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Red Sun Menthol Review

Bold Cold Menthol

Pros: Very clean and refreshing menthol flavor.

Cons: No 100's and light on smoke.

Website: Red Sun Cigarettes

I've recently sampled a pack of Red Sun menthol cigarettes. These cigarettes are all white and about 82.5 mm in length, a little shorter than king size cigarettes. Red Sun advertising claims that their cigarettes are super-premium and "features an authentic, bold tobacco taste. Designed by smokers, for smokers, Red Sun is a truly great-tasting cigarette... and an immensely satisfying smoke."

Are Red Sun cigarettes truly super-premium and a great-tasting cigarette? Both claims are subjective and what I'm about to offer is simply my opinion and nothing more. On taste, I felt that they ranked right up there with Nat Sherman's hint of menthol; a special taste not duplicated with any other mass distributed cigarette. So, yes, I think they hit the mark on both counts.

What I found that doesn't match my preferences for the perfect cigarette are 1) they are not offered in 100mm length and 2) they delivered smoke volumes expected from cigarettes in the ultra-lights category rather than the full flavor variety.

So, if you're looking for cigarettes that tastes great, likely low in tar, yet retains a respectable nicotine content, and prefer shorter length cigarettes, Red Sun should be on the top of your try list.


A New Tobacco Company!

I thought I'd never see the day and I have to say, it's great to see a new American tobacco company on the scene. Goodrich Tobacco Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of 22nd Century Group, Inc. has recently introduced their first brand of cigarettes, Red Sun, available in regular and menthol kings.

I've been following the company for years and it's taken then forever to get their cigarettes through all the legal hurdles of the Master Settlement Agreement and the FDA's new guidelines. In my opinion, it's a miracle.

I visited their website and it absolutely makes you feel at home. I love their attitude, so go check it out here:

Red Sun Cigarettes

I hope to do a review of both types in the next couple of weeks.


Over 500,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page!

We made it over 500,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page. Of course, some page views are search engine crawlers and others are just people surfing the web and checking things out. But, if just 5% of the people were interested and followed the instructions - that means we've helped 30,000 people discover the pleasures of smoking.

Good job to everyone participating on this site and thanks for getting the word out!

How long until we hit 1,000,000?


I've switched to Salem 100's

I thought I'd let people know that I've switched to Salem 100's and to remind people that it's good to sample other brands from time to time. I just finished up my 13th straight carton and I'm about to pick up a few more.

Some of you may know, back in 2006, I switched from Marlboro Red 100's to Marlboro Smooth 100's. I really loved Marlboro Smooth 100's, but after doing a review for Salem 100's, from time to time, in-between the Marlboro's, I would get a single carton of Salem's. And then one day, I just made the switch.

In retrospect, I think I know why I switched and here are the three main reasons:

  • Each puff of Salem 100's delivers thicker smoke than Marlboro Smooths. Even when equally fresh between the two, Salem's are smoother allowing me to take much bigger puffs.
  • Salem also tastes great and provides great menthol feel, pack after pack. I'd get used to Marlboro Smooths to the degree that I didn't even know they were menthol anymore.
  • Salem's last longer so I get more smoke from each cigarette.

A long time ago, I wrote Tips: How to get the most out smoking. The first 4 deal with smoking and I now found myself following all four tips for each and every puff. I always fully exhale before taking a puff, I hold the smoke in for a few seconds after fully expanding my lungs, never fully exhale, and I always cover up the filter ventilation holes.

Find your brand,

Menthol Cigarette Ban in the US?

A menthol cigarette ban in the US is a real possibility. The FDA is soliciting comments on the topic and it's your chance to speak up. You only have to November 22nd, 2013!

Link to the FDA:
FDA Menthol Cigarette Ban Comment Page
URL if you prefer cutting and pasting:!documentDetail;D=FDA-2013-N-0521-0079

Below is a draft of my response to the FDA. I will send it close to the end of the week. Although I will be sending it in on behalf of myself and the members of this site, please leave your own comment on the FDA site as well. It can be a simple as; I enjoy smoking menthol cigarettes and there's no valid reason for taking that freedom away from me.


To FDA and advisory members,

I am the administrator of, a web site that supports the pleasures of smoking and those who enjoy it. We have no commercial interests and take no funding from any external source. The users of are primarily either current smokers who enjoy smoking or those looking for information on the best ways to start smoking. has over 2000 unique visitors per day.

Anti smoking advocates wish menthol cigarettes to be banned from sale. I, as well as 38% of the users of enjoy smoking menthol cigarettes every day. It’s the flavor we enjoy the most. Up to this point, we’ve simply taken for granted that what we choose to taste was a personal freedom.

Anti smoking advocates argue that no one wants to smoke, that those that do are simply addicted, can’t possibly enjoy smoking, and have little free will to quit. This is not true and as evidence to the contrary, I offer you the collected resources, information, and experiences from the users of the site; please see

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