Diamond CBD Review: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Diamond Cbd Review

Diamond CBD has made a splash in the CBD market, or should we say a wave?

You will consider Diamond CBD to be the source you’ve been hoping for if you’re looking for a massive variety  and  high quality of CBD products.

The products come in various flavors, efficacy, and sizes. Diamond CBD is one of the reputable industry suppliers. Although the CBD is not the cheapest, it has worked to date for tens of thousands of customers.

This review will help you determine if their goods are worth your hard-earned money.

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Diamond CBD Quick Summary
Diamond CBD manufacture high quality CBD products, every Diamond supplement is 100 % natural, with all raw organic CBDs and flavors. And they provide third-party lab tests results for each product.
Customer Service
Non-GMO hemp
Reasonable price
THC Free
Lab Tested
Product range confusing

Who Is Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is a Potnetwork Holdings publicly listed firm. Presently, 14 brands thrive under the company, including popular brands like Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong) and Yum Yum Gummies.

They manufacture high-quality CBD products with hemp from Colorado and Kentucky farms. The quality of their goods undoubtedly remains spot on. Moreover, every Diamond supplement is 100 % natural, with all raw organic CBDs and flavors.

Like the majority of CBD vendors, Diamond CBD has no physical shop. However, marijuana dispensaries, vape shops, and smoke/paraphernalia stores around the country sell Diamond CBD products. Since there’s no list of verified retailers on their website, you have to call your local shop ahead to see what they have in stock. 

The impressive product range of the brand is one of the things which will easily capture your attention. They sell almost all kinds of CBD items that we will explore later.

Diamond CBD produces their hemp by using supercritical CO2 extraction. It is regarded as the best and safest way to extract CBD because there are no harsh chemicals in the process.

Additionally, they provide third-party lab tests results for each product. Therefore consumers can be sure they are getting a safe, potent and pure item.

Is Diamond CBD Legit?

The CBD market is booming, and it is still unclear, “loosely understood” laws surrounding various markets. Frankly, it is hard to know the stakeholders behind every major CBD Vendor.

Most cannabis brands will stay tight-lipped in regards to their operation locations. That may include where they source their hemp from or who is in charge of operations.

Nonetheless, Diamond CBD has been working hard to ensure transparency. You can find where and how the Company processes its hemp on its “About Us” page.

It is important to note that this information is only applicable to Diamond CBD products and not to other brands selling on the site.

The Company also offers full disclosure of all third-party lab tests for every product on its website. These parties perform impartial checks to assess the quality of CBD products on sale.

They conduct a series of tests to determine the composition of various CBD components given here. These results from third parties validate their claims that they provide users with the most authentic products.

Diamond Best Seller CBD Products Highlights


You’ll have to go through a very long list for this category alone. Now, it’s a positive as well as a bad thing.

Great, because in terms of flavor, strength, and even formulas, you’ll have tons of options. However, you can find it somewhat confusing and daunting to select the best remedy for your condition.

Focus on the following variants as an overview:

Product Name



Blue CBD Isolate Oil


Used as oral (CBD) drops or as liquid vape. High end, unflavored, organic hemp oil, CBD liquid that is free of THC.

Lawrence Taylor CBD Oral Drops


1000 mg of hemp oil CBD, endorsed by Lawrence Taylor. Suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil   


Used in liquid, topically, or adding to food as CBD oral drops . Unflavored CBD Oils are infused with organic hemp CBD oils.

CBD Edibles

You have tons of options for edibles, similar to CBD oils. Diamond CBD has dried fruits, gummies, CBD chocolates, and popcorn.

Besides the Gummies, you should also possibly try out one of the twelve different dried fruit types. A further great product to try is the CBD Honeypot. Here are some of the best-selling edibles of the brand.

Product Name



Yum Yum CBD Gummies


CBD Infused 1500x ,uses natural CBD hemp extracts and gives a yummy CBD taste.

Suggested use: take 1-6 gummies daily as needed.

Relax Gummies


They taste sweet and gentle, which is perfect if you don't like the bitter taste of natural hemp.

Chill Plus Gummies


100% CBD Infused Watermelon Slices are organic, THC free edible from industrial hemp.

CBD Creams

There are three distinct CBD cream products, namely Biotech, Diamond CBD line, and Lawrence Taylor.

