PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Turning 18 soon...girlfriend wants me to start smoking

I'm turning 18 in a few days and my girlfriend has convinced me that I should start smoking right away. She says she wants to get me addicted as quickly as possible. So were going to go to the store and buy 1 pack of Marlboro lights and one pack of Camel menthols to see which I like better (She thinks I'll like the Camels better but I think I'll like the Marlboros more). She told me I have to smoke one cigarette every other hour for the first day, then every hour the next, then finally one every half hour. Do you think I will be addicted by the end of the week? I still can't decide whether or not being addicted will be a good thing or a bad thing. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

It's great

It's great! Really amazing feeling thinking you can stop and the next minute you are happily puffing away again!

I would say by the end of

I would say by the end of the first week you will definately be addicted depending on what strength cigarettes you buy. I assume your girlfriends loves smoking?? How much does she smoke? Keep us updated

If you're really convinced...

...that smoking will be something you want, I'd suggest Reds, but Lights are okay, too. As for pacing, get through a couple before you decide any sort of pacing. If you don't immediately enjoy it, you'll be disappointed that you won't adhere to an artificial quota, and might even make yourself nauseous by trying too much too fast.

On the other hand, if you find yourself really liking it right away, you'll also want to move forward with caution. Your body has to get used to smoking, no matter how much you enjoy the taste and buzz. Ease into it. At 18, you have many years to consider this decision and how you pace yourself. If you like smoking, you will be addicted eventually, and when that happens, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the habit.

Turning 18 soon, girlfriend wants me to start smoking

How is the smoking going? Please let us know!


as a youngster my auntie smoked, it looked good, so i thought i would try it, as soon as you start taking it back your hooked, but i will only smoke Rothmans as other cig smoke i think is terrible, a 20 pack about 2 days, thats OK,

good but not addicted

I am not on her schedule but smoke camel methol crush for now. It is about 10 a day as i feel like it. She has been smoking salem for a year now and said too strong for me. I do like to inhale the smoke deep to avoid a cough. No big craving or addiction but it is early. My family loves my gf and smoking is a non issue for them. We just love each other and smoke together now as i feel like it for fun. This is not a competition.

good but not addicted

Let us know how your smoking is going, any cravings yet? How many a day are you now smoking and have you tried a stronger brand yet?


GF is sooo happy. I light up now to feel good. Craving got me, same brand but hers are a big nic rush but taste OK when I have none. Thanks for the help.

Pleasure is great, smoker with GF forever

Yes, I am a smoker now with GF. I started 3 weeks ago and now need a smoke when I wake and every few hours. She smokes more but I am close to her at about 15-20 a day. We have all weekend to be together and smoke all we want and It is mind blowing at times with GF and I smoking togeather. We are very happy smokers and lovers. Glad I started and should have done it sooner and I wanted her to quit the last years.

Good on you.

Well done on becoming a smoker! I started smoking 2 days ago and reading your progress is really encouraging me to continue! I cant wait till I am totally addicted and have cravings! If you have any advice let me know.

congratulations on getting

congratulations on getting addicted. it feels great knowing you can't stop even if you try.

try to expose other anti-smokers to the joy of smoking. once you get them to smoke a couple cigarettes, they'll wonder why they didn't start sooner. it's the best feeling when you get an anti-smoker to try a cigarette, and seeing them get addicted. you can make a game out of it :)

Tips I learned from GF

Love my first smoke of the day, camel crush is cool because you can change the flavor on demand. For last 6 months GF would ask me to go get her pack and take one out and light it for her, so I had lots of experience opening packs and lighting her salem in my mouth and giving it to her, I enjoyed watching GF smoke and wanted to help her feel calm and relaxed but hoped she would quit smoking. She would ask me do this in public with friends and family. GF trained me to find her cigarettes, light one and give it to her everywhere we went.
She encouraged me to give smoking a try by buying my own pack of camel crush and marlboro lights, had me hold the unlit cigarette under my nose and enjoy the sweet tobacco aroma every time before I lit it. GF showed me her favorite inhales and had me duplicate it with her. Now I am still finding, lighting and inhaling GFs salem, I never inhaled hers until 3 weeks ago and now do it without thinking, GF said it is a sign my new addiction.
Without knowing, GF had trained me to find, open and light her cigarettes so the easy part was to have my own different brand and learn to inhale. GF made it completely natural to become a smoker and I am just now understanding this.

Liking GF smokes better now

Since GF and her mom alway have the salem cartons I am adjusting to them. They are very strong but the flavor is OK if you like ments. GF got started smoking with her mom at 16 years old and I am close behind at 18 years old. GF is 18 now. We were dating all this time before she started smoking and I wanted her to quit until just last month, since I started smoking last month and love the craving now. My parents are smokers so no issue with family. I love GF and still light her salems for her. Commnts Please.


I turned 18 this feburary, but have been smoking regularly for probably at least half a year before that. I really love it, and would never give it up - though, I'm not heavily addicted (I probably smoke 5-10 cigarettes a day, I'm a closet smoker as I'm still living with my family, and they definitely wouldn't approve. Tbh, I have to use nicotine gum whenever I have to spend long periods of time with them, or even just when smoking would be too risky and they might catch me, so I probably am more addicted than a regular 5-10 cigarette per day smoker as a result.) I can't imagine life without smoking really, nicotine is really something I love dearly. I just wish I had a girlfriend like yours =P You're really lucky.

