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What if there were Marlboro 150's?

What if they made Marlboro 150's? Would you buy them? Just imagine all the pleasure you'd get out of a cigarette like that. Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy Kool or Camel wide 125's? It's an interesting thought experiment since the government has made it very difficult for anyone to make a cigarette like that in these times. Oh, and this should also put to rest thoughts that normal circumference longer cigarettes are just for girls - cowboys love'em too!

All I have to say is I'd buy them, especially if they made Marlboro Smooth 150's.

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i'd buy them

If they existed I would buy them for sure. I've always wanted a longer cigarette, ideally about a 160

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I wouldn't mind trying an

I wouldn't mind trying an all-white 150. Like a BH menthol 150 or a BH Gold 150. The longest cork-tipped cig I ever tried was Saratoga gold. I'm sure a 150 wouldnt be classified as a Class A cig.


You think just like me! I'd smoke 160s for sure if they made them. The longer the better is my motto but I'll just have to get by with my menthol 120s for now.

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Maybe for a gag gift...

I have a serious smoking fetish for woman smokers (especially my occasional smoking wife) but if I view a woman smoking a 120 or above I just think it looks silly. It is actually a turnoff for me. Regular, King or 100 in that order for me. Any of those smoked by a sexy woman and I'm very turned on.

i'd be their devoted slave

i would switch to 150's for sure but red ones


would try and would be sure to like the 150's

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nah; too long

Personally, I think a 120 is plenty long enough. Anything over that is just too "gimmicky" IMO. I like 100s best, but if somebody would make a full sized (not slim), full flavored 120; I'd be interested.

More 120s

Hey Rita

There is More 120s you would love them.

you should try them and let me know how you enjoy them.

I would buy them in a second

Just the thought of them wishes there were real. I love my Newport 100s and sometimes buy Virgina Slims 120s. I wish there was a longer cigarette available to buy that was full flavor and wasn't marketed mostly for women. I wish there were more 120 or longer brands available and people who smoke them. I would love to try a Saratoga 120 sometime but they are hard to find. I feel my smoking pleasure would be greatly increased if marlboro made a red 120 or longer.

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yes i would

i'm sure they are working on it. the key is to make them super powerful so only people who are committed to full-flavor hundreds now would flock to them.

I'm There

Marlboro Reds 150's. All I can say is holy shit. Hopefully, they'd get the nicotine content to up over 2 mg so we'd have no choice but to keep coming back for more. Cowboy killers indeed!

I'd prefer Red Wide 100's & Menthol's

with the success of Camel Wide brands you'd think Marlboro would have looked into that. I had this discussion with a younger woman at a bar a couple years ago. She was smoking wides and I had my Red 100's. She told me she usually smoked the Red 100's and would smoke Wide Red 100's if they made them.

I wonder if they tried making them and had problems? There is moisture and tar that builds up while smoking any kind of cigarette. I wonder if a longer wide or really longer standard width would cause tar to bleed through and stain the paper as they are smoked down? Maybe that's the reason all the 120's are slims? Tar stains on a cigarette being finished by a sexy lady just would not be acceptable.

Long cigarettes

Tar and moisture are not likely the reasons for this phenomenon you have noticed. The moisture in most cigarettes is low enough that you don't get a huge buildup, and making the cigarettes longer would not significantly change that. The paper used over the tobacco is slightly porous, and tar can't build up on the paper because there is a small amount of air constantly pushing the smoke away from the paper.

Therein I think lies the problem. Because of the paper porosity, the first few drags on a cigarette are much milder than the last few, which can get downright harsh. The smoke is not getting diluted as much when it's by the filter. Now, take this in the other direction. Put twice as much paper in a cigarette by doubling the length (excluding the filter) and you end up with a serious problem: the cigarette is so long that the first half is downright wimpy from the air ingress in the paper, and yet draws very hard because of the long, narrow, tobacco-packed tube through which the smoke must travel to reach you.

