusively toward women, that does not make 120's a "female cigarette." This is just social conditioning. Adding 20mm to a cigarette does not make it just for women. I enjoy the extra time of smoking that a 120 provides. 100's just don't do it for me. I recently tried Marlboro Skyline 100's and was just not satisfied. I gave them away.

Saratoga 120's

I think Saratoga 120's are the only 120mm cigarette sold in the United States that have a cork tip and they are still available.

You can find an advertisement for it here:

As you can see, it was marketed towards men and women.


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