PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Marlboro Blend No.54 now Available.

Richer. Bolder.

Updated Review.

Pros: Great pack design. No discernible filter ventilation holes. Available in kings and 100's from the start.

Cons: Bolder yes, richer, maybe.

It's always time to celebrate when a new brand or style appears on the market providing us an opportunity to find another purely pleasurable smoking experience. For me, these are really good although I still favor the rich complex taste of Marlboro Smooth 100's over Blend No. 54. When I first wrote this review I had only smoked two cigarettes and the review leaned toward being a bit negative. But I finished the pack and a few days later, a was compelled to purchase another. I significantly enjoyed the second pack and will be purchasing Marlboro Blend No. 54 in the 100's box from time to time.

Well, taste is subjective, so give them a try and post your comments below.



i love them and i wish theyd

i love them and i wish theyd keep the price at what they are but soon they'll shoot back up and ill prolly go back to newports but for now they came out with a very good ciggerett

keep the price

i think that they should keep the same price but a really good smoke


i thought they were pretty gross to be honest, i like the new cool mint marlboros, and the smooths, too.

Didn't care for them

I'm a long time menthol smoker who is a brand hopper. I frequently enjoy Marlboro menthols and Marlboro smooths, but I found the blend 54s to have a "blah" taste with very little menthol. Maybe I'll wait for blend #55.

I LOve Them!!

I love This New Cigarttes..Very Grrrreat tates

Smoking Coffee

They taste like coffee grounds and menthol...

holes in the "L" & "B" on 100's

i noticed that i had been smoking more and then i noticed my cigarettes appeared to be ripped or something and when i looked at the cigarette i saw to extremely small holes in the L and B of the word Marlboro on the cigarette.. is this a plot to make us purchase more cigarettes because my habit is not being fulfilled by this particular brand anymore. what is up with the holes?

Marlboro 54 100's are all I smoke now!

I smoked Newport 100's for several years and was stopping off at a gas station to get some smokes but I knew I wanted Marlboro menthol because they were cheaper than newport and I could get at least 4 packs for 20 bucks. The cashier pointed out to me the new Marlboro 54's 100's so I said okay and I bought one pack of those and 3 packs of the regular marlboro menthol 100's. Man do I wish I would have bought all of them in the Marlboro 54's. I smoked the pack of 54's first and was hooked, I did not enjoy smoking the 3 packs of regular Marlboro menthol's I bought along with my first pack of marlboro 54 100's after knowing how good the 54's are. Marlboro 54 100's are the ONLY cigarettes I smoke now. I smoke an average of 15 cigarettes a day and I start each month off with 16 packs. No more Newports for me ever again!

my opinion

i bought a pack of these to try em out i usually smoke a pack a day and i have a thing for menthol but these and newports and marlboro light blue pack menthol smooth 100`s are the shit i sample with non-menthal to so i can say the flavors pretty balanced but i never saw any holes in the filter. i think they rock and if u dont thats your opinion.

i like blend 54s

I tried blend 54s back when they first came out and they were only 450 here in new jersey I did like them and continued to buy them even after the price went up to i8 dollars a pack. The only problem I encountered was that they are not a part of Marlboro international brands. I was hoping to buy them tax free when I traveled to France this summer but to my dismay all I found was gold pack menthol which now only smoke. I did find the 54s to be mild on menth with a rich taste. I also use to smoke smooth and I did not like them due to the sweet mint taste where the 54s did not have that taste. Overall very well balanced tasting cigarette and I can't wait until the skyline comes to ky area I'm a bit curious to see how they taste.

Hard to find!