Biotech CBD and Lawrence Taylor creams can be purchased in potencies between 250 mg and 1000 mg. They suit people like athletes who suffer from chronic pain.

Additionally, Diamond CBD has lip and eye creams, antioxidant creams, vitamin C creams, and nutrient creams. All these products are available at varying potencies.

Product Name



Lawrence Taylor - Pain Master CBD Cream


L.T. Pain Master CBD Cream offers quality CBD from 100 % natural organic hemp. It is a crucial workout product for those who regularly move beyond their limits.

CBD Oil Biotech Cream


The ultimate CBD cream for athletes is CBD Oil Biotech Cream 500 mg. This concentrated CBD oil lotion has menthol, and the CBD contains natural hemp oil extracts.

Chong's Choice CBD Cream


100% CBD Infused Watermelon Slices are organic, THC free edible from industrial hemp.

CBD Capsules

These capsules are convenient to use since they easily swallow them and take them without much attention.

The good thing is that these capsules come in different formulas. Choosing the right bottle depends on the health and wellness problem you want to tackle.

For example, you can try Melatonin Meds Biotech CBD for sleep problems. Meds Biotech CBD Oat Fiber Capsules for enhanced digestion may also be a great choice.

You also can get bundled products if you want to lose weight or concentrate on your skin and appearance.

Product Name



Diamond CBD Capsules


The capsules are made of 100% processed organic hemp and contain no toxic chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic agents. They include the finest all-natural ingredients.

Meds Biotech Collagen CBD Capsules


Collagen capsules with the finest all-natural ingredients without chemicals, additives. They ensure you get the purest CBD product and the most powerful on the market.

Meds Biotech Amino Acids CBD Capsules


the best full-spectrum CBD.
Moreover, the capsules are chemical-free, with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a healthy product.

CBD Vapes

Diamond CBD has vape pens, e-juice, and additives. There is also a full spectrum vape tank. This brand won’t deceive you when it comes to flavors. It has fruity tastes such as strawberry to its feeling of jungle juice.

Product Name



Liquid Gold [Vape Tank] - Jungle Juice


The Jungle Juice vape is an enhanced formula with higher CBD quantity. It has an e-Juice from organic hemp, ready for use in a liquid vape tank. Vaping e-juices is an alternative to smokables, tinctures or oils.

Diamond 16 ml Vape Additive CBD Vape


The maximum strength 16 ml CBD oil vapes are THC-free and can be used in vaping e-liquids (e-juice). CBD Vape Concentrate is one of the best CBD additives.

Relax Vape Liquid Strawberry


Relax Vape Liquid Strawberry Flavor is a CBD vape liquid for relaxation. Vaping is an alternative to edible CBD or CBD oils.

CBD Drinks

Diamond CBD drinks are convenient for people with on-the-go lifestyles. It’s fun and effortless to take. The choices are also mind-blowing. Diamond has CBD coffee as well. There is 25 mg of CBD in every chill coffee pod.

Product Name



Diamond CBD Double Shot


Made from organic hemp industrial oil. It is a CBD quick fix besides edibles, CBD tinctures, hemp CBD oils, or CBD pills, free of THC.

Chill CBD Coffee


A convenient and delicious way to enjoy high-quality CBDs of 25 mg and a robust taste of coffee! Each coffee pod delivers a tasteful dose of CBD and rich artisan coffee.

Chill CBD Shot


Made from CBD hemp oil, and organic industrial product. Best CBD option if you're not looking for CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD hemp oils, or CBD pills.

CBD for Pets

Diamond CBD’s items for your pets are fascinating. It has sprays for pets, CBD oils, and dog food.

You can easily choose one according to the size of your pet and the strength you want. Each product is labeled correctly, so when you choose, you won’t be confused.

The dog delicacies come in different flavors. Bacon and cheese, meatballs and beef wraps are available.

Product Name



MediPets CBD Dog Treats - Beef Wraps


Have three mg CBD per serving. Such CBD beef and chewy remedies are manufactured from industrial hemp oil in the U.S. and have CBD 100 mg per container.

MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs - Extreme Strength


A supplement for large dogs. It is an organic hemp CBD Hemp oil dog treats. 

