PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

I Want to Try Smoking, but Need to Hide it, Potentially Long-Term

I have been enamored with smoking my whole life, and I enjoy watching smoking videos on you tube. I'd really like to at least try it, but here's the problem. I was raised in a very strict christian home and I ended up marrying a strict christian woman. So all my family and friends view smoking as a sin, and they would practically disown me if they ever found out that I even tried smoking. I obviously don't see anything wrong with it. I just don't see what's so bad about having a little pleasure now & then, even though I am a little nervous about the health risks. So I definitely want to try smoking, but I'm not ready to lose all my friends and have my family disown me because of it.

My wife and I are having other issues, so I'm not sure if our marriage will last - maybe one day I'll be able to smoke publicly, but until then...

I need to know what is the best way to hide smoking so no one will ever find out? What tricks have you guys used? I read one comment where someone said they never smoke more than 3 cigarettes a day - does this work? Do you have any other advice for hiding smoking? And what about the health risks?

If you want to smoke. SMOKE!

A Christian is just someone who believes a fairy tale. It shouldn't keep you from drinking, smoking, or having sex. Now about the health risk. They are on the side of the pack. It's your life live it as you see fit. Sorry you and your wife are having problems!


It's hard to keep things hide long term. If anybody sees you. They will go tell on you! Or that's what happened to me. I was drinking beer @ a Pizza place. I'm well over 21. Someone saw me and went and told mommy. That's when the fight started. Good luck!

You can try

The problem with hiding something is that every day there is a small chance of being discovered. Say there is a 0.1% chance of your family finding out you smoke on any particular day. If multiply that by the number of days in a year, you get a 36.5% chance of being discovered in a single year. That translates to being very, very lucky to go even three years without being discovered.

First of all, I would say talk to your wife about smoking, maybe offer it as a way for you two to connect again if she isn't repulsed by the idea. If you need to hide it, then smoke away from home, brush your teeth as soon as you can, febreze your clothes, and wash your hands after you smoke. Another possibility is to smoke flavored little cigars (cigarillos) instead of cigarettes; brands that come to mind are "Prime Time", "Cheyenne", and "Black and Mild". Cigarettes have a very strong and distinctive smell that will get attached to your clothes, hair, etc., but cigarillos have a softer scent and are masked somewhat by the scent of their flavor.

One suggestion about buying tobacco is to buy at a tobacco shop near your work (it costs less, gives you a greater selection, and decreases your chance of someone you know seeing you) and to pay with cash. It will be very awkward explaining why "MOM & POP SMOKE--4.59" appears on your bank account every week. If you forsake the tobacco shop for a gas station, then plastic should still be safe.

The only other thing I can say is "good luck", and make sure you know what you're going to say if and when you get caught. Try "love the sinner, hate the sin", it's helped people coming out of the smoke and gay (not that the gay one applies to you) closets around me.

Well, if your relationship

Well, if your relationship is romantic (which it may not be, due to the "other issues" you're having) she'd more than likely taste smoke on your breath if she kissed you. This could potentially be avoided by brushing your teeth frequently, or covering it up with something strong like coffee. So far as hiding the act of doing it, well, if you were to smoke in-doors like in the bathroom or something the smoke would go out the window so long as it's colder inside than out (unless it's a windy day.) This is because cold air is more dense, and will do its best to move towards less dense (warmer) air (thank God for physics class, without it I wouldn't of known this simple fact.)

As for health risks, they're well known albeit greatly exaggerated. All of those ads that say "smoking caused X number of deaths this year" and whatnot are unreliable. It's very easy to manipulate statistics, for example if someone who's a smoker dies of a heart attack (which smoking may [i]contribute[/i] to, but probably wouldn't cause) they add that to the statistics. It's not healthy, everyone knows that, but it's also unhealthy to suppress the part of you that wants to try it at the very least. Smoking for the most part contributes/makes you more susceptible to illness, rather than being the cause. Really what you need to decide if the extra couple years added to your life is worth the pleasure you won't experience.

If you do decide to smoke, be sure to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, also I'd recommend having more vitamin C in your diet than you would otherwise, as it will negate many negative effects of smoking (along with the exercise and whatnot.)

Oh, just one more fun fact: Pretty much everyone who's lived past 100 has smoked at some point in their life. With smoking it's pretty much luck of the draw, it might hurt you, it might not. I don't know about you, but I've seen plenty of people in their 90's lighting up a cigarette on the sidewalk.

