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Good Menthol Cigarettes?

I've been smoking Camel Crushes, which have been good, but the longer I smoked them, the less I noticed the menthol in them when they were crushed. I could definitely tell if I didn't have the bead crushed, but I think I'd like a cigarette with more of a menthol flavor to them.

I was considering Kool or Newport blue packs, as to not go into a full flavor I might not enjoy, and will probably try Kools first. What are some other nice menthol-y cigarettes I should try out?

-Tim W.

Try Salems, smooth menthol

Try Salems, smooth menthol taste with a strong nicotine hit. I smoke Salem100's myself

Good Menthol Cigarettes

I smoke Salem full flavor. I have tried other menthol brands, but I always go back to my Salems.

Good Menthol Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges 100's Premium Menthol-White filter often overlooked and underated.

Marlboro Smooth-Similar to a thin mint.

Newport 100-Best selling menthol.

American Spirit-High nicotine content even the light green green pack has more nicotine than a Newport 100 and they burn slower than any 100mm cigarete.

I might need to try Salem

I might need to try Salem then, these Kool's Blue Pack have possibly less of a menthol flavor than the crushes did, and they're starting to give me a weird headache.

American Spirit Menthols

The strongest menthol you can get, go with the dark green.

Good Choice

I don't care for menthol cigarettes, however, I do like the American Spirit Dark and Light Green once in a while.

Alpine if you can still get them

I have not seen Alpine in CA for a while now but if you can find them they have lots of menthol and not a lot of tobacco taste.

Good menthol.

I myself love smoking Alpine fine or Alpine filter, they both taste so nice and l love the mint flavour from them both.

So if you can get them where you live l would recommend Alpine Menthol.

Another vote for American Spirits

I love my American Spirits Menthols (green pack, haven't tried dark green yet).

American Spirits Dark Green.

American Spirits Dark Green. Good flavor but not too much. Smooth and they moved me from occasional social to regular smoker almost overnight.


Of all the menthol cigs I've ever tried, my opinion is Newports are the best menthol cigarette. That's the brand I smoke. Some people don't think they taste as good as they used to, but I still think they taste great

Same question, only in the UK

Hi, I recently started experimenting with smoking, and I'm starting to REALLY enjoy it, but I've only got a few left in my first pack of Berkeley Menthol Superkings, and i'm thinking I might buy a new pack tomorrow, and I think I want to stick with menthols, but i'm interested in trying something else, but I don't think we can get any of the brands suggested here in the UK, so any suggestions?

More Menthols

I occassionally smoke More Menthols, I like the taste and look of them, I always wear my heels and make up when i go out, As soon as i light up a more Menthol the amount of Guys that look and speak to me is amazing, Truly a wonderful cigarette.

Good Menthols

I smoke Marb Menthol Full Flavors. The Lights are for girls, but if I bum them off someone, I can enjoy one or two. Newport blue are the only Newport I like, though I can do the others if I have to. I used to live in Hawaii, and for some reason Kools are big out there. Kool Milds are an awesome menthol that you seldom see, I highly recommend them, nice flavor without being too strong and heavy. Generic menthols are usually shit. Marb Menthol 72s, especially the blue pack, are a nice change or pace if you're into variety. For girls, Parliament Menthol Lights work too. Camel menthol FF's work, but the lights are shit since they changed them (remember the old corks? they were awesome.)

Good Menthol

I give another vote for Salem 100's. 2nd would be Virginia Slims (though I'm not one of those men who will smoke them in public, I have tried them and from time to time enjoy at home, tasty), Kool prolly 3rd fer me, then Newports, 5th for me would be Marlboro Gold (lights). Funny enough I also don't even like smoking 100's when out and about as they always seemed feminine to me, and of all the cigs mentioned above, Salem is the only one where I prefer the 100's, go figure.

Side Note- I have yet to try Benson & Hedges. And like a previous poster, I wish Alpine was still available, my grandmother was a dedicated Alpine 100 smoker for most her life. I still remember smoking my first one, and weirdly enough it wasn't stolen from my grandma, it was stolen from work.


You really should consider trying Benson & Hedges Menthol. They're almost exactly like Virginia Slims (in the old days, the tobacco came from the very same hopper). They're also very similar to Salem 100's.


I did try Benson&Hedges, always had intended too, but always issue of freshness where I live. We have a Native American Casino bout an hour away that has cheaper tobacco prices than rest of state however. Great place to go because not only is it cheaper, but the cost and proximity to a casino insures their stock turns over, always fresh. I just started going there for this purpose about 2 months ago and it's been great, Salem 100's never tasted better and the added bonus is the casino being on the reservation so smoking is allowed inside so I get to enjoy a smoke, better yet I get to see women smoking which is getting so rare.

But I digress, regarding the B&H, they were definitely a solid smoke. And yes you can certainly taste the Philip Morris connection between them and VS (not as pronounced in the Marlboro Golds). All in all not bad, but not going to replace those Salem 100's.

2nd vote for Marlboro Menthol Full Flavors!

MyDreamGirlSmokes is right, Marlboro Menthol Full Flavors are very nice.

I don't smoke them all the time, usually only when Im sick with my never ending winter time cold I get every year, but they are wonderful. There are many other good Menthols out there as others have noted, but my lord, these are just delightful. I've probably smoked more Marlboro Menthol cigarettes in a single day than any other cigarette, they are that smooth. I bet I could smoke five packs a day of those if I wanted to, and I'd probably love every minute of it. Definitely worth a try!

Try Nat Shermans

Nat Shermans Naturals Menthol or "Hint of Mint" are excellent menthol cigarettes. If you can get a hold of them in your country (for those outside the US), definitely try them. I believe Nat Sherman exports their cigarettes to Europe as well as other countries. Both my wife and I are non-smokers and they are the mintiest/smoothest cigarettes we have ever tried.

