PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

Positives of smoking.

I am a smoker and my girlfriend has now been smoking for 6 months. She is happy that she took it up and has found many positives being a regular smoker. She gets cravings to smoke frequently and enjoys lighting up a cigarette to deal with them. She has said that inhaling smoke is one of the best feelings she has experienced. She now is inhaling deeply. She is more relaxed now being a smoker and feels so much more confident with a cigarette in her hand. Also smoking has also helped her figure which pleases her. There is nothing more relaxing than smoking a cigarette especially when you need one. What an enjoyable experience it is being a regular smoker.

Nothing better

There is nothing better than inhaling a good strong cigarette when you need to.

reply to Positives of smoking.

All positive. I don't know what's better...#1 sucking/dragging it, or #2 inhaling it, or #3 blowing it out. It's definitely #1, because you know what is coming next...The deep inhaling it. There is no better feeling in the world--except that other 3 letter thing that is about as equal to it!




sure smoking makes you want to have sex, but to make the sex even better, smoke durring sex. The 2 go together so well, and the smoking intensifies the sex. Nothing better than smoking durring sex.

I'm not the only one.

I love smoking Virginia Slims menthol lights 120 with a woman during foreplay and during sex. So intense.

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