Really though, it's up to you. It's a cost-benefit type thing, personally I feel the benefit outweighs the cost. That's just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own.

Best wishes, hope to hear from you again regardless of your choice.

Mate. I've just left my

Mate. I've just left my wife.
Its the best thing I ever did. I now feel free.
You need to try leaving your wife if you don't like it just make
Out its a mid life crisis. She will forgive you. Well eventually.
While your a part you can tray all the stuff you wanted.
Ps don't smoke in the bathroom or any where in the
house. The smell will linger for days.

what would jesus do?

Used to date a good looking christian girl that was a fitness instructor and also smoked. All my boxes ticked there. Married to a different but nice christian girl now that used to be ok with me smoking but not now that we have kids. I enjoy smoking and still smoke 4-5 a day at work time but go outside to do so. I Clean my teeth, use face wipes and eat an apple before I leave work. All this helps keep the secret sin a secret.

Smoking is not a sin

I am Christian and I smoke and so is my wife and she smokes too. Show me where in the Bible is smoking a sin. Charles Spergion smoked cigars.

Everyone seems to have there own Idea!

Everyone seems to have there own Idea what makes someone a Christian. Like in my mothers book. Your not a Christian. If you drink 1 beer a day. But it's Ok to play the slot machines in Vegas or on the boat.

Just do it.....

Closet smoker here big time. Been so for the last 10+ years or so. The only people that knew I smoked were women smokers that I dated. It was great smoking with them and I really felt a sense of unlimited freedom. When I met my wife I vowed to quit as she's a non-smoker (and really hates the smell as her parents smoked). Fact is, I haven't quit as I've become addcited to cigarettes over the course of the last few years and quite frankly I enjoy way too much to quit. My wife has suspected on a couple of occasions that I smoke, so I keep it to no more than 5 per day. I've often fantasized about my wife smoking as she has incredibly sexy full lips and she would look hot(ter) doing so. But alas, that will never happen which is too bad! I've debated on several occasions to quit smoking altogether but like I said, I enjoy it too much and since I only smoke up to 5 per day the health concerns don't really bother me. My belief that everything in moderation is fine so when we're bombarded with these anti-smoking ads I just shrug my shoulders....whatever!

Private smoker here

Christian and a smoker here. I am also full-time in a homeless shelter ministry. I also am committed to keeping my smoking private, though my wife does know. When I first started again about a year, she gave me her permission to do so. She is still fine with it. She used to smoke and once in a while she will have one of my cigarettes with me, which I enjoy.

Honestly, keeping my smoking in the closet can be a bit of a challenge at times, especially when I can't for a long time. Today I went 12 hours without. It also creates this difficult tension of between wanting to smoke and being with people. You end up evaluating your day and activities on the basis of when you can smoke again. While I really do enjoy smoking, this tension can be rather tedious at times. Can't imagine not smoking, but this does keep my smoking to around 5-8 a day, which is ok with me.

P.S. Jesus is not a fairy tale.

I'm just saying.

I'm just saying everybody seems to have there own idea what a Chistian is. If someone wants to quit smoking. They will say oh the lord took that horrible habit from me. When the lord might have not had a problem with you smoking in the first place.


Okay, so my wife is going to be out of town for next two days, so I decided last night I would definitely give smoking a try while she was gone. But this morning when I got up & got in the shower, I pretty much changed my mind & decided not to give it a try, but then when I got to the gas station in morning to fill up my car, I found myself asking the clerk for a pack of marlboro lights, and I'm thinking in my head, "omg, i can't believe I just did that!" Like, it didn't even feel real - it was like it wasn't even me - so, she was really nice and got the pack down from the rack and told me to have a nice day - it just felt so good, finally "giving in" and buying that first pack of cigarettes, and then as I was walking out, I heard the guy behind me getting a pack of marlboro lights as well - it just felt really good! So then, as I was pulling out, I saw this guy I know who is really anti, and I got nervous wondering if he saw me, since I want to try to keep this secret for now, till I decide if I like it or not and want to keep going. So I gave him a call on his cell, and just said that I saw him at the intersection and wanted to say hi, and he seemed normal, so I guess he probably didn't see me - thank god! So I haven't smoked my first one yet - I didn't have time before I got to work, so I'll probably try my first one on my lunch break - I'll keep updating here and let you know how it goes - wish me luck! :)

Update - OMG!!!

