PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Best 120

Hi my name is Rachel and I am very interested in becoming a regular smoker. I have never tried smoking but have always wanted be a smoker. I love the look of 120's and I think they're very classy and sexy and tahts what I would like to smoke. What is the best 120 brand out there? I want something that tastes very pleasant and is easy to inhale. Any suggestions? I was told virginia slims 120's are pretty good...

VS 120's

I smoke Virginia Slim 120's all the time.They are mild and easy to inhale and the flavor is very pleasant,not too strong.They come in regular or menthol.I prefer regular.I would strongly recommend them if you're new to smoking.The best thing about 120's is that the longer length gives you more cigarette to enjoy.You might feel a slight buzz sensation when you start but once you adjust,smoking them is truly a pleasure.Virginia Slims are truly the best 120 out there.

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Virginia Slims 120's rock!!

Yes, I say to you go with the Virginia Slims menthol 120's!! Me and my wife have smoked them for years and they are absolutely the best menthols on the planet!! I know you would look ultra sexy smoking them too!!

Virginia Slims 120s

Just tried Virginia Slims 120s today. What a smoke! How delightful, really reminded me of what a great habit smoking is, how non-smokers really are missing out. So smooth yet flavorful. Love the longer length. Been with Newport 100s, Marlboro 100s, Marlboro Menthol 100s and the odd pack of Marlboro Lights 100s, preferring Newport 100s for 4 or 5 packs a week and Marlboro 100s at 1 or 2 packs a week, filling in with the others. Can see it's going to be a super brand for dangling, when I'm busy with my hands, I can really see getting a lot of smoke in and out of my legs without having to put it down, finding an ash-tray, you all know the drill.

We'll have to see how they work out. Saw some models smoking them on my BF's fetish websites. I know he loves me with the 100s. My favorite smoke is after relations (know you want it clean here), so we'll wait to how the post-relations smoking goes.

Been smoking since I was 12 officially, with parents permission, was sneaking them since I was 9. Three older sisters smoke, too. Wasn't hard to start with my parents getting smashed every Saturday night and being hung over and out for the count on Sunday morning waking around noon-time. It was easy to steal them from my mom.

Happy smoking everyone. I'll let you know how the Virginia Slims 120s work out. Had 5 today with about a half-pack or so of Marlboro Menthol 100s today.

Nice to see you're loving

Nice to see you're loving your slim 120s, they're an amazing brand! newport 100s are really good too, so strong and sexual. If you can find them, try max and saratoga 120s.

VS menthol lights 120. Bet

VS menthol lights 120. Bet you look awesome smoking them. Love them myself. Enjoy

Virginia Slims Menthol 120s

Hi everyone, three days now into Virginia Slims 120s. Finished pack yesterday kind of alternating with one of my regular brands (Marlboro Menthol 100s). Since I'm basically a menthol girl decided to take the plunge with Virginia Slims Menthol 120s. Love Newport menthol, so much so I really cannot handle Kools and Salems. Marlboros are my second favorite menthol. The Virginia Slims menthol is OK, still feeling it out. Decided to bypass Newport 100s and Marlboro Menthol 100s for awhile as I get into Virginia Slims Menthol 120s.

Known for awhile I'm a gal who will never have one steady brand. Guessing I'll be switching back and forth between Virginia Slims 120s and Virginia Slims Menthol 120s. Going to talk to my sisters about trying. Don't think any of them have tried them. Have one GF who has been smoking the Luxury Lights 120s for three or four years I think. Haven't been in touch with her lately. Heard she's stopped partying, hoping it doesn't mean she's stopped smoking (I got her to resume after she quit to get pregnant) but I know that's her deal, not mine. Oh, well.

Looks like a wild weekend for partying for me and BF. We'll see how I do, what smokes I get if (when) I get loaded, or what he buys for me.

Happy smoking everyone!

Virginia Slims 120 Girl Now!

Hiya smokers! Well it's been over a week now and I'd say it's official I'm a Virginia Slims 120s smoker now. Been alternating between the Virginia Slims 120s (non-menthol) and the Virginia Slims Menthol 120s.

Last weekend was so great for partying, I got really hammered. I love binging like that when I can but there's hell to pay on Monday. I loaded up Friday night before we went cruising the bars and got a pack each of the menthol and non-menthol. I don't remember buying any packs on Saturday and Sunday but my BF said I wanted a pack of Newport 100s at night when we were driving between parties. Woke up real hungover on Monday for work and there were like five Newports 100s left and almost a half-pack each of both Virginia Slims 120s. Looks like I went through almost 6 packs over the weekend. I really love to smoke when I'm getting wasted.

As usually, smoking less during the week. Finished off the Newport 100s on Monday and haven't had a Newport or a Marlboro since. Love these Virginia Slims 120. So smooth and so flavorful. I'm taking a lot of double- and triple-drags.

Try them girls! Guys get your girls to try them.

Happy smoking everyone!

