PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Statement on Tobacco Public Policy

What can one guy and his website do? Hopefully help a few people discover a new pleasure and maybe even have a positive impact on public policy concerning smoking. Most everything on this site is dedicated to all the people who love to smoke, the rest of this page is about advocating rational and ethical tobacco policy.

Let's just jump into it, in relationship to this subject, what principles if upheld serve the common good?

  • A person's ability to exercise choice and free will and make his or her own decisions provided that these choices do not, in a meaningful way, infringe upon the rights of others.
  • A government that educates the public on potential health risks.
  • A government policy that protects the health of its citizens, provided that government policy does not remove a person's ability to exercise choice and free will.
  • A government policy that protects the rights and freedom of its citizens.

What general statements follow from the above principles on the issue at hand?

  • A person must have the right to either choose to smoke or not to choose to smoke.
  • A person must have the right to breath smoke free air.
  • A person must have the right to breath smoke filled air.
  • Since there are people who wish to not be exposed to smoke, the government should restrict smoking in some public areas.
  • Since there are people who wish to be exposed to smoke, the government should allow smoking in some public areas.
  • Creating taxes on tobacco products that would significantly detour purchasing tobacco products strictly because of cost, reduces or removes a person's ability to excersise choice or free will.

From the Surgeon Generals report:
Sustained progress toward a society free of involuntary exposures to secondhand smoke should remain a national public health priority.

So what public polices should we work towards?

1. Raise the federal excise tax to $1.00 per pack and spend it as follows:

  • 50 cents to medical research on curing smoking related diseases. This serves the common good of all people since everyone (smokers and non-smokers) will benefit from this research.
  • 25 cents to create a national stop smoking program that anyone may use for free. Any smoker who wishes to quit and is having trouble now will have free and easy access to resources that will help them quit. This serves the government's interest since they will be able to create a new bureaucracy.
  • 25 cents to law enforcement to ensure underage purchasing of tobacco products is eliminated.
    • 2. Limit state and local tobacco taxes to $1.00 per pack and index for inflation every five years.
      I know some states rely on tobacco taxes to pay for certain programs. Governments can't make rational and ethical decisions on tobacco policy if critical non-tobacco programs are being funded by tobacco taxes. Governments are less likely to support a government funded stop smoking program if that would mean lower revenue for their state.

      3. A general ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces should be enforced. Per locality, 20% of businesses should be granted a waiver to allow smoking within their publicly enclosed space. Patrons may then choose what type of establishment they wish to visit. Employees also get the choice of being employed in a smoking or non-smoking place of business. This policy ensures that no involuntary exposures to smoke occur.