Okay - I just got back from my lunch break, and I pretty much followed the advice here on how to start smoking. I went down to a nice secluded park that's about a block from where I work, it's a beautiful day outside, so I went and sat on one of the benches, and opened the pack. Then I closed it back up and hit the pack on my other hand, cause I remembered seeing other smokers do that when they opened a new pack - lol, idk why? So then I got out a cigarette, and closed up the pack (btw, omg, being new to smoking - it seems like 20 cigarettes is soooo much!!!) So, anyway, I closed it up and put it in a ziplock bag, since I've read here that's the best way to store them seeing I don't plan on smoking the whole pack in a day or two. I practiced inhaling a few times like the site recommends & then lit the cigarette. I was so nervous, though, about lighting my first cigarette that my hand was shaking a little & I had a hard time getting the lighter going, lol :) But I got it lit, & again, It was almost as if I couldn't believe I was actually doing it - like I was in a dream or something. So I took a couple light puffs, just enough to get some smoke in my mouth, and I actually didn't mind the taste! So I puffed a little more, and then tried inhaling - at first I didn't know what the big deal was because I didn't feel anything, so then I decided I must be doing something wrong, so I tried sucking on the cigarette a little harder & longer & then inhaling, and OMG!!! All I once I felt dizzy & lightheaded! I had started walking around the park, and I stumbled a little when I actually inhaled & had to catch myself, lol. I wanted to try it again, but I remembered the advice of the site, though, so I watched the cigarette burn for a little bit before I put it out & went back to work. I was glad that I didn't cough or throw up or anything! It was just really nice & smooth & I liked it okay. I actually didn't even feel sick either, so that was nice. I'm planning on trying another one after work today before I go home. So I'll update you on how that goes. I probably won't continue long term, though, because I see what you all mean that it is hard to hide - I ate an apple afterwards as someone suggested, and that pretty much took care of the taste in my mouth, but even after I washed my hands I could still faintly smell the smoke on my hand. I wore a jacket so the smoke wouldn't get into my shirt, I'm just nervous around my boss, too - because he is also very anti. So anyway - that's all for now. I'll update again later :)

Update - Cigarette #2

Ok - so I just smoked my second cigarette. I stopped at a nice walking trail on my way home. Had a little difficulty lighting it, I guess because of the wind, although it didn't seem that windy out, so idk. I did cough a little bit more this time. I think I inhaled wrong one time. I pulled the smoke into my mouth & then swallowed, which made me cough a little. I did get I think two or three good inhales in though. Still don't feel sick, but I have coughed a little. First, after my cigarette at lunch, I thought it was cause I was getting over a cold, but now I'm convinced it was because of the smoking. But that's ok - it's not too bad. The smoke didn't strike me as tasting as good this time. I think maybe because it wasn't as bad as I expected the first time, I then expected it to taste better than it actually was the next time. So, yeah, that's about it - everyone let me know what you think. I feel kind of silly pulling the smoke into my mouth & then trying to take a gulp of air to get the smoke into my lungs - I guess I just need practice there. Also, I feel like there's not much smoke coming out when I exhale - I try to pull more in, but that's doesn't really seem to work either. That's one of the big things that attracted me to smoking - is the beautiful, big exhales of smoke, so I'm kind of disappointed about that - any tips? As far as not continuing on to become a smoker, it's not just that I don't feel I could hid it, but I am also turned off by the long term health risks. I think if anything, I'll just be an occasional/social smoker as opportunity arises. So anyway, that's it for now. I do feel a little tightness in my chest, I've heard that this can be caused by stale cigarettes, but I went to a gas station that does a lot of business, so I'm pretty sure that's not the case - I probably just need to get used to it. I plan to have at least one more later tonight. For now, though, I'm enjoying the whif of lingering smoke that I can still on my hands - it just feels good. I'll update later :)

