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Virginia Slims Types?

I was looking around the gas station I usually get my cigarettes from, and I decided to try salems but they didn't have any. So I decided to get a pack of Virginia Slims instead, but I don't know what kinds are what, and neither did the cashier.

I bought a silver pack that has blue along the side, thinking they were menthol lights, but it seems they're regular lights. Does anyone know what colors are what for Virginia Slims? These aren't bad, but I'm in the mood for a menthol cigarette that's light.

The New Packs Can Be Confusing

Without words like "Lights" and "Ultra Lights" even clerks that are smokers aren't sure sometimes with some brands, especially less popular ones. Non smoking clerks are even more clueless than ever. I think you actually bought "VS Silver Pack" based on your description which was the old VS Ultra Lights. If you want VS Lights Menthol you need to ask for VS Gold Pack Menthol. It should be on the top and bottom of the pack. With VS, you substitute the name "Gold Pack" for "Lights" and "Silver Pack" for Ultra Lights. This is the same naming convention that is used for Marlboro Lights and Ultra Lights.

If you decide to go with Benson and Hedges, Lights are now "Luxury" and Ultra Lights "De Luxe".

With Merit, regular Merit is now Gold Pack, Merit Ultra Lights are Silver Pack and Ultima is Bronze Pack.

Parilament Lights are now "Parliament White Pack" and the full flavor "Parliament Blue Pack"

BTW - I'm not guessing on these. I found a brochure from PM for retailers someone was kind enough to post up on the internet. I wish I could remember where I found it.

Congratulations on wanting

Congratulations on wanting to try VS menthol. I smoke VS menthol 120s and absolutely love them.The top of the box is green and says Virginia slims 120-menthol gold pack. A suoer sexy cigarette to smoke. Feels so good in the throat and lungs.Keep me updated on your new sexy smoking habit.

RE: Virginia Slims Gold Pack

I remember when they were $1.10 16 yrs ago. I have been smoking VS Gold Pack all these years. I thoroughly enjoy them!!!

New names

Here's a link to a document with all the new names:


silver packs used to be called ultra-lights
gold packs used to be called Luxury Lights-
the menthol says menthol on the pack and have green in the stripes
oh how i miss the old days lol

This helps so much, I'll

This helps so much, I'll keep it in mind.

Though just from smoking the ultra lights (too light D:) I'm not a humongous fan of the flavor. I think I'll try smooths/skylines or something along those lines when I do get another pack (not to mention they're cheaper)

-Tim W. (Forgot to put sig in post)

not educated

this helped me a lot as well i just started smoking VS silver pack not knowing they were ultra lights cuz im not educated on cigarettes since i just started but now i want to get the gold pack since now that im reading it tastes better

awesome choice

Do you smoke the 120s? Regular or menthol. The menthol 120s feel so great in the throat and lungs.

thinking of switching

I just got my first pack of VS menthols. I might just switch from B&H menthols. I can't wait to find the VS 120 menthols. They feel and taste great. I like how fast I can smoke them. I feel like I can smoke more. Thanks all.

menthol stripe difference?

What is the difference between green stripe and blue stripe on menthol super slims?

reply to Virginia Slims Types?

When I used to steal these from my mom when I was age 11, 12, 13, I loved VS full flavor menthol 100s. I haven't smoked them since 1973-80 or so. My mMom smoked Winston 100s, VS 100s menthol, Saratoga 120s, Benson and Hedges menthol 100s, Silva Thins 100s, and others, so I had a chance to sample lots of cigarettes. I loved the VS Menthol 100s the best. But I tried Salem 100s when I needed more cigarettes than I could steal from my mom back then without her becoming suspicious. I loved them! I suggest VS Full Flavor 100s or the Salem 100s! The last 15 years I have been smoking Marlboro Menthol 100s. I love these also.

I sometimes smoke the Full

I sometimes smoke the Full flavor VS menthol, but my favorite are the VS menthol lights 120s

Started out on mom's brand, too

When I was 11 I took my first puff off my mom's Benson and Hedges menthol during Easter weekend I think it was. As a young girls, copying your mom's style in dressing, makeup and eventually smoking if your mom smokes, becomes the goal (at least it was for me).

Within a very short period of time, I was occasionally taking puffs when she was out of the room, and then I was quietly smoking most of one upstairs' almost every day and by the 6th grade I was racing home from school (I was a latch key kid) to smoke as I had finally taught myself how to inhale and was loving the menthol-cool major head rush a whole lot.

At some point, the head rush became a real addiction (maybe in only a few months, because I became completely obsessed with lighting up whenever she did, I just couldn't wait till I could get some private time- addiction was just that quick for me), and thankfully my mom never switched brands (or even knew I was smoking till I confessed at age 15 and then she was shocked. ha!).

