PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Women Smokers

Is it me or are the majority of sexy women smokers? I would say 80% of the time I see an attractive woman she is either smoking or lighting one up. Any thoughts?


It seems that on a normal day that most women that I see smoking are good looking. So that either means I live in an area with a lot of good looking women or those that look good know how to enhance their appearance by smoking. Either way it suits me fine.

Yes I would say you are

Yes I would say you are correct. My wife is sexy and a real looker. She is also a smoker, has been since uni. She even gets on here from time to time as she is an avid supporter of the right to smoke.

Yes They Are

Nothing hotter then a sexy lady smoking a cigarette.

So true

So true


Agreed! Sexy women smoking rock.

It's likely that you just

It's likely that you just find smoking attractive, and notice women when they are doing it.

Also, the fact that the 'cool kids' who go out partying, and getting exposed to social smoking situations, are usually the more attractive ones. The ugly kids tend to stay at home, sober, smoke-free, doing far more interesting things.


I first noticed this when I hit the club scene. Trendy nightclubs filled with very hot and sexy ladies and 90%+ were smoking cigarettes.


Yes I would say that a lot of sexy women smoke. My gf who is lovely smokes. Recently we were away for the weekend and most times when we went outside a pub to have a cigarette there were plenty attractive girls puffing away. There seems to be a lot of sexy women smoking these days.

Women smokers

I think that the sexy women tend to be more social, thus we see them more, and yes, a lot of them smoke. They also smoke with more style so we notice them even more. It also seems that women are more agressive smokers as in longer drags and deeper inhales thus alowing more visable smoke when they do there stylish exhales.

Love them

I love sexy women who smoke! Also, it's not just they way they look - I've noticed I'm sometimes more attracted to girls who smoke personality wise as well. They seem more relaxed and confident, willing to take risks, have fun etc.

womens smokers

definitely the most attractive!

the most attractive smoke 120s

Love seeing an attractive woman smoking 120's. Only thing better. Being a guy smoking a Virginia Slims menthol light 120 with an attractive woman.

women smokers

There is nothing better looking than a woman smoking and doing it properly. Nice deep inhales, beautiful exhales, then repeat, heavenly!

My GF just started

She is 19 and believe it or not, I showed her this site and one of the pics of a sexy girl smoking, got her started and she is now hoping to become addicted. She smokes (plain) Camels.

The above is 100% honest and true.

Most attractive

There is nothing more attractive than a Women who pulls out a pack of 120's and lights one up right in public. She wants to be noticed and it workes every time. I cannot seam to take my eyes off of them. It is like one of the most beautiful things in the world and very satisfying at the same time.

Dainty women smokers

The more sweet petite dainty innocent & prissy they are, the librarian types that smoke especially long cigarettes & extra especially long cigarettes with cork filters. Seeing a lady like this with a Marlboro, Winston, Newport 100 or a Saratoga hanging out of her mouth is adorable. Dangling, popping rings, tilting her head back to exhale, a fresh lit cigarette high on the steering wheel all bring attention to them and it looks great. It may be a filthy destructive expensive stinking habit, but a woman given over to her nicotine cravings getting her fix sucking away on her cigarette like it's her adult pacifier is absolutely mesmerizing. The most innocent woman I ever saw practically lived with a cigarette in her mouth, puckering up on the filter like she's kissing it or hugging it with her lips & she smoked like a chimney. Having a woman like that it would be easy to be a chain smoker.

I love it

My wife started smoking about 3 years ago after a beach weekend with some girlfriends. She was so worried about what I would think so when she told me she dressed really nice in her black leather pants (which she knows I love) and broke the news. I dont smoke When she lit up a VA Slim in those leather jeans I was mesmorized; she is a beautiful woman and had never even hinted at wanting to smoke. While I have a few health concerns because I love her, I have to say she looks so sexy smoking. She smokes about ten a day and I love it when she isinide leather pants or tight jeans and boots and lights up. She truly enjoys it and I think she is more relaxed and more outgoing since she smokes. We have two small children so she hides her habit from them, but she is one hot smokey mom!

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