Update - Cigarette #3

I just finished my third cigarette, and I think I'm getting better. It's feeling more natural to inhale & I'm getting much better exhales as well. I started with a few quick puffs again, and then I inhaled at least 5 or 6 times I think. I haven't sick or anything yet, and I only have a minimal cough. It feels really good to see the cigarette burning and the smoke surround me, and I love the smell that lingers on my hands & the taste in my mouth. It's not "blowing my head off" as much anymore now either. I'm not sure if I should smoke one more tonight or not. I think I feel like it, but I don't want to overdo it, either, so idk. The wife is coming home tomorrow night, though, so not sure what will happen after that. I def plan on smoking one first thing tomorrow morning as I hear that's a lot of people's fav one of the day. Anyway, I'll let you know how things go. Thanks for all your encouragement and help :)

Update - Cigarette #s 4&5

So right before I went to bed I did smoke another cigarette (actually 1&1/2) I just took a walk around the block & finished the first one only halfway around, so I decided to light a second one & got about halfway through it when I got home. I was really dizzy & lightheaded, which felt good. :) I said earlier that I was going to smoke one first thing this morning, but I ended up deciding not to do that. I guess I actually decided that I'm just not going to smoke for now because it is so hard to hide. So I pitched out the rest of the pack, but now I'm thinking I might go back and get it out if I have the chance, idk, we'll see - I guess a lot of smokers do that from time to time. Anyway, let me know what you think of my experience - I look forward to hearing your comments!

Keep smoking!

Go back and get that pack! Most novice smokers have these moments of backsliding, especially if they have years of brainwashing and social disapproval to overcome. The secret of confident smoking is to *believe* in your cigarette. Next time you light up, look at it burning in your hand, remind yourself that a cigarette is not evil but good, and smoke it because you believe in smoking.


Marriage and smoking

Just a small side comment regarding your marriage. Though I am sure this is not the case, it is worth is not worth sacrificing your marriage for smoking. The committed, self-sacrificing relationship of marriage is one in which we can thrive. The companionship of a soul-mate is a beautiful life-long journey. It is not easy, but it is well worth the effort. Smoking really does feel good! But not so much so as to choose it over this beautiful relationship.

You said, "So I definitely want to try smoking, but I'm not ready to lose all my friends and have my family disown me because of it." That's a good position to take. Have you ever spoken with your wife about your fascination with smoking? That kind of honest sharing is important for a healthy relationship. I am so grateful for my wife's understanding of my desire to and fascination with smoking. She grew up in a Christian home as well, and smoked for about 10 years. She always really liked it! And so do I!

I would also like to add that it is unfortunate that the institution of the church has been more concerned with its list of "do nots" that it has failed to form itself into who it is suppose to be. Let's leave these personal freedom issues between God and the individual and let the church be the living presence of God in the world.


Thanks for all the comments :) I did try to go back to get the pack, but the trash was already gone, so no luck there :( , & I didn't have any more money to spend right now, so it'll probably be a while till I give smoking another go. I actually have spent the weekend feeling kinda guilty being at church & all. I also feel like I have a lump in my throat that I can't get out. I guess it's slowly breaking up, but I am coughing a bit since I can feel it in there. Does this sound like it's due to the smoking?


No it's not.


Ok, so since I smoked my first cigarettes a week ago, I've been thinking about it ever since. I'm wavering between buying a second pack & trying to push the feelings away. I know everyone here will tell me it's not healthy to try to suppress my feelings, and maybe that's why I'm posting here. But I'm also nervous about buying my second pack because that's like, starting a pattern. Instead of just trying cigarettes once and that's it, now it's progressing into something more, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I did meet a smoker online the other day & so I asked her what she smoked & she said she smokes Newport Lights, so I might give them a try. I'll probably have a chance to give it another go on Monday, but idk after that. If I keep my cigs in a ziploc bag, how long will they keep in there before they go bad?

Reply to update

I had my first at age 11, wanted another, and then another, sneaking them from my mom, sneaking out to have one and before I knew, I needed them more than wanting them(even though it's still equal because I love smoking). A few months later I started buying my own when I could scrounge up 50 cents for a pack(1973). Before you know it, you are smoking everyday, weeks, months, years, decades go by and I have been smoking 38 years. I still can't believe I smoke, and to do without them is out of the question. I call them my Oxygen sticks. I'll tell you what, don't buy them anymore and don't smoke anymore. Could you do it? I couldn't, because I was happily hooked. Try Salem 100s or Marlboro Menthol 100s. They are great! I smoked Newport 100s for a year and I think they have a funny taste compared to the above two. I don't like light cigarettes. You are paying the same for less and probably smoking more. Besides, i can't get enough smoke out of the full flavor! I know it's not healthy either. I figure i either suffer now or suffer later(which will probably suffer later anyway because most of us do that when we die. Also, smoking makes me happy and while I am still here living i am going to be happy.

