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Cigarettes suddenly taste bad

I think this might have been discussed on a previous post but I dont remember which one. My cigarettes have suddenly started tasting bad. I know being sick (that affects your smell) can affect the way they taste but as far as I know, I'm not sick. I thought it might be because I had my cigarettes packed (where you tap them on something to pack the tobacco tighter) but I bought a new pack today, not packed (different kind from my regular though) and they still taste bad. What is going on??

Cigarettes suddenly taste bad

Maybe you have stale cigarettes, try smoking some from a place that sells a lot so you know they are fresh.

Stale smokes are a def possibility

There's a blub on the site that decodes dates on packs. The previous poster had a pretty good idea. At my favorite store the Marlboros I buy are rarely more the 3 months old (well within limits). Of course, tastes change over time too and maybe you should experiment with a different brand/style. Good luck!

I have similar problems and

I have similar problems and right now I think it's because I wouldn't take big enough drags. I would suck lightly for 1 second and I'd have a bad smoke, now I still suck lightly but for about 2-3 seconds, and the bad tastes go away. But being sick definitely could change your taste too.

New legislation just come in

New legislation just come in means cigarettes have to burn out when not being smoked for safety. Think it affected the taste.

This just happened to me!!!

I got down to the last 6 in my pack and suddenly they started tasting more like regular than menthol. Is it possible the two got mixed up? Cuz yuck I hate regular.


Omg that happened to me today...they were horrible!!!!!! I was down to the last 5-6 cigarettes too. And I kept lighting a new one thinking a few were bad...and the rest were stale all of a sudden. What a waste.


Well it *might* be related to the "burn out when not smoked" part... mine now really do burn out a lot quicker so i have to relight them. But this really is terrible. I enjoyed L&M's then switched to Davidoff slims... they were good in the beginning, but after about 5-6 packs they started tasting just terrible. Hard to describe but chemical and medical in a way if that makes sense. So i thought, i made a mistake with the brand as the L&M's were great, though not as good as Camel... so i bought a pack of Camel unfiltered. And again the exact same nasty taste... so now my favorite brand has it too :-/ I'm not sick in any way (at least not to my knowledge, no mucus or anything blocking the olfactory receptors) so i suppose it really is what they added. If that's the cause it's ridiculous. What's the point of no longer tasting the tobacco for "safety". Any halfwit would know not to light his own house on fire by tossing the cigarettes into his bedsheets or curtains...

Cause of bad tasting cigarettes

One cause of cigarettes tasting bad is Hepatitis A - a hepatitis virus transmitted through the oral-fecal route. The associated viraemia can cause a distate for cigarettes.


Change your brand. Some cigarettes have a fire retardant additive, I find that if you keep sucking every few seconds the cigarette doesnt go out and they still taste good. Makes you take more drags though.


too much smoke and nicotine buildup and lack of exercise, it shouldn't feel like your full of smoke or you won't absorb any nicotine.


its the fsc! hardly noticeable until you chain smoke then the taste will build up and be very noticable, try making warm tea, then add enough milk to cool it so its drinkable but still warm. It will cleanse your lymph nodes under the roof of your mouth. Then try smoking the cigarette again in an hour and see if the taste is any different

i also went to the local smoke shop and bought a oz of regular tobacco plain and smoked some from a pipe to see if i was sick or if my taste was becoming acute to the chemicals and it tasted like regular nasty harsh tobacco

also noticed that eating more whole fruits and vegetables makes the fsc taste less noticable

if your thinking about something else while smoking you won't even notice the taste either

if you leave fsc cigarettes in the sun for a couple days they taste dusty

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I find my new cigarette

Since then, the other paper is taken, the taste is changed, that's what I noticed. Here the smokers themselves acknowledge, it's true. I smoke a normal daily requirement and now I sometimes change my brands and offer me trying to smoke and maybe I'll find a good-tasting cigarette that I can enjoy again by cigarette.
Even the cigarette manufacturers are experimenting in their products and maybe that's why there is a change in taste. I'll find a cigarette that I like and that I can enjoy, for sure.

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If you have allergies to some types of pollen, that could be the problem. My allergies manifest themselves differently with the type of pollen in the air. In summer it affects my taste. Cigs taste bad - sort of bitter or metallic taste. I also love to eat green chili but my taster gives it a bitter taste during the same season. If we get a good area rain that cleanses the air of pollen, my taster returns to normal for a day or two. Once we get out of this pollen season my taster returns to normal. Of course, that brings on new pollen and different symptoms.

Try this, it worked for me. Take a pack of smokes and a lighter into the bathroom, Take a long, HOT, steamy shower. While doing so, thoroughly rinse your mouth and nasal passages to remove any pollen lodged there. The steam will condense on any pollen in the air and remove it. When you get out of the shower try lighting up. You should notice an improvement in the taste. It won't be perfect but it should be better. Of course, once you leave the pollen free environment of the bathroom, you are back to square one. At least you may identify the problem.

If you notice an improvement, you might purchase a high quality HEPA air filter for your home. It will remove much of the pollen from the air if you can close up your home fairly tight. In my area we use swamp coolers in the summer which draw in air (and pollen) from outdoors so that is not practical here.

Manufacturers do not add a flame retardant to the paper. They are using (by government order) a paper that has rings of slightly thicker paper. This causes the flame to slow and go out. If you carefully examine a cig, you will notice these faint rings.

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About FSC

Paper with thicker rings is how fire safe compliance is achieved in most European made cigarettes. However, many American manufacturers treat the paper with chemicals, specifically EVA and PVA, to achieve fire safe compliance. Look up article on fire safe cigarettes at Wikipedia.


when you suck the center of a cigarette it taste bad if you don't burn any paper smoke mixed with the tobacco, but when you just suck the air on the center it just gets the tobacco

They taste like mold now.

So i've been sick for a week, and now all cigarettes taste like mold. I tried different brands, even menthol cigarettes but they all taste like mold. I sure as hell ain't gonna quit, i came too far.

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