I took an instant liking to Spec. Blend 54s. For a long time I have found my pleasure level at alternating between full flavored 100s and menthol 100s in about a 70:30 ratio. I don't smoke heavily. Typically 7-10 a day, occasionally as low as 3-5 or as high as 10-12. I notice that when I smoke more heavily than that, I tend to lose the FLAVOR of my cigarette, which I truly adore. Also, really strong menthols (B&H, Kool, Salem), though I like them occasionally, tend to weaken the flavor of following non-menthols. And I basically love the taste of good tobacco. So, I like SPB 54s very much in their own right, plus I like that they still taste like tobacco, not mint alone, AND a good Reds 100 after a SPB54 100--even right after--still tastes good. In fact, SPB 54s have been so good they've been pushing my non-mentol to menthol ratio toward the menthol side, and sometimes, if I run out of non-menthols, I'll just smoke straight 54s for a pack or so, something I have never liked to do with any other menthol. Obviously, my taste in cigarettes isn't typical, but be sure to try 54s, even if you don't typically like menthols. On the other hand, if you like the huge menthol effect of, say, a B&H (in which I can still taste tobacco, however, unlike a Kool) when you smoke, you probably won't be satisfied with a 54. Newport 100s, though more mentholated, have this same quality, btw.

Special Blend 54s getting scarce?

I have grown rather fond of SPB 54, though I am an inveterate "brand grazer"...and therefore a pack or two at a time buyer, rather than cartons. But several of the stores where I've bought them are "out" lately. One that carries a lot of cigarette brands and styles, still has SPB 54 kings, but I'm a 100s guy. Yesterday, when I went in there, a big chunk of their Marlboro shelp space was taken up by the new Skyline, and no SPB 54s in stock. Tried the Skylines.....initial reaction: interesting, nice, not sure it'll replace SPB 54 100s for me....not strong enough even though I like the flavor. I'm wondering...and trying to find out...have SPB 54s been phased out as the new Skyline is phased in? If so, I'll stop looking for them and probably go back to good ol' Newport box 100s...or maybe I'll try Smoothes again, even though my first reaction was: flavor too big and complex with not enough real cigarette coming through. Ah! The pleasures of a brand grazer: so many delicious ciggies to smoke!

I still see them around

I still see them around here. When you stop in the store that sells a lot of cigarettes, just ask them to order you a couple of cartons.


The 54's are great....the

The 54's are great....the price is great, they taste fine...almost like a Newport, but not as harsh

Great taste AND great price...what more could you ask for? <3

I have been smoking Kools, but I quit when I got pregnant for 17 months. I started back after I quit breast feeding and I couldn't handle how harsh the Kools were anymore after being without them for so long. (Dumb of me to start back in my opinion, but I enjoy a good smoke...) I started with smoking marlboro light 100s. Which is strange because I have never been fond of anything other than menthol. Then I slowly introduced myself back into menthols. I got back to smoking my Kools. Then right when the 54's first came out a friend of mine had a pack. I had never seen them before so I asked about them. She bought them strictly because when they first came out here in Minden, louisiana they only cost $2.46/pack. I smoked one and I love love love them! We had that instant connection so to speak. LOL! And to add to that they were cheap...couldn't ask for anything better. However, they obviously became pretty popular as they got to almost $6/pack. Now, they are settling at a wonder $4.36/pack, but I can almost ALWAYS find them with the $1 off cover...therefore I pay around $3.36/pack...and with the wonderful taste of just can't beat a Marlboro 54!!!



Marlboro Menthol Blend No. 54 discontinued???

As of this month I have been running into retailer after retailer telling me that they can't get Marlboro Blend 54's from their distributors anymore. What's the deal are they discontinuing the blend or what? That would really suck because so fat it is the only blend I have not found a new allergy with. All other brands have changed something in the formula and they give me allergy hives.... What the hell Marlboro!!!!????

Not tasting a difference... maybe

maybe they are a bit bolder, perhaps richer yes. but i dont seem to favor or dislike them anymore or less then any other
cigarette, i find that they are a pretty good smoke and they do seem to have a nice feel to them, plus it was the box
that caught my eye actually, cudos to the design marlboro. cudos.

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