So I have never really ever smoked anything other than my mother's brand of Band H menthols.

VS Silver/Gold Menthol 120s

I've been smoking these for over 26 years and thoroughly enjoy them. I can smoke other cigarettes but VS 120s are definitely my favorite!


I am only a Menthol 120 girl. My main brand is VS120, but I also smoke at least 2 packs a week of Capri, Eve and Misty, all Menthol 120's. I started out at age 9 stealing VS Menthol 100's from the neighbor lady, and then the day VS came out with 120's, that was my brand. I have been a 120 only girl since that day.

Blair Alexis

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Me too!!

Me too Blair, Me and my wife both smoke the Virginia Slims 120's for a lot of years now. Anything other is just second class compared to these very fine smokes. They are so delicious!!

Old comment, but...

lol...That's really cool. Blair being nine years old and in 3rd or 4th grade already smoking cigarettes, as other people in this website. Four, five and up already addicted to cigarettes. Being in elementary school, so small and presumably innocent, probably not cutting class to smoke, going all day without smoking, especially at that age. It's mind boggling. We were the lucky ones to be enjoying them at that young age. I, for one, am proud of myself for starting smoking that young, even though I did not know what I was doing, not knowing it would turn into a lifetime addiction. Ultimately, I am the one who took the first 'puff'.

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Try Malibu!

In reply to Anonymous, since you are like us, and smoke and love your Virginia Slims Menthol 120's, but yet smoke these other brands lightly, you should throw the Malibu Menthol 120's into the mix too! I thought they would be a pretty low-grade "off the wall" brand of cigarette, but much to my surprise they were fairly good. They are a little bit harsh though, and would never take the place out our beloved Virginia Slims Menthol 120's though!

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Virginia Slims 120's rock!!

When you go to buy them, just ask for the "Virginia Slims Menthol 120's" and make sure they are the "Gold Pack"!! These are the best Menthols on the planet!! Very good with your coffee in the mornings!!


I just bought a carton of full flavor regular Virginia Slims, and realized how much I missed them. OMG, they are so smooth and strong! I have never experienced so much smoke out of a slim cigarette. To me, they are a bit like B&H premiums, but in a slim style. I've smoked almost a whole pack of them already and that says a lot considering how many different brands I smoke. I can't get enough of them ... my exhales look and feel incredible! If anyone likes a lot of smoke in a sexy, slim package, I highly recommend them. Happy smoking!

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I agree

It's one of three brands I regularly rotate around. There are always lots of comments about VS120s, mainly due to the sex appeal of the longer length (no argument there, but I think they're weak); however, if you want some kick in a slim, VS FF is it.

VS FF awesomeness!

I've really noticed with smoking them now that when I take a drag, the ease at which the cherry burns down is so nice! I'm able to get SO much sweet smoke with even a small two second drag its great. With my normal four to five second drags its even better. My ball snaps look so thick, my exhales are luscious, and my lungs feel fantastic! I've smoked so many of them in the past few days, I'll need another carton in no time!

ii agree vs FF are the way to

ii agree vs FF are the way to go !

Virginia Slims 120s

Virginia Slims 120s gold pack are my favorite. They are smooth tasting and great looking. I won't try anything else. They are a great cigarette and well worth the extra price. Just bought a carton today $15 more than Marlboro Golds but worth the difference. The smooth light taste without chemical feeling like Marlboro Gold is worth it.

VS 120's menthol are the

VS 120's menthol are the light green along the side and they are so good, imo!

Virginia Slims 120s Gold Pack

Virginia Slims 120s are long, low, lean and loaded with style!

VS ff 100s for me

I'm totally hooked on these, no other brand or style will do. Sorry I don't have the attention span for 120s. I used to ask for "regular virginia slims" but a woman at the store where I often buy them told me to ask for "reds". The stripe down the side of the pack is sort of rust red. They're expensive and not always easy to find, but they are what I need.

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Wise choice

I couldn't agree more Polyjellybean. Quality and stylish smoke.

Great choice poly

VS are an awesome cigarette! Really glad to hear you love them so much. I smoke the ff 100's and the regular 120's and enjoy them equally. Always make sure I have a carton of each on hand. You are correct...they are expensive...but as you stated, if they are what you NEED and WANT then they are well worth it. The important thing is that they satisfy your nicotine cravings and that you have fun smoking them. Above all, smoking should be FUN, as well as satisfying. Happy smoking to you and thanks for sharing your love for Virginia Slims. Always great to hear!