Want to try smoking but need to hide it longterm

Just go buy another pack and hide it somewhere. You won't appreciate the full pleasure from smoking for at least a week anyway.


So I did get a second pack. I decided to stick with the Marlboro Lights for now. I immediately went to smoke one, but for some reason it tasted really bad. I'm not sure if I had it fully lit - is that possible & would it affect the taste? So I just took a few puffs, & inhaled once - that felt good, but since it tasted so bad I put it out pretty quick & vowed that I wouldn't smoke again and threw that pack into the weeds, lol. Later that day I went back got them back out of the weeds :). That was about a week ago & I haven't had another chance to smoke until today. I just went back to the park on my lunch break and had a cig. I made sure I got it fully lit this time & it tasted much better. I inhaled three times & it felt good. I do have some lingering congestion in my throat, though after smoking. Will this go away if I keep smoking, or is that part of being a smoker? I'm not sure when I'll get to smoke again. I'm going to try to finish the pack this time & see where it goes from there. I do still have 18 cigs left, though, so it might take me a while. I am keeping them in a ziploc bag, so I guess that helps them stay fresh? Anyway, comments are appreciated :)

You'll like it!

The taste becomes unbelievably good as you smoke more. Really good every time. I have never experienced the lump in the throat. I'm gessing that will subside as your body adjusts. It sounds to me like deep down, you'd like to be a smoker. Keep the pack in a ziplock & continue your routine of morning, noon & night. It will become very natural and pleasureful with time.

Get some Reds

Get yourself some Marlboro Red's. Once you get used to these there is no going back ! Enjoy the ride !

For the secret smoker

Keep up the good work on keeping your smoking experiment hidden from your wife! It's a hard road, but one that CAN BE DONE!

I say this as an honest to goodness closet smoker for the past ten years. Technically speaking, it could be argued that ive actually been a closet smoker for sixteen years, going back to HS, when I began my nearly secret smoking, although I was a bit more open with my smoking in college, I still kept it most completely secret from my friends and family while in school.

After college, I had developed into a daily secret smoker, who would usually find time either before work to smoke, or occassionally afterwork. As I had a couple of different non-smoking live in girlfriends around that time, I found it much easier to leave home early in the morning and find time to discretely smoke before work, so that it would be virtually undetectable by the time I got home.

About six years ago I started living with the non-smoking woman who I would eventually marry three years ago, and whom I'm still married to, because overall shes a pretty decent wife, other than the fact she's a non-smoker. Subsequently, Ive had to hone my "smoking subterfuge" skills.

That often involves wearing a "smoking jacket" (ie just a jacket worn while smoking, to prevent the smells from getting on my clothes. I also wear a non-descript baseball hat to prevent it from getting in my hair. I also tend to wash my hands and face afterwards, brush my teeth and spray some cologne before going into the office. Keeping spare breath mints and gum around certainly helps too, but you can usually wash your hands and face in just about any bathroom and not seem out of the ordinary. Usually by the time I get to work, virtually no onewould notice; 10 hours later when I get off work, its virtually undetectable to my wife. This method has worked for six years for me.

I keep my cigarettes, lighter, jacket and hat locked in the back of my car. I have a camera bag that I stash the cigarettes in, and I tend to keep the trunk of my car fairly junky, so it's not overly obvious what's back there. Keeping the cigarettes concealed inside a non-descript bag in the trunk has worked great for me for years, especially dince she has her own car and no real reason to use or borrow mine. Perhaps Theoretically she could snatch my keys and go pilfering thru my trunk while I'm asleep, but she has no reason to, and no interest in that so far. I do also buy almost all my cigarettes at gas stations, so the charges don't look unusual, and I have a few gas stations halfway in between home and work that I use regularly, so I don't run into anyone unexpected.

Place wise it's sometimes tough, but I've got my "public smoking locations" fairly mapped out, mainly a few non-descript shady/back areas in a few local public parks in other sections of town, nowhere near where I live. As "creeper" as that sounds, if your honest about what it is, "hey guy, I'm just taking a break", then it's almost never a hassle. In ten years of regularly smoking in various public parks, im almost never been hassled, maybe only even approached by a stranger once or twice a year, usually with them just asking for a light. It's not a perfect secret smoking solution, but it helps me get by.

