PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

My wife smokes...

My wife and I are both 21, and she started smoking when she was 17, and is about a pack a day. I've always tried getting her to quit for health reasons, not real serious about her quitting, but just mentioned it a few times. Over the past few months I've been thinking more and more 'Why does she smoke anyways?' So occasionally I would smoke one on the way home from work after a stressful day, but I've never told her. In the last week I've been smoking 4-5 cigarettes a day, and last night I had my first craving. I want to tell her that I want to be a smoker too, but after the years of telling her to quit, I don't know how to explain that I want to smoke. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tell her? I think I should tell her just how I feel. I love the feeling of smoking! And what makes it easier I guess is that she knows her smoking is REALLY attractive to me. I have a five day weekend for Memorial day this weekend, and I think I'm going to come out then.

Do it.

The best thing is to be open and honest with her. Somewhere in the back of your head, you've always wondered why she smokes, and have finally decided to give it a try yourself. Tell her that you've tried it a few times and that you've not only decided to stop bothering her about quitting, but would like to share the experience with her. Light one for yourself, then offer to light hers. It won't be long before you become a regular, addicted smoker like her. While I don't know from firsthand experience, I hear that couples that smoke really enjoying the times when they can together.

Good luck, have a great Memorial Day weekend, and best wishes to you and your smoking partner.

Maybe just tell her that you

Maybe just tell her that you have tried a few cigarettes just to see what all the fuss is about. Explain that you wanted to know the feeling that smokers get and why they smoke. So you have just had a few over the last couple of weeks and now you know why she enjoys it. The thing is, your wife smokes because she is addicted. Its sounding like you are becoming addicted rather quickly now yourself so you have a decision to make. You could stop now and tell her that its not really your thing, or you could say that now that you have tried a few, you totally understand why she smokes. She would be rather happy that you smoke I would think, so it should be pretty easy to tell her really. I guess being a bit of an anti and then starting yourself opens you up to your wifes hassling for a bit. But from experience, antis that become addicted, really take to it and find it rather had to stop. But if you decide to stop, it may be best just to let your wife be. If a smoker is nagged about quitting, they usually dig their toes in and dont even try. Quitting has to be something she really wants or it will never happen. Keep us posted with what you decide.

People Change

People change I use to be anti smoking now I smoke. And I wonder why I was anti smoking so long.

Just Tell Her

Just come out and tell her. I can tell my wife anything. Keeping this a secret will just prolong your dilemma. She'll understand. Smoking is great. My wife and I enjoy it too.

I told her

So I told her, and she laughed! She handed me cigarette and we lit up, now we smoke together all the time! Thank-you all of you for the encouragement! Looking back, I don't know why I didn't tell her sooner. She wants to help me try other types of cigarettes and see which ones I like best now! I'm so glad I told her! now I'm on my way to becoming a smoker!

Good For You!!

Great job!! Good luck in your new habit. :))

Great! and grats.

See? She not only understands, but wants to be helpful in matching you to your brand. Best wishes for many days of being a smoking couple.

great luck... smoke

wow!! gud luck smoking im an anti,anyone wanna persuade me to smoking?


I think it's great that you both smoke.It's an extra thing you have in common.Enjoy your cigarettes together.Smoking is a good habit to have and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

i wanna start but i dont know wt to do?

i wannna start,,can anyone tell me how???

I wanna start

Just go and buy a pack of cigarettes and light up. Inhale a little and hold the smoke in your lungs-a week or two of this and you will need to smoke regularly. Keep us posted.

So how is it going?

It's been a while. What brand have you settled on? Up to a ppd? Enjoy and give us an update!

I wanna start

So, just go and get a couple of packs, light up and start smoking. Take it easy at first but remember to inhale. Becoming a smoker is great and you will love smoking your cigarettes after a week or so. Soon you will not be able to stop and if you dont have a cigarette regularly you will suffer intense cravings that you will only be able to stop by having another cigarette. Losing control over your smoking is a very powerful feeling-once you are addicted you will see for yourself. It's great not being able to stop-you wont believe how your cigarettes will control you! I just tried smoking a few cigarettes and now I am a very happy contented nicotine slave.


Well I've been smoking steadily since my first post up there, and I'm loving it! I don't smoke alot (only maybe four a day) because of my work schedule, but I am loving it! On weekends I smoke alot more, and I get cravings all the time, but that just makes the next cigarette that much better! I've been smoking Camel Crush's or Camel Menthols. I've tried TONS of other brands/blends/whatever, but I think I've definately settled on Camels. The only thing I'd say to anyone new starting out is to not try to smoke as much as you can as soon as you start. My wife has been smoking since she was about seventeen, and is at 1ppd, so when I started I tried matching her, and I felt like crap! lol! So I just started smoking whenever I felt like it, and it is amazing! I'm defintatly glad i started and I probably won't ever stop!

Re update

Good that you are enjoying smoking. My gf started smoking regularly at the start of the year and is enjoying being a smoker. Lots of deep inhales and holding the smoke inside her for several seconds before exhaling got her addicted pretty quickly. Just like your wife she now is smoking more than me and with each draw she takes I can see the pleasure she gets satisfying the intense cravings she now gets. It is nice having a smoking partner.

Re Update

Good for you.I'm glad that you and your wife are smoking together.Once you take that first step and start smoking,you'll never regret it.Enjoy your cigarettes.

My wife smokes

I am 30 my wife of 1yr is 20yrs older than me - she loves smoking, she smokes 1 pack a day Superkings black is her brand, I have been nagging her for a good while to stop because it's horrible when we kiss etc etc. 2 weeks ago she jokingly said that I should give it a go! are you mad? I replied!! at least we will taste the same when we kiss she said! she said she would teach me how to start - I lit one took a few small inhales then passed the ciggy over to her to enjoy, I did this every hr for 1 day then I tried to smoke a full one all by myself, I got the hang of it rather quickly! 2 weeks on I understand why she smokes! it is lovely! I have always been anti-smoking all my life, there I have said it. The perfect habit.

Women who smoke are sexy!

Women who smoke are sexy!


you are both smoking a good brand, surprised you havent started sooner as a lady smoking superkings looks sooo good. hope you continue to enjoy your new habit. Keep it up and your lungs will match your wife's

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