So nice to meet other Virginia Slims fans

And thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the greatest little cigarettes. I've tried so many brands and styles, especially all the slims. College friends started me on Marlboro Lights and Camel Lights (yuck! the very thought is unpleasant). Then I bought a pack of VS Light 100s, and another, and another, and a carton. Foolishly I decided that I couldn't afford them, not making much money at that time, and decided to quit. It was too late; I was hooked. I tried the cheaper Misty Lights but didn't like them as much and went back to my beloved Virginia Slims. The switch to the full flavors was, I guess, inevitable; and happened unexpectedly. Having gone into a store in desperate need of VS, I was told that they didn't have the lights and was offered a pack of the full flavors instead. A quick decision, and I haven't had a light (now gold) since. So yes, I love everything about these. Besides the flavor and considerable nicotine kick they deliver, I love how the pack looks, it dimensions, how it feels in my hand. The slims feel right between my fingers, and the draw is perfect. And they're so cute! How could anything that little and cute be bad?
Anyway, that's my story. I would love to hear how others discovered the almost magical pleasures of Virginia Slims.

My VS journey

The only thing I can remember is that I was always fascinated with the old Virginia Slims print ads. Since I adore ladies who smoke, the ads were always a turn-on for me. One day I just went into a store and asked for the 120's. It felt strange at the time, but now I do it without blinking an eye. Now I cannot be without them, even though I indulge in other brands. I give my lungs equal love between the full flavor 100's and the regular 120's. You're correct when you say there is something almost magical about them poly. The pack, the taste, and the feel are perfect! I always enjoy meeting other VS people and chatting about them. Happy smoking!

Love my Slims

I came to Virginia Slims from MAX 120s. They became unavailable so I tried Virginia Slims Silvers. They were OK but too light for my taste. I then tried Virginia Slims Gold 120s. I love them! I sometimes have a VS Gold Menthol which are also great. Lately I have been smoking Virginia Slims Reds, the full flavor variety, more and developing a taste for them too. I start the day with a Red, followed by a Menthol to ease the taste from the Red and then go back to the Golds for most of the day. I still prefer the Golds for most of my smoking but like the occasional Menthol and Red for a little variety. I love them and won't give them up no matter what.

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To my fellow VS lovers

My mother was a Virginia Slim smoker. Even as a child I admired her style. Unfortunately I lost my mother when I was 12 but the memory of her enjoying her Slims stayed with me. Then at 13 my friend and I started sneaking her mom's Marlboro Lights. I loved looking at the print ads for Virginia Slims and thinking how beautiful those models were, but Slims were very difficult for a young girl to get their hands on and the Slims were more expensive. But as my smoking habit progressed I needed more of a kick. I tried Marlboro Reds because my boyfriend smoked those. They are a great cigarette but they just didn't feel right to me. Then I happened to catch some Virginia Slims full flavor on sale and immediately my mom came to mind. I haven't looked back. They have been my cigarette of choice now for 14 years. There was some experimenting over the years but I always came back to my Slims. Although I recently have gotten into Mores, as I shared here a few weeks ago, I still smoke primarily Virginia Slim full flavor. Both brands are all about image but are also great smokes.


Its fantastic that there are still women out there that enjoy these superb cigarettes ... satisfaction, taste, AND style! Those print ads were awesome Becky ... still some of the best ever created in the industry. Thanks for sharing and continued happy VS smoking!

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Select group

There aren't many Virginia Slim smokers anymore. I see ourselves as a special group. Whenever I meet a VS smoker on the street, I can always strike up a conversation and know I have met a new friend. We are very loyal to our favorite brand and are willing to spend more for what we like. You've come a long way Baby.

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I have a friend who loves VS 120's---when I run out of my everyday brand on a night out, she'll share them. They're good.

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Keep it up dearie, I will worship you from a far!

You are right

Virginia Slims is a very pleasant cigarette, and as someone who is really drawn towards 120s I think the VS Gold 120s are superb. Too bad there's not a FF 120 from VS, or apparently from any other cigarette makers, at this time. Obviously, as a straight guy at times I will receive funny looks from other smokers, but it's not my problem.

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Full flavor Virginia Slims with the red stripe

I recently met a new friend who was a Marlboro Gold smoker. She never had the urge to move to full flavors until she tried one of my Full Flavor Slims. No surprise but she has now joined the crowd as a dedicated Virginia Slim full flavor smoker. She has truly come along way.

Fantastic Becky

We can never have too many VS smokers in the world! Need to convert as many as we can so we can drive the popularity of the brand up ... I certainly don't ever want it to go away!

Color for the FF Slims?

So if I want to try the VS FF, what is the package color for FF? Is it the red stripe?