Pet CBD Food for Small Dogs


safe, organically grown CBD hemp oil supplement for dogs. The Pet CBD feed is only for dogs.

CBD Smokables

The loose herbs are a smokable blend of Himalayan and Indian herbs with high CBD potency. They feature trademark terpene aromas such as Purple Haze and Gorilla Glue.

Product Name



Regular Flavor CBD Fatty


A smokable, pre-roll CBD herb stick/joint with a maximum strength of 100 mg. Enjoy this smokable CBD herb king-size on the go, by yourself, or with the Company.

Purple Haze Flavor CBD Fatty Loose Herbs


A smokable blend of Himalayan and Indian flavored herb with intense flavors.

Suited for rolling your own CBD infused herb joint.

Gorilla OG Flavor CBD Fatty


A pre-rolled, smokable CBD infused stick with an extreme CBD flavor. You can carry this smokable herb anywhere and enjoy it with Company or alone.

The Pros and Cons of Diamond CBD

The company is a research firm, not just a random seller. They have high-quality standards, and their doctors seem to understand what they are doing.

Diamond CBD is safe and works within minutes. In terms of efficacy, it is said to be more intense. Below are other benefits and a few drawbacks.


Non-GMO Hemp From Scandinavia and Kentucky

Scandinavia has some of the world’s most strict organic hemp farming standards. It is wrong to assume that anything produced here in the USA is superior to other regions of the globe.

You can rest assured that you get a pure and high-quality product if you purchase CBD products from Scandinavian hemp.

Rare CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are not a popular commodity for most manufacturers because of their extremely high strength.

They have an incredibly powerful Cristal Dab Powder of 10,000 mg that you should try out. However, you will need to spend a whopping$ 649! for the “Crystal Rocks” dab.

Fairly-priced CBD Products

Not everybody can spend $120 on a 1 Oz bottle of CBD oil. Today’s cannabis market does not pay attention to affordability. However, Diamond CBD has goods practically below $10.

That is an excellent way to check it first to see how it works for potential patients. For instance, if you try some cheap gummies and find them useful, you will be willing to invest more in powerful (and long-term) products.

15–Day Return Policy and Free Shipping

Diamond CBD ships via UPS in the United States. Regrettably, there is no international shipping. Any deliveries above $100 are free of charge, but other rates depend on the destination. A 15-day return policy is also in place.

Full-spectrum and THC-Free options are available

Diamond CBD comes with Hemp cannabidiols and trace quantities of THC. So the products are safe, and you won’t get the “stoning feeling.”


Their products are not only tested by a third-party lab, but also published batch test reports are available on their website. That is always a big plus.

Uses of Nanotechnology and Superficial CO2 Extraction

Nanotechnology allows the body to absorb cannabinoids more quickly. The droplets of CBD are 4 to 200 times tinier, so they can easily enter the bloodstream.

The quality of their products is rising with this process, making them more efficient.


The Enormous Product Range Can Be Confusing

The product portfolio of the brand is impressive. You can feel frustrated with options that are so long, especially when looking for CBD capsules.

Moreover, tons of pages are also available to scroll through. The cycle can be a little boring.

The positive thing is that you can limit your search with filters. Users may set the results of their search to show items of a specific form or strength of CBD. Alternatively, set the search results to view details on the sale.

Where Can I Buy Diamond Products?

Click “Shop All” to be greeted with 45 product pages on the official Diamond CBD website. The use of the filter function to navigate by category or brand is a much better idea.

For all orders of more than $100, Diamond CBD offers regular shipping. While the brand claims to sell to all 50 states, CBD is classified as “illegal” in some jurisdictions.

The Company provides free returns for unopened goods as long as you send them back within 15 days. This feature is not available for vape products, so be careful.

Final Thoughts on Diamond CBD

The scale of the CBD collection from Diamond CBD is fantastic. Diamond CBD is hard to beat if you have a significant focus. There are perhaps no other suppliers with hundreds of CBD products in a catalog.

The enterprise also maintains its prices reasonably low, making them available on a limited budget for customers. Even though the platform is full of items, it is easy to navigate.

The user-friendly filter function for the categories has enhanced the customer experience tremendously. Overall, its products offer high quality and satisfaction. Diamond CBD continues to deliver better goods on the market than the competition.