Did Shark Tank Invest in CBD? Expectations vs Reality

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Many folks use CBD products because they allegedly help users treat cancer and relieve pain. Cannabis oil (CBD) can also ease anxiety and depression, prevent epilepsy, minimize acne, and improve overall heart health.

Like KETO pills, there are rumors of CBD products on Shark Tank that we examined. Noted that Shark Tank has not released any CBD product yet. We advise users to pay attention to these scams, especially after reading relevant information.

We will take a peek at the top legit CBD products and clear the air on CBD products from Shark Tank.

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a reality show in the United States. The display format comprises several entrepreneurs who have created products and services and are looking for experienced investors. The investors (i.e., sharks) then determine whether or not they want to invest in the company.

If the entrepreneur doesn’t have the full amount of investment he needs at the beginning of the pitch, he won’t get any investment. Shark Tank is available on ABC channel. There are widespread claims that Shark Tank featured CBD products in two separate episodes, just like they did to keto pills.

Which CBD product was on Shark Tank?   

You’ll see multiple articles about a particular Shark Tank CBD episode, some showcasing Jamie Richardson, Angela, and Yoojin Kim.

Below the belt marketing tricks about CBD and Shark Tank starts with “the most-watched episode in Shark Tanks,” “The world is introduced to CDB with the latest episode of the shark tank with millions of views,” or “This is a miracle in the history of Shark Tanks.” Do you get the theme?

It took years to make CBD a mainstream. Consumers may become even more ready to accept CBD as a viable option when they hear such claims. The guard drops down, focusing on the celebrity’s views vs the overall quality and credibility of the company.

The launch of January 2019 Farm Bill has seen dozens of Cbd gummies and hundreds of CBD labels emerge. That is how CBD has become the best-selling product in the world.

A scam mentioned that the product on offer was only shown on Shark Tank to win over the Sharks’ hearts. While a fast internet search doesn’t draw any mention of the CBD oil featured in Shark Tank. The majority of hype appears to be exaggerated or fabricated to attract consumers. No CBD product, brand, or business aired on Shark Tank Shows to date.

Still, Shark Tank has periodically shown some interests in the Cannabis Industry. Business Insider even wrote a piece about five of the sharks’ stance on medical marijuana. While there is no mention of CBD, the Sharks talked about the emerging industry.  

Are Shark Tank CBD Advertisements Scam?

Shark Tank did not launch any CBD products, so readers are likely to see that the publicity is a scam. Perhaps they may feature a CBD product soon. Since CBD and hemp are now (mostly) permissible, entrepreneurs from the fast-growing industry will inevitably be featured on most popular television shows.

Most CBD scams prompt you to sign up for more complicated subscription plans once the client is in. It’s normally difficult to receive straightforward answers to stop the monthly auto-billing after free trials unless your bank saves you.

Best CBD Brands: Top 3 Companies Reviewed (2020)

The brands in this review offer legitimate products that have been proven to be successful. They all have significant advantages and improve your quality of life. That said, check out the top CBD brands below.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD, a company owned by Potnetwork Holdings, is a public company that produces such products as Meds, Herbal, Relax Liquid, and Chill plus Gummies. They provide top-notch CBD products with hemp from farms in Colorado and Kentucky. They also publish the details from third parties on their site and use raw material tests.

Here are Diamond CBD’s main highlights:

  • CBD from plants that are non-genetically modified and organic hemp.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction.
  • Products can be sent back unopened within 15 days.
  • Fully available detailed third-party laboratory reports.
  • The website lists a wide range of CBD items.

Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms is a Colorado-based family business. Their CBD is based on authentic US industrial hemp, and their use of full-spectrum hemp extract is a distinguishing feature. They use the hemp extract as much as possible to make CBD extraction more natural.

Below are some of Veritas Farms’ highlights:

  • CBD with a full spectrum of flavonoids and terpenes
  • Laboratory reports for all products from third parties
  • Excellent range of products, with oils, gummies, edibles, and topicals
  • The company participates in each manufacturing phase
  • Using safe and environmentally friendly methods of farming

Premium Jane

It has been a while since a CBD brand turned our heads, but Premium Jane just blew us away.

Many users report that their 1,000 mg full spectrum oral tincture is more effective than other CBD oils in the market. They find the product beneficial for chronic back pains.

Here are some of Premium Jane’s highlights:

  • Nutrient packaged full spectrum extract and more
  • Testing of all goods by a third party
  • Superior customer support and free shipping.
  • CBD-rich hemp produced under the Pilot Research Program of Kentucky
  • Unbelievable natural flavors produced from extracts of pure citrus and mint oil


If you make it past the Shark Tank CBD Gummies claims, always check for the independent test assessment results. Any product that uses such tactics to reap the fame and reputation of Shark Tank to sell its CBD product may not be trustworthy.

When you search online, you can easily tell that the Shark Tank does not have ‘official’ affiliations. We stress the importance of research, given the uncertainty of the CBD market and a couple of poor players present. You always have to ensure that you buy quality products.