The other fortuitous thing I have going for me - and this has been clutch for ten years - is that I travel ALOT for work. I'm often out of town for one or two days a week, almost every week, which affords many opportunities to discretely smoke away from home, in a place where the wife won't see. Nice thing about smoking while traveling alone for work, is that to a limited extent it give you more freedom to smoke in "normal" smoking places, like outdoor smoking patios outside restaurants or hotels, even sometimes curbside outside airport terminals on layovers. You just have to use your discretion about when and where to enjoy a cigarette privately, and you'd be surprised how long you can keep it under cover.

But why?

Great story about how you keep your smoking secret. It sounds like you have perfected it! But you don't say why you have kept it a secret for so long. Can you share that with us?

I also am a closet smoker.

Trying smoking but need to hide it

You need to smoke far more per day, your cigarettes will go stale otherwise and irritate your throat and lungs.


I had another cig on my lunch break today. It felt pretty good. I didn't feel the immediate dizziness right away, but when I stood up, I was surprised that I was actually quite dizzy :) and I had a pretty good buzz. The congestion in my throat seems to be clearing, so that's good - I think it just might be a long lingering cold, so no worries there. I look forward to reading your comments, thanks for all the support :)


I couldn't have a cigarette on my break yesterday because there were other people at the park & I'm not comfortable smoking in "public" yet. I was surprised, though, on my way to work this morning, I had an urge to smoke a cigarette - not a craving or anything, I just felt like it, so I stopped at the park before work and got off a couple drags - I didn't have time smoke the whole cigarette, but it felt good :) That's the first time I've smoked in the morning like that. I've been thinking about trying to smoke a little bit more as some of you have suggested. I think I'll start trying to fit one in in the morning & then one at lunch for now - we'll see how that goes since I can tend to cut it close getting to work on time - it might not work every day. I actually also caught myself thinking about what kind of cigarettes I would get next, which surprised me & scared me a little, lol :) I can't believe I'm actually smoking!!! I've fantasized about it for soooo long & now actually doing it... it's better than I imagined. Anyway, I know it's recommended after starting with Marlboro Lights to go "up" to Marlboro Reds - I guess there's just more nicotine in it? Are there any other suggestions? Don't get me wrong, I like the Marlboro Lights, I just want to know what else is out there. Do Reds taste the same as Lights - just stronger?

Trying smoking but need to hide it

I would stick with the lights a bit longer, sty to smoke at least 3 every day for a week before you step up to the Reds. They taste a little stronger and are more flavourful. Your body needs to get used to nicotine first or you may become sick on the Reds. Let us know how you get on. Try mouthwash to disguise your breath.

Reds are stronger for sure,

Reds are stronger for sure, but are very smooth. I find them much more satisfying than lights. They are obviously more addicting as well. You will definitely enjoy them. You may find yourself needing them eventually. For me, that was scary and intriguing at the same time, but I found that the need is ultimately what a smoker comes to enjoy.

Want to try smoking but need to hide it long term

How is your smoking going? Are you smoking 3 - 5 a day regularly now? Maybe you should progress to the Marlboro Reds next. They have a roasty toasty taste that is more flavour and greater pleasure each time. Let us know how you are enjoying them.


Thanks for the comments :) Unfortunately, since I do need to keep this hidden for now, I haven't been able to increase my smoking yet. Right now, at most, I've only been able to smoke 2 a day, and that's not even every day. I do like how it feels, though, so I'm going to stick with it, I think - but I think this is where it needs to stay for now. :)

Day one

Try your best to have a 3rd every day for a few days otherwise the cigarettes in your pack may become stale over a few days. Also you can really enjoy the Marlboro Reds a few days later. These taste a world better than the Golds.


Can anyone definitively answer for me how long cigs will keep in a ziploc baggie?

Ziploc Bags

I smoke menthol cigarillos/cigarettes I and keep them in a ziploc bag since I only smoke a few a day.

Usually they taste fresh for about a month. After that they start to taste nasty.. Regular (non-menthol) cigarettes seem to last longer though, more like a month and a half.

