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More 120s

Posting this because I have been smoking More Menthol 120s for about 15years now and just think its a great cigarette to smoke. Im a guy and a buddy of mine introduced me to these awhile back and I have to say I like the menthol taste and a like a slim browm 120s cigarette... Thats all just hope they never stop making Mores like they discontinued Max 12os ...

more 120s

I was a dedicated Max girl from my first when i was in college until sadly they were discontinued--More offers a unique look, the same slim feel in my fingers and a unique flavor unlike any other cigarette i have ever brought to my lips-i do enjoy a pack of More 120s from time to time, both red and menthol. I miss my Max!!!

More 120s

I'm a guy (mid - late 40s) and I love More 120s.. I smoke More menthol and More regular.. I just love their taste and long slim brown look...

I wish more people smoked them.. I bet once they tried one, they'd love it....

More 120s

Yeah I am a guy who smokes Brown Mores regulars 120s and I love them but you do get looks from people when you smoke them in public because they are known as a womans cigarette.The thing is they are a very strong and you have to get used to them.I also love seeing women smoke them too as its sexy and very classy..................

more 120s

Well I'm 40, male and have been smoking more green's for almost 20yrs. benson&hedges menthol before that. I agree if more people would try them they would like them. I know the day is coming when mores will be a thing of the past then it will be time to quit, no other cigarette can even come close to these. I will say I did like them better when they were much stronger years ago.

Great More 120s Memory

Reading this thread about More brought back one of my best college memories. There was a girl who lived in my dorm that was taking some course that required her to test a product claim made in any advertisement. She decided to use the claim that "More has 50% more puffs than a regular 100". She "lured" a bunch of us to the floor lounge with the promise of beer. At the time, I was smoking Marlboro Lights but she had bought as part of her test some Marlboro Lights 100s. She got around 6 of us and we did some testing while drinking some beers. Naturally it wasn't too scientific, but I do remember that while I got 9 or 10 puffs on a ML100, I got like 16 from a More. The funny thing is that while I never really got into the taste of More Reds, I did switch to Marlboro Light 100s and still smoke them today.

Oh - she got an A on the assignment. Weren't those the good old days!

loving my More 120s

I'm a guy in my 40s who is absolutely in LOVE with my More 120s and More menthol 120s!!! I love every aspect of smoking these long brown cigarettes... the look, the taste, the way the smoke feels in my lungs..mmm I love it...

More Menthol

Im a guy mid 40s who has been smoking More Menthol for a number of years
Love the menthol tastes and the look of a More I think it looks good for a guy to smoke
them so I do...

More Red 120s

I am a guy who smokes Mores red 120.I think they are the best 120s cigarette out there.Women look very hot when they smoke them too.I wish these where a more popular brand and more people smoked them.If women want to take up 120s cigarette these are the brand to try first.

First More 120s Hit

My first More 120's hit is with my cup of coffee in the morning.Light the beautiful Brown Mores Red up.Then take a couple of double drags to get the instatant nicotine hit to satify your nicotine craving after a night of sleep of no nicotine for 7-8 hours.This is my favorite smoke of the day.Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah they have just about become a thing of the past. Here in my area anyway. I dont know of but 1 store that sells them and it is a drugstore and from looks of things they dont sell many of them. The packs they have are dusty so one can assume they would be stale and intolerable.

Just found Mores at a store near my house!!

Sorry about your trouble finding fresh Mores. I just moved to Denver a couple months ago and had not been able to find Mores until I tried a 'Smoker Friendly' store near my house. I had looked through the window walking by before and had not seen them in the display cases so I figured they didn't carry them. But last week I decided to go in so I could be absolutely sure and when I told the clerk it looked like they didn't have my brand, she said "I sure do carry More 120s!" and slid back a door under the display cases to reveal almost a whole row of Mores--Reds, Greens, Silvers, Golds! I bought a pack of the Reds (they were $7.70) and drove home immediately to have one. It was so fresh and it felt so good to be smoking More again after so many weeks of not smoking at all! God I missed my Mores and the smooth, rich smoke they give you. I am so happy to be reunited with them; I know I will have a steady source for More now; maybe you can find a Smoker Friendly store in your area?

Stores who sell More Red 120's

Hi ,
I am from Europe and I went in to a shop to buy a pack of More Red 120's and the guy behind the counter said that they have discontinued selling these.He told me the retailer who he get his tobacco products off is not selling them anymore.He say if you get a pack in another store in the town its probably old stock.In time I will have to find out who sells theses all the time in my home town or go into the nearest city.Well are they going to discontinue making these cigarettes or shops are not selling them anymore I don't know?I hope not as I love these cigarettes with a passion.

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