Good on you

You should be getting cravings by now. Please let us know how they feel-it's so exciting becoming a smoker!

GF's mother explained bieng a smoker

OK, GF mother is in her late 40's and started at 15. Now her daughter and my GF for 2-3 years is a committed smoker. She said that you need good inhales because the smoke coats your lungs with tars that are full of nocotine. The brain loves the nicotine and makes you feel good so you need the high tar to get high nicotine to feel even better. She said salem have menthol to help the nicotine in the blood stream and feel good longer. she said the salem are very high in tar and nicotine and I should keep with it for a month longer. I have taken her advice and still smoking 15-20 a day and double that on some weekends. She and my GF smoke 1-2 packs a day and want me the be there next month. I like the feeling and never thought i would be a smoker but love it. My parents want me to make my own decision and love my GF and me, as a smoking couple. I feel bad for those with negative family pressures not to smoke. I and being encouraged to smoke and taking my own sweet time but and loving it first time in the am and after meals and you know what.

lucky you!

I have the same situation but my parents are non smokers and I have to sneek smokes around my family. I smoke like crazy at my GFs and it is all good. Very addicted with my GF and love it!


Yes you will get more nicotine from menthol cigarettes. The menthol helps your lungs to absorb more of the nicotine from the smoke. And I find it also enhances the pleasure I get from having the smoke in my lungs.

I give up, salems got me

Yes, it is over. Now a ppd smoker and very addicted. GF and her mom did it and I love it and will smoke more in the weeks to come. I am with them and need the smokes all day and night.


Welcome to your new life as a smoker. I'm enjoying mine, as well. Hoping to convert a staunch anti roommate soon, and expand my circle of friends to include more smokers.

girlfriend wants me to smoke

Listen to your girlfriend. Let her help you get addicted! She is doing you a big favor. My first girlfriend got me started smoking and I'm so glad she did. I like menthol only but you will just have to decide which is better for you. You are so lucky to have a "bad girl" as a girlfriend to introduce you to this "bad" habit. You will be so grateful to her once she gets you addicted.

Addiction set in after 2 months

I started this post and am a happy smoker at 1 ppd but more at times. I now light two cigarettes, one for GF and one for me. GF loves the jesture and it can be romantic at times. I am hooked on she salems and may try others in the future but these are easy for me to inhale deep which is what really got me once I learned how to take the smoke back and hold it in. I recommend smoking and feel great. This is a great web site but had not checked in for a while. GF got me smoking sooner than I ever expected but from my other post was clever with her technique. No push back from friends or family, it is very cool.

my GF'S 21 year old daughter got me hooked!!

I am 45 and my GF Monica is 42. I never smoked and actually never had an urge to. I have dated smokers in the past as smoke never bothered me before, but I never really felt compelled to start--I just never got the habit. Monica really was pressing me to "try it one time" when we were drinking wine. I had more wine than I care to admit one night, and so I did. I got the whole treatment--dizzy, lightheaded, cough etc. The next day she had made me do one when I got up, and then one at night. Before I realized what was happening (she was doing the one more every day thing) I was smoking about a pack every 5 days. I really didn't have strong cravings though, and I was doing mostly out of going along with her when we were together at night.
Monica's daughter was also encouraging me to smoke more too. She seemed rather interested in the fact I was 44 and had never smoked but was trying. Well--one morning when I was leaving for work Monica had me wait a minute before I put my shirt on. She then put something on the top of my left arm. I asked her what it was, and come to find out it was a 21mg stop smoking patch!! I knew they existed but I thought that they were very expensive. I asked her that and also asked her why would she spend money on something like that. Monica told me her daughter found them at a super market in the "reduced price" area, and she showed me the box. They were marked $34.99 each, but they were marked "CLEARANCE" and each box cost $7 EACH. There were 14 in each box and she said for the next 4 weeks just for fun she wanted me to put one on every morning after I showered.
WOW!! THAT was it! I am ashamed to admit it, but I have went from a pack every 5 days or so pack every 2 days!! I now find myself smoking 2 in the morning when I wake, going out at lunch (which I never did before) and having 1 in my car, and at night when we are together
having anywhere from 6-10, depending on my mood!!
OK--I will admit--I love the relaxation smoking gives me, and (I never thought I'd say this) the smell and taste of cigarette smoke is really awesome. It has also brought Monica & I closer together as a couple!!
When I asked her daughter what ever possessed her to but those, she said she has never seen her mom so happy, and even though I was "kind of" trying to smoke, she thought for $14 what was there to lose by buying the patch's and having me try them for a month!!
I now look for clearance or reduced price items at stores as I never paid much attention before. I thought I would pass my story along and help out those who are trying to develop more of a craving or for those who want to "push along" trying to get their significant other to start!!

Still smoking a ppd and like the Reds

I just checked my origional post and thanks for all the support. I am liking the Reds more and more but salems are too menty after a while but good for the first in 5 hours or first in the AM. For the post about patches I have no comment but it must accelerate the nicotine dependancy fast without smoking. I do not recommend this because the somking is an awsome experinece. Patches are for quitters not starters. I love smoking. GF never gave me a patch.

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