Just keep them in a bag from the time you buy them, till you finish the pack. I will get one out of the pack then press all of the extra air out, and then put it somewhere cool and dark.

It seems to work pretty well. Best of luck :)


Help Lighting

Whenever it's a little windy out, I have a hard time get my lighter to stay lit long enough to light the cigarette. Sometimes it might take me five minutes to get the damn thing lit, and then my thumb is worn out from all that action, lol. I try to use my free hand to shield the flame, but that doesn't seem to work too well for me. Can anyone give some pointers to help me with this problem? Maybe I should try use my car's lighter?

Help lighting

Get a zippo lighter, they work in any winds

Smoking a sin?

I don't know, but the bible does say your body is a temple that you should take care of and smoking as we all know does have its positive and negative aspects.

Creation is good

All that God created is very good and is to be enjoyed with thanksgiving. However, we can make an idol out of anything and misuse that which is good. Chocolate chip cookies are very good. I enjoy having a few after dinner or with ice cream. Eating 10-20 cookies every day is not good. Having a cup of coffee is no problem. Having 5-6 pots a day put my brother-in-law in the hospital. Enjoying a glass of wine or a beer is no problem. Habitually drinking large amounts can lead to alcoholism and driving while drinking is a very bad idea with serious consequences. What one person has the freedom to enjoy could be a stumbling block for another. Each person needs to discern this for themself.

The above reference to the body as a temple is a mis-quote. No one person is the temple of God. If you read the reference in 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 the "you" is plural in the Greek. The community of those who are followers of Christ make up the temple of the Holy Spirit. The other reference is in I Corinthians 6:19 and the context is in reference in inappropriate sexual relations. Misapplication of scripture can lead to some untruthful conclusions.

Smoking in and of itself is not sin. Moderation is the key.

Need some advice!

I'm over 21 years old. My mother lives nearby. She thinks it's OK to play the slot in Vegas or on the boat. But very very anti smoking or drinking. If you drink or smoke. Your the worst of sinners in her book. How do you deal with someone like that? I love her. But I don't think she is always right.

Ah, the human condition!

I find that people who do not have concern for or relationships with people less fortunate than themselves become very legalistic, and often they condemn issues that are not a problem for them but embrace those they enjoy. It is true that a larger percentage of the population who are poor also smoke. And the rest of the population who do not smoke condemn them for "wasting" their money on cigarettes, but do so from a distance without getting to know who they are condemning. Usually this is just a defense mechanism to help us feel better about ourselves, and we all do it in some form or another. We compare ourselves to someone struggling with a problem we do not have and condemn them for it. Quite humorous this thing called the human condition. Maybe in a moment of jesting you can point out her inconsistency through a joke or observing someone else in a similar situation.

So many of us hiding our smoking

Wow, I didn't know there were so many of us. I've smoked on and off, mostly on, for years and years. Not much in the ages 22-32. Now age 53. I don't smoke everyday. I've had a few pauses lately. In the last 10 days I've had 2 cigarettes - meaning of course, nearly continuous drags when I do smoke them, so it's probably the equivalent of 4-5 cigs in 10 days. I'm a runner who can run fairly fast. I've enjoyed the addiction for years now though sometimes it's a strain on my lungs, and keeps me awake if I smoke too close to bed. In 1999 I went 10 months with no cigs and I didn't miss them. I live alone and the basement is my favorite place to smoke. There's a goodly stub remaining from a pack I bought. Smoking is a bit of a contrarian thing. So I use that part of my nature to take a tobacco holiday. Now 4 days long. Don't forget to brush your tongue a bit too. Menthol is less strong smelling. American Spirits are very strong smelling. Love the withdrawal symptoms too, and getting a fix right in the middle of withdrawal.


So I just had to go a week without cigs - I was at my parents for thanksgiving, and I'm just not at the point yet where I can even think about coming out to them - so I had my last cig last friday on my way home from work, and threw the rest of the pack out - I had already had it for, like, three weeks and hadn't finished it yet, so I knew if it wasn't already stale, it def would be by the end of four weeks, even though I kept in a ziploc bag. So, yeah - I didn't really have any cravings or anything, but I am looking forward to getting a new pack and lighting up again :) I know I said this before, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to try marlboro light methols this time - wish me luck!