- JP97

A Really Good Menthol

I have to say, I have not tried a lot of mentols. Usually I like to stick with my Pall Mall Reds, But...


IMO, The best menthol ever made. Very smooth, Strong yet not overpoering. It's got a great xombo of smooth, sweety, and menthol-y. :)

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Nat Sherman Hint

I think the very best menthol cigarette on the market is Nat Sherman's Hint. As the name suggests, it contains just a hint of menthol, so it doesn't overpower the taste of the tobacco. A close runner-up is Nat Sherman's menthol MCDs.

My everyday cigarette is More 120s, and I smoke both the regular and menthol varieties of those. Of the two, my regular cigarette is the non-menthol. I enjoy the menthol from time to time, and usually keep a pack in my purse. Although I enjoy them, I do have to say that the menthol flavor is strong, very much masking the taste of the tobacco. But I still enjoy them.

Virginia Slims menthol 120s have a lighter menthol taste than the Mores. Although not as good as the Nat Shermans, they're actually probably a better menthol cigarette than More menthols.

Moresmoker Christine

Other options

Vogue menthol are very good as are Dunhill International Menthol (although the Dunhill are not as menthol as Alpine, Kool, Newport or Salem). If you are in Asia the Japanese brand Pianissimo have a range of awesome D Spec or low smoke smell menthol cigarettes to choose from. My favourites are Viv (menthol with an extra menthol crush capsule) and Icene. When I'm in the USA I always grab some Misty 120 menthol as I love the look of an extra long all white cigarette, they are not as menthol as I prefer but you can't beat the look.

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Good Menthol Cigarettes

My vote is for Salem and Kools.

Marlboro Menthol 100 Full Flavor

For menthol I prefer the Marlboro 100's. Maybe because I smoked Red 100's for years and the feel is similar. Ever since I started at 13 I enjoyed menthol's frequently so I know my menthol's. Salem 100's used to be my favorite but they aren't the same anymore.

American Spirit Dark Green

I only smoke menthols occassionally. In an effort to try something different than my normal Marlboro (lights and reds), I picked up a pack of American Spirit Dark Greens. I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't normally get a big buzz from a single cigarette anymore, but four or five puffs into the cigarette and I was completely relaxed and had a very nice buzz. I was also surprised that even as a full flavor with plenty of tar, there is almost zero aftertaste. I'm not sure if that is because of the menthol or because of the zero additives, but it was very different from what I was used to--in a good way. They burn longer than any cigarette I've seen. I'm not sure I will smoke them all the time as during the day I can be pressed for time, but I'm using the current pack I have as my first of the day and evening smokes. I recommend you try them if you are looking for a change and something outside-of-the-box.

How 'bout Virginia Slims?

I can tell this has been a male conversation! But, really, so many of us girls smoke Virginia Slims menthol 120s. I've always enjoyed the long sleek look. And the smoking experience is so smooth and satisfying. I've smoked Salem 100s and B & Hs; they're great smokes. But I always come back to my VSs. I've been smoking a pack a day since I was a teenager. I can't imagine a day without them!

Virginia slim menthol

I second that Tammi. Virginia slims are my favourite menthol. Love the taste of them.

Virginia Slims...

are loaded with menthol. I bought some last August just to relive my preteen years. I also love Salem 100s which I smoked for around 21 years. Marlboro Menthols is what I have smoked for the last 16-17 years or so. I haven't had a Kool or a Benson Hedges menthol in over 30 tears. I smoked Newport Menthol 100s also, but tired of their taste after a while.

VS menthols, not so much for me!

My Benson and Hedges menthols have just the right amount of nicotine to relax me and keep me on track. The VS menthols I have tried are a little different (less) in the smoke volume department and always give me a headache. It's no fun needing to smoke a cig and winding up with a headache!!!

Misty Green 120s

Great feminine menthol cigarette. Smooth and do not have the terrible taste of many FSC varieties. They are my wife's newest favorite.

- JP

Salem FF 100s are by far my

Salem FF 100s are by far my favorite menthols.

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Try these:

Marlboro Black menthols for stronger mint as you listed - really nice menthol flavour, yet quite strong. Would give 8/10 to them.

Virginia slim menthol

Woke up this morning and smoked a VS 120 menthol. I love this brand. The taste, and amount of nicotine is perfect. I will never change my brand. This morning I was all alone and could savor my cig. Set back and dragged so hard and inhaled as deep as possible. The feeling I get is so lovely from this experience. Always VS menthol.

House of menthol.

Nothing is better than a Kool Mild box.

I only smoke menthol and its my go to. Very smooth and delicious :)

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Djarum la ice and sampoerna avolution menthol

Those 2 cigs are worth trying as they taste really great and just have the right coolness


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Virginia Slims Menthol 120's!

I have to totally agree with the Virginia Slims Menthol 120's smokers!! I am male, but me and my wife have both smoked them for years. We are both light smokers at no more than a half a pack per day, but oh....the ones we do smoke are absolutely delicious!!

Several good ones

I like benson & Hedges menthol and Newports best.

Salem is good if you like a lot of Menthol. Been many years since had one, but I recall that Alpine is really good.

I used to moke Alpine

The were quite good and not to much menthol.

As my name should say ...

... I absolutely LOVE Salem!

The reason they have fallen off among popularity is that they are a menthol only brand.

I smoke menthol cigarettes only and have tried so many just for the heck of it. But Salem is the best menthol by far.

I smoke Salem Gold 100's and suggest to anyone who wants to smoke menthol cigarettes that this is one you should certainly try.

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