Not sure why VS 120s aren't more popular

I thought I had a spare pack in my golf bag the other day but didn't and ran out at the 14th hole. I noticed a group of ladies on an adjecent tee and two were smoking so I went over to see if I could bum one. One gal was smoking Marlboro Menthols and one VS 120s regular. Since I was in no position to be choosey and don't like menthol, I bummed a VS 120. I was very pleasently surprised and both the flavor and how long it lasted. I don't think I'll be giving up my Marlboro Gold Pack 100s, but I would certainly recommend these to any women looking for a change of pace!

I too smoke VS 120s Menthol

I too smoke VS 120s Menthol Gold Pack. Love the length, the taste, and everything else about it. I simply will not smoke any other brand. So if you are still curious about smoking, I would highly recommend VS 120s. Happy smoking everyone.

I also love VS menthol 120's

I am a guy. Love sharing a VS menthol light 120 with a lady while kissing each other. Oh so intimate.

reply to I too smoke VS 120s Menthol

All this talk about VS 120s, I feel like buying them to try them again. When my mom smoked VS Menthol 100s from time to time, I stole them from her as a pre-teen.
I am so glad I started smoking at age 11. If I knew how good they were,
I would've started much earlier.
They were the best of all the brands I smoked behind her back.
Salem 100s and Marlboro Menthol 100s or my favorites with MM 100s being my current enjoyment.
I love those to death.

The addictive power and pleasure of Virginia Slims 120s.

Virginia Slims 120s smoking women, esp. the gold pack smokers, are the sexiest and hottest. These 120mm cigarettes are truly mild and full of pleasure you'll love. Once you start smoking them regularly, you will be elated and never want to quit. You will feel complete and totally satisfied, an addiction you won't regret.

VS menthol lights 120s. Vey

VS menthol lights 120s. Vey Sensual indeed.


The only 120 with a cork filter, a beautiful cigarette for a woman to smoke for that maximum stand out look as a smoker. A white 120 could be imitated with a white pen in the mouth, but not with a Saratoga, that extra long cork filter on a 120 is the stand out of standouts. Great flavor lots of smoke too, throw a fresh lit one up on the steering wheel as you drive or prop your arm up by your face with that cigarette close to your mouth & be sure to hold it at the tips of your fingers too for the most feminine look. Puff puff


I agree.There's no other cigarette quite like it.I'm also a Saratoga smoker.I love to puff away on a nice,long Saratoga 120 when driving my car.I always keep the windows closed so I can fully engulf myself,I love the smell of the smoke,the ashtray is full,music on the radio.I love the way it looks in my hand on the steering wheel because it stands up long and proud and lets the world know I love to smoke my super long cigarettes.It's like they were created just for me.Makes me feel like I'm in hog heaven.Puff up a storm,fellow smokers.

Misty 120's

Just curious...what do you VS 120's smokers think of Misty 120's. I smoke them and like them a lot. but occasionally I do go for a pack of VS 120's. Always menthol.

Re: Misty 120's

I've smoked both VS 120 menthol and Misty 120 menthols for about 6 years. They are very similar, but where I live Misty is a bit less expensive. The VS120's are smoother, but basically there isn't a lot of difference in taste between them.

Misty or Virginia Slims??

In reply to your comments, I have tried Misty 120's but am truly a Virginia slims menthol 120's smoker!! I guess the Virginia slims just have an overall better flavor!!!!E

A longer cigarette?

Just curious...Is there a longer cigarette on the market. I have never heard of one, but if there was I would smoke it!

A longer cigarette

There used to be Nat Sherman 164 - but no longer made.
I have joined two 120s together by carefully removing the filter from one and then insert the other one in the aperture.
It creates a looooooooong cool smoke

Me too

Do the same I have to fess up! Love the extra long puffing experience. Nothing like a good 200mm menthol to get me feeling all hot and tingly!!

First 120

Thanks to you guys out there....
I had my first 120 yesterday and having one now.
I had no idea what I was missing.
Not only are the VS menthols great, the 120's are insane.
I think I just found myself a new brand. Can't go back now.
This web site is great and shows the endless pleasures out there to smoking.


Glad to hear that you dont judge guys who smoke 120s.VSML 120s are my favorite.Had my first VSML120 at a fair in Louisiana. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.I have gotten many ladies, especially young girls, to start smoking this brand over the years.I thank the lady that shared that 120 with me that day at the fair.

insane 120s

I hope that you are still smoking those luscious VS menthol 120s. Smoke the best and forget the rest.

Very stimulating. I love my

Very stimulating. I love my VS menthol lights 120s

Me too...

It's my new regular brand. I can never go back to 100s. I would like to try other 120s.

good for you

Every once in a while I will buy a pack of Capri menthol 120s.

loving my VS menthol lights 120s

29 years of loving my VSML 120s. Love em. Wouldnt switch over to any other cigarette.

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Love them too!!