Problems of being a closet smoker

My aunt brought a boyfriend she's been dating for about 6 months to Thanksgiving dinner. He was a nice guy and it was the first time many of us had met him. While we were talking after eating he told us, "I know some of you are probably wondering the reason my first marriage ended so I'm just going to tell you."

He put most of the blame on himself and told us a story of being a closet smoker his entire life. He'd hidden it from his wife while dating and tried to in the almost twenty years they were married since she hated smoking. His ex was usually angry with him since she would find his cigarettes and lighters and because he often smelled like smoke. He'd usually deny it and would be more careful but said it's hard to do when you're smoking a pack a day. He would try to quit sometimes but couldn't do it. Since he couldn't even admit to others that he was a smoker in the first place, his a-hole behavior when he was trying to quit wasn't understood or tolerated which frustrated him enough to start smoking again. He would find reasons to be away from his wife for several hours at a time so he could smoke which upset her. The fact that he was spending so much time away from his family, being so secretive, and lying had him in a constant state of guilt and depression which made him very unpleasant to be with. His ex often asked him what else he was lying about which led to more arguments. Finally, he said not being able to smoke for long stretches left him constantly agitated and short tempered. "You all know how hard it is to be with someone who's just quit smoking and is miserable because they're going through withdrawal. Imagine how hard it would be if their symptoms lasted for 20 years!" He finished by saying his wife had every reason to leave him.

After his wife left him, he got his own apartment, went to a therapist, and came out of the smoking closet. While admitting to everyone he'd kept it hidden from that he was a smoker wasn't the easiest thing to do, he wished he'd done it earlier. Though his kids and parents sometimes give him a hard time about his habit, they all admit that they actually like him now. We did too.


So I just wanted to get back on here and give an update...

Last time I said I was going to try Marlboro Menthols. I did give them a try, the minty taste was kind of weird, but they were def much smoother than the Lights I had been smoke, so that was okay... After that pack, though, which I didn't even finish, I kind of got tired of the constant struggle to hide my smoking, so I gave it up...

The struggle, as you might recall, was due to issues with my very strict, religious family and my wife and her family as well who are the same. Well, my wife and I were having other issues, and I finally left a little over a month ago. It's been hard, especially since none of my old circle of friends understand - they're all very strict, religious people who believe that divorce is not an option, but I did find a new friend who has really helped me through all of it, and we've actually started dating and exclusively seeing each other, and she is amazing - we've known each other for 5 months now, and we have everything in common and love doing everything together! We're just so perfect for each other, it's amazing - we're even talking about moving in together. But that's not what this post is about, lol...

So my girlfriend's dad was a lifelong smoker, smoking about 1ppd. Well, he just ended up in the hospital because of it, and had some pretty serious complications because of it - he had to have gallbladder surgery because of it, and then ended up getting gangrene, and some other nearly fatal complications. Well, he was in and out of the hospital for about a month, and didn't smoke at all in that time, and so he ended up quitting smoking, but that's really showed me some of the serious complications that smoking can cause! I mean, I knew about cancer, and emphyzema and so on - but I had no idea the stuff that he went through was even possible, and it actually grossed me out even more than the thought of cancer did.

So anyway, in addition to this, my girlfriend has asthma, and her ex-husband is also about 1ppd smoker, and his smoking caused her to have asthma attacks and so on, and he didn't care, he even smoked in the basement of their house, holding his cigarette in the chimney because he didn't want to go out in the cold, and then he would yell at her telling her she was a baby because she couldn't breath!!! :-( So, seeing all the pain that smoking has caused her with her dad and her ex, has pretty much taken away my desire to smoke.

I just love her so much, and I want to give her the best life I can. She knows that I've been enamored with smoking and that I tried it, and she's okay with that, so that's awesome :-) She tried it, too, when she was younger (we're both around 30)...

So anyway, she's out of town this week with her family, so I picked up a pack of Marlboro Lights, just because I do still kind of like it, and I figure once in a while it won't hurt me, so I've smoked two out of the pack so far, I only have till Thursday or Friday morning really, because she comes back Friday afternoon, so idk if I'll even smoke the whole pack or not, I wanted to get up and have one this morning first thing, but I couldn't pull myself out of bed in time, so I didn't get to... It feels okay, but I definitely don't want to increase my smoking or anything, it's just nice once in a while, I think :-)

So there you go, there's my update, let me know what you think! :-)

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