As to 120s, I don't think there's a FF but there is a light and ultra-light....what is the stripe for the light (so I don't end up sucking hard on an ultra-light)?

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The colors are the same as Marlboro's colors. You are correct. Full flavor only comes in 100s. Personally I wouldn't choose the other two but that's your call.

Red full flavor
Gold lights
Silver ultra

Glad I bought a pack of Gold 120s today

These are a joy to smoke. They do cost more than Misty Blue 120s but I can see myself being a steady smoker with both brands. They were on sale for a buck off at Walgreens, making it easier to fork over the cash. Thanks for the info.

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More confusion!

Oh my, it is so nice reading all of the wonderful articles by the Virginia Slims Lovers!! Me and my wife have both smoked the Virginia Slims Menthol 120's since the year 2000. Over those years, we have seen the pack make several changes, or at least two! Now of all things, just getting used to the latest pack, which is called the "gold" pack, and getting used to that, I have come across another version! I go into this convenience store that we frequent a lot since it is in our neighborhood, only I have never bought cigarettes in there since we usually always go to this one smoke shop. Anyway, I asked the owner if they might have the Virginia Slims menthol 120's? And he said, well, let me look. He comes out of there with what are definitely 120's, and definitely menthol, because they were all green, but I had to do a double-take, and say, what in the world? They only said Menthol Lights, and did not say Gold Pack, and they were really different packaging and they did not have Gold Pack on there and they did not have the more yellow stripe on there, they were just solid green stripes on there. So we get them home and open them up to smoke them, and sure enough they tasted great, and they even tasted like a little different, almost as if there were more menthol taste to them! Now, get this, they also....had the word Virginia Slims up on the side....just like they used to! Because now, at least the last several years, as you all know, they had the word Virginia Slims in tiny letters going across only the filter! Wow, they tasted even better though!! Please let me know if any of you other sexy Virginia Slims Menthol 120's Smokers have seen this?

I wondeer if those are old stock from a few years ago

Given the FDA's regulations since 2009 against cig packs using phrases like "light", "medium" and "full flavor", either these are old cigarettes or they are imported from overseas where the phrase "light" can still be used on cigarette packs. If they taste good to you, they are probably imports. It might be interesting to ask!

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This is just in reply to this stupid post of mine! This was actually not any kind of "new" style of Virginia Slims Menthol 120's. The packs that I had bought from him were "dated" big time! This pack he still had since before they changed over to the pack design and the Gold Pack! I thought they kind of looked familiar, and yeah they should have looked familiar, because those were around for a long time, and a long time ago! I need to go and get these exchanged and inform him that he needs to get rid of those!

VS Gold 120s burn faster than Misty Blue 120s?

In smoking my first few Virginia Slims, I notice that these burn faster than Mistys. When I inspected the smoked butt after finishing, I observed that the circumference of the smoky center of the filter, specifically the dark color where the smoke was inhaled out of the filter into the smoker's mouth, is discernably larger on Virginia Slims than on Misty. In other words, the filter design doesn't trap as much of the smoke from getting into your mouth with Virginia Slims. The cigarette paper, filter and tobacco likely have been treated so that the cigarette burns faster, even though subjectively the inhaled doesn't feel dramatically more powerful. Maybe Virginia Slims is designed to produce more "freebase nicotine" by having a faster burn.

POST SCRIPT: After writing this, I went outside and smoked a Misty 120. It burned faster than the Misty 120s cigarettes I smoked a couple of days ago. That might be because the ones I smoked earlier where from an older partial stale pack which was in a closet drawer for a couple of months. My smoking style over the past couple of days has become more assertive, taking the bull by the horns and engaging in a deeper, more powerful inhaling experience, also making a faster burn. Still, methinks the VS 120s may burn faster. Feel free to chime in.

Deepening enjoyment level with Virginia Slims

What is it about Virginia Slims? Now that I've smoked a half pack of Gold 120s, I understand why Virginia Slims fans love these cigarettes! Looking at the filter ends after smoking one, I now see that the filter is a dark red which means I'm inhaling these cigarettes in all their smooth smokiness and getting full pleasure.

Becoming more locked-in with Virginia Slims

I'm onto my second pack of VS Gold 120s and I think I'm locked in with this brand and type. The addiction and joy hook has been set with Virginia Slims. Misty 120s are okay but IMHO no longer as pleasant or desirable. There is irony in becoming a loyal smoker of the brand whose slogan is, "You've come a long way, baby!" but I love these cigarettes, they are just right for me.

Great thread

I also on occasion smoke the red stripe 100's and the full flavor menthol 120's- both satisfy my eager lungs!

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