Unfortunately, there are some engineering problems that make very long cigarettes problematic. Just smoke 2 if you want to smoke for that long in one sitting. I will say this: there are some 120mm non-filter cigars from Double Diamond which you could attach to a RYO filter with rolling paper if you really wanted to try it, but I would suggest it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

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Marlboro 150s

As a smoker of long cigarettes, sure, I would try them. I'm not a fan of cork filters, though, so I don't know if I'd stay with them. I used to smoke Saratoga 120s from time to time, and I think those were more or less a Marlboro 120. They tasted fine, but ended up staying with my Mores and Virginia Slims.

I did smoke Nat Sherman's 164s occasionally before they were discontinued, and they were a lot of fun. So I'm not against the idea of a cigarette longer than my usual 120. In this day and age, however, I don't think anyone would make such a thing. After all, Nat Sherman must have stopped making them for a reason. If they had been selling a lot of them, they'd still be on the shelves today.

Moresmoker Christine

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Agreed with Christine

I have to agree with Christine. I am not a fan of cork filters either so me and my wife have always smoked all-whites. We have smoked Virginia Slims Menthol 120's for several years and would love to see Virginia Slims 150's!!

I'll buy them

If they exist, I'll buy them everyday to quench my nicotine thirst

I would buy them... to try them, and only smoke them at home, or smoke them like they are a cigar. lol

Anything over a 100 I will smoke, but never regular(except in emergencies of not having mine), because regulars don't appeal to me.

Dreamed of this for years.......!

Hello from smoky Sydney Australia! This is my first post and I just have to say - what a brilliant and entertaining website.

Having turned on to Marlboro 100s (marketed here as Marlboro Gold until the name was changed some time later) at an early age, I had the idea that if something I fell so deeply in love with could be manufactured even longer then the pleasure would be even more fantastic....obviously some clever afficianado/s have shared this thought.............the real issue is are there enough passionate and dedicated smokers to sustain a 150 in the market place?

I am not a heavy smoker but I do subscribe to the axiom that when smoking, nothing else matters.

Having quickly dispensed with king size cigarettes in favour of 100s+ by the age of 14, I was intrigued to find references on this site to Saratoga 120s, which I got a real buzz from years and years ago but which haven't been sold in Oz for a long long time. If anyone can tell me the manufacturer I might try and import some.

My username reveals my brand and not my gender/outlook. I fell head over heels with Superkings 100s, rebranded in Oz recently as JPS Superkings, when I worked in the UK in 1989. They are still made there and are simply the most delicious and fragrant cigarettes since retailing of the legendary Marlboro 100s in Australia stopped in 2001 (local connossieurs held a memorial service to mark their demise).

Anyway, congratulations again on having the courage to champion life's most enduring pleasure!

We, too, would SO buy 150s!

But since these don't exist, we do the next best (at least for us) thing:

Double-longs! <3

Totally committed to Marlboro Red 100s, we found that if they're packed deep enough, you can take the filter off one and "screw it into" the end of another. Voila! A 150!

We make them exclusively for "grown-up playtime" and, although you have to be careful with them, they're WONDERFUL.

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Great idea!!

Yes, by all means I think they should make even much longer cigarettes than 120's!! We like the Virginia Slims and think they should make...I don't know like Virginia Slims 190's!! At any rate, they all-white's would look a lot better!!

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Only all-whites

If they were all white like Marlboro lights I guess. I think a 120 only looks good if it is an all-white.

I started a new thread just looking for a full flavor methol 120

The longer the better, I have always thought, but alas, there is reality

I'd try them

I'd prefer if they were Camels though.

marlboro 150s

I would buy and smoke Marlboro 150s immediately if they existed . I am a long time smoker of Saratoga 120s and I smoke marlboro red 100s when I can't find the often rare Saratoga 120s . I am all for the extra length a Marlboro 150 would offer and I am sure Marlboro 150s would be my go to favorite cigarette . I really wish they would make Marlboro 150s ! the advertisement makes me want them. How do we make Marlboro 150s happen?

I'd try them. That would be

I'd try them. That would be one dark filter when i finished.

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