So you must have started off smoking them when they first came out in 1985. Congratulations!! I started with the Virginia Slims regular 100's in about 1987, and did not start the Virginia Slims Menthol 120's until the year 2000, so I have been smoking them for 15 years now!!

still smoking em

I still love my VS menthol 120s. I am 45 years old now. Love getting other ladies started on these. They are awesome.


Wow...I love to hear about guys like you. 45 yrs old and proud to be a 120s smoker. What a great guy!

Misty 120 Menthol or Saratoga 120 Menthol

It's been a while since I had a VS 120 Menthol (last time was 2002) but I did not think they were all that good. They did not have much menthol and were a bit hard on my throat. I found Misty to be much smoother and nicer to smoke but still lacking enough menthol for me. Saratoga seemed more like a full flavour cigarette and had more menthol so all in all quite a good cigarette. My only complaint about Saratoga is the cork filter as I prefer all whites. I'll put up with a cork filter to get a full flavour menthol like Kool and Newport.


I just finished my first 6 packs of VS120s. Tonight I had to get a some of my usual 100s and it just wasn't the same. I can't go back. I can't wait to get more 120s.

VS 120 Gold Pack

Hi you Virginia Slims fans! I've been trying to find VS 120's everywhere but without any luck. I'm searching exactly this type of brand:;v1?attachment=0&data=larger

Is there any good soul that has some time to buy one cartoon for me and to send it by mail? I've already interested about taxes and stuff and willing to pay it + your charge via paypal account.
You can reach me by mail: mp3bluenet (a)
If you can't do that, any information in which country this type of cigarette is avaiable is also welcome!
Thanks to all for your help, really appreciated!

VS Menthol 120s

I've been smoking them on and off for over 25 years and have never found another cigarette that's nearly as good and I've tried many brands. Once I started smoking VS120s, there was no turning back...:)... To all the VS fans out there, go light up right now and enjoy a VS!

VS Menthol 120s

Enjoying one now as we speak. Love my VS Menthol Lights 120s

EVE 120S

Dangling my Eve Menthol 120 as I type....absolute BLISS!!

Try more 120s

I've been hooked on vs menthol 120s for a few weeks now. Tomorrow I'm trying Misty and Capri 120 menthols. Can't wait.

try more 120s

Keep us updated. Even I might go splurge today and buy a pack of Capri menthol 120s. My fav is VS menthol lights 120s too.


I got 2 packs of Misty menthol 120s and a Capri. The Misty was good I would not hesitate to smoke again but I still prefer my VS menthol 120s to Misty. Now the Capri was a surprise, I liked them. I think I will get them again along with my VS 120s. Thanks to you 120 smokers I'm a VS 120 smoker now. I'm having one right now.

congrats on choosing VSML 120s

I had my first one at age 14 when they came out. A lady at a fair in Louisiana shared one with me when I asked her to. I absolutelt love them and know you will too. Return the favor. I hope that you get many started on this luxurious VSML 120s.


Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!! to all you beautiful VS 120 smokers out there!

If you only knew how SEXY they make you!!!

I am absolutly stunned and captured by the elegance of all of you!!!

Nothing turns me on MORE than watching you elegantly smoke a VS120!!! And if you happen to move sexy, or lose clothes in the process then GOD LOVE YOU!!!!

I agree

That's exactly how I feel. Bless all you sexy 120s smokers...males or females. I'm a 120s guy through and through. Proudly dangle my superlong cigs all day.

misty blue

i love misty 120, the blue ones. they taste so good and relaxing for me


I adore my Misty Blue 120's as well radio! Still prefer my VS120's, but the Misty's are slightly cheaper and almost as good. Gee, guess I just have to smoke both!! That's quite a burden to bear, but I deal with it, lol. Happy smoking!

Try More 120s Red Or Green

Try More 120s Red or Green (Menthol).They are the best 120s out there.Once you try them you will stick with them.

Where are you located at

I want to try some of these but cant find them in va. What stores do you get them from?

VS 120 Menthol update

It's been almost a year since starting VS Menthol 120s. Thanks to this web site.
Smoking just keeps getting better and better.
I love my new brand.
I am looking to increase my cravings and addiction though.
I love being a smoker.
I was thinking about mixing in some Marlboro Menthol 100s just get increase my cravings.


Stick to 120s my friend. The longer the better is my motto. Can't beat that elegant extra-length and the sexy look of an all-white menthol 120. Puffing my Eves right now and loving them!

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Love Virginia Slims 120's

To all the Virginia Slims 120's lovers: Just now finished my Virginia Slims Menthol 120 with my coffee. Oh man...what a delicious cigarette!! These are absolutely the best, most smooth cigarette on the planet!! Not to mention they look so great too!! They are the perfect width...not too slim and the 120 length gives you the most smoking pleasure. I actually start off my day with a couple of the regulars as I still like the regular flavor too, but the rest of the day are those delicious menthols!!

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