PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

First Cigarette of the day?

Where does everyone have their first cigarette of the day? in bed?in the bathroom, or outside? And how long after waking up do most have their first cigarette?

In Bed

The best place to smoke for me since I smoke American Spirit Non Filters and get dizzy so laying down and holding the smoke in for like 20 seconds is the best rush of the day. I wake up several times during the night to smoke as well.

First of the day

I smoke my first cigarette in the living room about an hour after waking up.I have to sit and drink coffee for a while so I have time to wake up really well before I feel like smoking.The first cigarette of the day always tastes the best.

As soon as I wake up

I smoke as soon as I wake up. Sometimes in bed in winter. I have a cigarette between my lips almost immediately I wake up. After that at least one an hour to stay feeling good. I dont even realise that I am smoking now, it's just automatic. What I do realise rather quickly is if I havent started smoking. It feels like there is something missing and there is-a lack of nicotine which is fixed immediately.

First of the day

If you smoke as soon as you wake up you will not need to wait an hour to feel like a cigarette, you will want another one 10 minutes after the first one. I smoke a cigarette as soon as I wake up, before anything else. This will set you up for maximum smoking enjoyment throughout the day.


My first one is always outside. I don't smoke in the house. The cool morning air and hearing the birds wake up with that first cigarette of the day is truly a wonderful experience. For this I am grateful!

First of the day, but before sunrise.

I love waking up about 20 minutes to an hour before sunrise and going out to smoke. Like "outside," I don't smoke indoors either. Having coffee and a smoke before the world starts is a real win for me.

Can't beat it...

..that is that first cigarette of the day with a fresh cup of coffee on my back deck. Glad to see I'm not alone in this train of thought.

First one of the day

Have to agree, there really is nothing like drawing deeply on a cigarette first thing in the morning, inhaling the much needed nicotine after going for a couple of hours without. The rush of a nicotine induced dopamine high makes you realise all over again why you started smoking and is also a strong reminder to continue to smoke to feel the pleasure. Nothing like it! Pure relief! I am so happy I started smoking and can enjoy the relief of a cigarette many times a day.


I smoke in the garage sometimes, in my car other times, and outside still other times. A Marlboro Red in the morning is wonderful and a blessing from God. I firmly believe God brought us into this world and only He knows the day we're going to leave, and there's not a thing we can do to change that!

All of the people who hate smokers would be wise to worry less about whether what we consume is unclean and worry more about whether what comes OUT of their mouths is unclean.

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